Fearless Female Warrior Names for Your Girl in 2024

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Are you looking for female names that are brave, fearless, and powerful? Choosing a warrior name for your girl means that you symbolize the female with her strength. Choosing a unique and daring name might be challenging. 

You can show that the women, a female, a girl, or a baby girl with a warrior name have all the powers to fight against all odds in life. 

You may have the name of a historical warrior female. Maybe you already have an idea of such names for girls in your mind, but this article will tell you the name ideas for the warrior princess. isn’t it amazing?

Powerful Female Warrior Names Mythology

Powerful Female Warrior Names Mythology

Do you want to name a female after a strong, fearless warrior in mythology? Some names came from goddess names of different mythologies to show the strength of the female. These names might be;

  1. Bellona – goddess of war and devastation
  2. Enyo – goddess of war and destruction
  3. Sekhmet – goddess of war and healing
  4. Juno – protector of the state
  5. Pele – Goddess of violence
  6. Satis – goddess of war and hunting
  7. Victoria – goddess of victory
  8. Athena – goddess of war and wisdom
  9. Eris – goddess of strife
  10. Nerio – goddess of war valor

Native American Female Warrior Names

Native American Female Warrior Names

Suppose you want to give a native American name to a female. In that case, these names will fascinate you because these names belong to the culture of the native Americans.

  1. Jamari – a women warrior
  2. Hania – a spirited fighter
  3. Wanikiy – a savior in native American
  4. Sakima is a name that refers to the warrior queen.
  5. Cheveyo – a soul warrior.

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Unique Female Warrior Names for Your Princess

Unique Female Warrior Names for Your Princess

Are you interested and looking for a warrior name for your little newborn baby girl? Do you want to make your girl stronger than others? No worries, these recommended names are perfect for your little newborn princess and will make her a brave girl in the future. These warrior names might be;

  1. Alessia – a great helper
  2. Camilla – a legendary warrior
  3. Harlow – army
  4. Nicole – a victory of the people
  5. Wilma – protection

Famous Female Warrior Names

Famous Female Warrior Names

You can name your little angel after a fearless woman in history. These names are;

  1. Grace – charm
  2. Joan – gracious God
  3. Mino – mother
  4. Olga – blessed
  5. Zenobia – the life of a Zeus

Girl Baby Names that Mean Warrior

Several names mean warrior and give strength to the girls. These names best match those girls who are fighters and have no fears. Below is the list of these names for girls that mean warrior;

  1. Andra – a courageous warrior
  2. Dina – a sea warrior
  3. Gerta – warrior
  4. Owena – a young warrior
  5. Malin – a decisive warrior

Warrior Girls Battle Names

These names are unique for warrior girls to show strength during a fight. The fight might be related to a war or a battle. These names can also be used in war or battle games for girls.

  1. Alanza – ready for the battle
  2. Boyana – a fighter
  3. Ingred – battle
  4. Vivalda – brave in a battle

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Female Warrior Names for Games

Female Warrior Names for Games

The best thing about girl gamers is that no one can stop them because they love to play games like boys. Nevertheless, when it comes to cool and stylish gaming names, it may disturb the gaming girl. That’s why we have some female warrior game names suitable for online or offline gaming fan girls.

  • Buddies Decor
  • Fire of Fame
  • Embrace Mana
  • Crystal Girl
  • Cammy Darkness
  • Isai Trinity
  • Aimee
  • Infamous
  • Danger Girl
  • Shadow-Queen
  • Gunner
  • Shiver
  • Dragon
  • Hypnotic Sunny
  • Sun Shine
  • Get-Clapped-Queen
  • Tag Circle
  • Skinner
  • Fender
  • Cortana Ivy
  • Princess Crystel
  • Hypnotic
  • Egomania Soul
  • Queen of Queens
  • Big Mama
  • Robber Girloryx
  • Flack
  • Hitter
  • Angel Of Death
  • Nest Free
  • Savage Queen
  • Bunny Baby
  • Closet Girl
  • Dracula
  • Poca Enyo
  • No Name
  • Melody
  • Pokie Ruby
  • Crimson
  • Godzilla Enigma
  • Infinite play
  • Milena Deviner
  • Vixen Muffin
  • Sunny
  • Liliana Vess
  • Your Dream Girl
  • Stylish Kick
  • Slasher
  • Surge
  • Benelli Caprice
  • Gamer Rage
  • Drift Live
  • Girl Uniform
  • Shadow Gamer
  • Wonder Woman
  • Savagely Crimson
  • Skull Crusher
  • Amazing Sourced
  • I’m a Gamer Girl
  • Catwoman
  • Scar
  • Fisheye
  • Trip
  • Fester
  • Queen Bee
  • Girl Gamer
  • Queen Gamer
  • Steel shot
  • Gargoyle
  • Chica Gamer
  • Dark Angel
  • Ruiner
  • Medusa Buffy
  • Grave
  • Girl Fuel

