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Cool Sword Names
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To some people, naming a sword is an old-fashioned custom. But even today, many people look for cool sword names. There can be various reasons to find unique and perfect names for a sword. For instance, some people are game lovers, and many games are here in which the primary weapon is a sword. Similarly, some individuals love to have a collection of swords, while few also use them till now.
So, finding name options for sword become a challenging task for such people.

You will find various names for a sword in this article to help you choose a cool naming idea for a sword that will match your choice’s standard. More impressive is that these lists include unique sword names that are pretty cool.

Just check the list below and select a cool sword name. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment box about the name you chose for your weapon.

Cool sword names Mine Craft:

If you are a Mine craft player, you must be aware of many swords in Mine craft. The names of cool Mine craft swords always intrigue some Mine craft players. So, for your convenience, we have collected some creative names for Mine craft swords. You can choose your Mine craft name from the list below!

  • Sword of Bane
  • White Layer
  • Skull Cleaver
  • Giant Power
  • Sea Shine
  • Swords of The Lords
  • War Flower
  • Sunshine
  • Grimfrost
  • Crimson Rictus
  • Groove Ray
  • Sword of Badass former owner
  • Moon Reveler
  • Twinklin Spark
  • Dawn Splitter
  • Grim Reminder
  • Red Cresent
  • Soul Drinker
  • Black Lion Sword
  • Grinning Crescent
  • Moon Piercer

Famous Sword Names with Meaning:

Swords are considered the most widely used weapon in history. We also have many famous sword names on our fingertips. So, what if we name our sword after something well-known that is already taken in the past?

The following is a list of famous sword names that are unique and have actual meanings. These sword names are not common; instead, they are famous all around.

  • Dagmor [Dark Slayer]
  • Hrunting [thrusting]
  • Excalibur [Cut Steel]
  • Durendal [strong scythe]
  • Narsil [Red and White Flame]
  • Arthurian Legend
  • Naegling [nail]
  • Hofund [Man-head]
  • Gurthang [Iron of Death]
  • Angurvadal [Stream of Anguish]
  • Celtic Mythology:
  • French Folklore
  • Orcrist [Goblin-cleaver]
  • The Adventurous Sword
  • Ringil [Cold-star]
  • Coreiseuse [Wrathful]
  • Glamdring [Foe-hammer]
  • Herugrim [Fierce Sword]
  • Gúthwinë [Battle Friend]
  • Gram [Wrath]
  • Claíomh Solais [the Sword of Light]
  • Anguirel [Iron of Eternity]
  • Anglachel [Iron of the Flaming Star]
  • Andúril [Flame of the West ]
  • Hauteclere [strong and neat]
  • Caladcholg [Hard blade]
  • Aranrúth [King’s Ire]

Legendary Sword Names:

As a tribute to some historical legends, many sword lovers choose their sword names to coincide with the names of legends’ swords. Because of this, they feel as fearless and vigorous as they were.

Just below, here is a list of the best legendary sword names that will hit exactly the mark you were looking for. So, let’s start.

Dhu l-faqar or Thulfeqar Zülfikar is the name of the Sword that belongs to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and it later belongs to the Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib – Meaning of Zulfiqar is [Bifurcated]

  • Excalibur
  • Tizona in Burgos [El Cid’s sword Tizona]
  • Skofnung [supernatural sharpness and hardness]
  • Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar [Sword of King Solomon]
  • Savagery, Katana of the King
  • Brutality
  • Zulfiqaror Dhu al-Fiqar
  • Durendal
  • Claíomh Solais
  • Joyeuse
  • Nirvana, Incarnation of Darkness
  • Tizona
  • Hauteclere
  • Chandrahas
  • Sinister Bronze Rapier
  • Naegling
  • Reaper’s Toll
  • The emerald-studded sword
  • Eckesachs
  • Thunder Iron Shortsword
  • Colada
  • Caladbolg or Caladcholg
  • Mimung
  • Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi
  • Hrunting
  • Firesoul Sculptor
  • Gram
  • Thuan Thiên [Mythical sword of the King Lê Loi]
  • Almace
  • Balmung
  • Nagelring [Ring of nails]
  • Unending Tyranny, Greatsword of the North
  • Sköfnung [The polished]
  • Arondight
  • Nagelring
  • Glinting Slicer

Cool Sword Names in Japanese:

Interestingly in Japan, the sword names are kept as synonymous with bravery and courage. Swords are the source of inspiration for them, and it also gives them the sense to feel like warriors and champions. So, what if you name your sword-like Japanese swords?

Here in the list below, we have brought some ideal and cool sword names in Japanese, which will inspire you and are also good to go.

  • Shichishito [seven-branched sword]
  • Ama-no-Habakiri (天羽々斬) [ten-fist]
  • Futsunomitama-no-Tsurugi (布都御魂剣) [Sword of the length of ten fists]
  • Usumidori (薄緑) [katana of Minamoto no Yoshitsune]
  • Kurikara (倶利加羅) [Fudō Myō-ō]
  • Murasamemaru (村雨丸) [Village Rain)
  • Kogarasumaru (小鴉丸) [little crow]
  • Kotetsu (虎徹)
  • Better Half [Yusa Emilia’s sacred sword]
  • Doujikiri Yasutsna (童子切安綱) [Blade used by Japanese folkloric hero]
  • Torikabuto (屠痢兜) [Chinese Wolfsbane plant]
  • Muramasa [ursed blade]
  • Ame-no-Ohabari (天の尾羽張) [word of length of ten fists]
  • Sugari-no-Ontachi [Japanese ceremonial sword]

Badass Logical Sword Names with Meaning

  • Andtirgwyn [Flame of the White Land]
  • Crafanc [Welsh for Claw]
  • Noli Me Tangere [Don’t Touch Me]
  • Hunllef [Welsh for Nightmare]
  • God’s Wrath [for religious types]
  • Whisper and Scream [dual wield]
  • Excalibur [of course]


How to make your sword name look cool?

To make your Sword name cool, you must choose a name that is neither too common nor too rare. Moreover, the name must have fluency in speaking. The other most important point is that your selected name should complement the type of sword you have. There are about eleven types of swords with multiple subtypes, like Claymore, Zweihänder, Longsword, Swordstaff, and Jian. Hence, in this way, you can make your sword name look cool.

What are some cool Japanese sword names?

Here are some cool Japanese sword names:

  • Inazuma (lightning Strike)
  • Kin no Tora (Golden Tiger)
  • Kumorigachi (Broken Cloud)
  • Takame (Hawk Eye)

For more cool Japanese sword names, check the above list.

How can I know that my sword name is cool and appropriate?

Umm! There are several ways to check that your sword name is cool and appropriate or not. But the most suitable way to check is to see if your sword name relates to your sword appearance. If yes, congratulations to you; you have found the right one.

Why naming a sword is essential, or do most people practice so?

Calling things with specific names develop your bond with them. Similarly, just like human beings, people call their swords by cool names that specify their type and qualities. Additionally, by naming swords, you treat them with care and love.

Also, the names you give to your weapons make you feel as though they are loyal to you and you are the only owner of them. Consequently, they become a long-term companion.
To conclude, we can quote Jaime Lannister saying here:

“They say the best swords have names.”

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