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100+ Princess Warrior Names that Mean Fighter

Princess Warrior Names that Mean Fighter

You may want to give a name to a female who is always willing to fight and fight no matter what the situation is. These names could be assigned to girls who play sports like boxing, karate, and judo. These names are best for fighter females or female sporters as given below;

  • Telema means A Distant Fighter
  • Zoe means A Fighter
  • Lousia means Fights With An Honor
  • Evin means A Young Fighter
  • Brenna [Norse] meaning Sword
  • Bria [Irish] means Power, Strength, And Vigor
  • Martina [Spanish] meaning Warrior
  • Matilda [German] meaning Battle-Mighty
  • Alexandra [Greek] meaning Helper or Defender
  • Alexandria [English] meaning Helper And Defender
  • Maajida [Islamic] meaning Powerful
  • Maeve [Irish Mythology, Warrior Queen of Connacht
  • Amira [Arabic] meaning Commander
  • Annemarie [Hebrew] meaning A Rebellious Woman
  • Maude [German] meaning Battle-Mighty
  • Melisende [Medieval French] meaning Strong
  • Victoria [Latin] meaning Victory
  • Walta [African] meaning Shield
  • Gertrude [English, Dutch, French] meaning Spear of Strength
  • Gesa [Dutch] meaning Strength of A Spear
  • Wilma [German] meaning Will Helmet or Protection
  • Wyetta [Old English] meaning War Strength
  • Keren [Hebrew] meaning Strength, Power
  • Louella [English] meaning Famous Battle
  • Nikita [Greek] meaning Unconquered
  • Nirupama [Sanskrit] meaning Unmatched
  • Athena [Greek Mythology, Goddess of Wisdom And of War
  • Audelia [English] meaning Noble
  • Morgan [Welsh, English, French] meaning Sea Warrior
  • Moxie [American] meaning Boldness And Strength of Character
  • Shamra [Arabic] meaning Ready For Battle
  • Shahrzad [Persian] meaning Bringing Freedom To The City
  • Zelma [German] meaning Helmet of God
  • Zenevieva [Slavic] meaning Woman of The People
  • Karleen [Old German] meaning Womanly Strength
  • Kennedy [Gaelic] meaning Protected With Helmet
  • Mukta [Sanskrit] meaning Free
  • Myla [English] meaning Soldier
  • Bernadette [German] meaning Strong And Brave As A Bear
  • Brenda [Norse] meaning Sword
  • Aine [Celtic] meaning Radiance
  • Lessia [Italian] meaning Helper or Defender
  • Philomena [Greek] meaning Lover of Strength
  • Reika [German] meaning Power of The Wolf
  • Olesia [Greek] meaning Man’s Defender
  • Oma [Arabic] meaning Thriving
  • Briana [English] meaning High, Noble
  • Bridget [Irish] meaning Exalted One or Power
  • Tyra [Scandinavian] meaning Thor’s Warrior
  • Valda [German] meaning Battle Heroine
  • Thora [Scandinavian] meaning Thor’s Struggle
  • Trudy [German] meaning Spear of Strength
  • Nirvana [Sanskrit] meaning One Who Blows Out
  • Qadira [Arabic] meaning Full of Power
  • Elaheh [Persian] meaning Like A Goddess
  • Enyo [Greek Mythology, A War Goddess’
  • Harlow [English] meaning Army
  • Jaiyana [Arabic] meaning Strength
  • Maia [Maori] meaning Brave Warrior
  • Marcella [Latin] meaning Warlike
  • Audrey [English] meaning Noble
  • Bellatrix [Latin] meaning Female Warrior
  • Finley [Scottish] meaning Fair Warrior
  • Gabriella [Italian] meaning God Is My Strength
  • Neilina [Gaelic] meaning Champion
  • Nicole [French] meaning Victory of The People
  • Minka [Polish] meaning Strong-Willed Warrior
  • Mildred [English] meaning Gentle Strength
  • Brielle [English] meaning Warrior of God
  • Bryndis [Scandinavian] meaning Strong Armor
  • Meredith [Celtic] meaning, Protector of The Sea
  • Mia [Scandinavian] meaning Ocean Goddess or Queen
  • Diana [Roman Mythology Goddess of The Moon
  • Dusty [Norse] meaning Tough Like The Stone of Thor
  • Ebba [German] meaning Strength of An Animal
  • Edrei [Biblical] meaning Strong And Powerful
  • Althea [Greek Mythology] meaning With Healing Power
  • Alvilda [Norse] meaning Battle of Elves
  • Valerie [English, German, Czech] means, Strength, Health
  • Vanshni [Biblical] meaning Strong
  • Louisa [English, German, Dutch] meaning Famous Battle
  • Lulu [German] meaning Famous Battle
  • Fairuza [Persian] meaning Woman of Triumph
  • Fianna [Irish] meaning Band of Warriors
  • Aoife [Irish Mythology, A Warrior Princess
  • Artemis [Greek Mythology, Goddess of The Moon And of The Hunt
  • Zaila [Arabic] meaning Might, Power
  • Zelda [English, Spanish] meaning Gray Fighting Maid
  • Marcheline [French] meaning Warrior
  • Malin [English] meaning Strong or Little Warrior
  • Camilla [Roman Mythology, A Legendary Warrior Maiden
  • Cassandra [Greek] meaning Warrior
  • Velda [German] meaning Ruler or Power
  • Valencia [Spanish] meaning Strong, Victorious
  • Aadya [Bengali] meaning First
  • Adira [Hebrew] meaning Strong

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Female Warrior Names That Mean Survivor

Female Warrior Names That Mean Survivor

These names are for strong individuals who have survived a difficult journey to save themselves. These names can be used for newborn babies who did not have an easy time getting into your arms or for female athletes who conserved their energy during a game. The list of the female warrior names is given below;

  1. Nyathera – a survivor
  2. Anne – fought to survive during the World War one
  3. Gala – brave

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Strong Girls Names inspired by Female Warriors

Strong Girls Names inspired by Female Warriors

If you call your baby girl by these names of courage and bravery, you will show that your baby girl is strong. The name dramatically impacts the personality, so your baby girl will have great strength in the future.

  • Brenda – sword
  • Kyda – strong
  • Myla – merciful
  • Macy – weapon
  • Amazon princess
  • Fu Hao Boudicca
  • Ana Nzinga
  • Khutulun
  • Gudit
  • Tomoe Gozen
  • Mai Bhago

Frequently Asked Questions

Were there female Viking warriors?

Were there female Viking warriors

Yes. There were female Viking warriors. Viking era women had equality with men. The individual in grave Bj 581 is the first female high-ranking Viking warrior.

Did Vikings have female warriors?

According to the historical records, men warriors were often found in Viking times. However, few female warriors in the Viking times also showed more strength and power.

What did female Viking warriors wear?

The Viking female warriors typically wore a dress with a strap. The strap was used for the closed fitting of the dress. They also used to wear a smock underneath.

Were there female spartan warriors?

Spartan female warriors were not so active. They were educated enough to enjoy their lives with freedom and good status.

What are the female warriors in black panther called?

female warriors in black panther called

Dora Milaje is the title used for the female warriors in the Black Panther. They were the personal guards and royal security of the Black Panther.

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