Instagram Names Not Taken for Girls and Boys

Finding the best Instagram names for girls and boys that are not taken can be difficult. Undoubtedly, the username on Instagram depicts the personality of its user. That’s why everyone wants their username to be unique, attractive, catchy, and cool to get maximum followers.

On a recent survey, there are about 1 billion Instagram active users! Wow! Such huge traffic! Shockingly, about 71% of the total users are under the age group of 35 years.

As Instagram is going to become one of the high traffic social media platforms, a lot of people are coming up with their talent and getting fame.

It has individuals from every field, like bloggers, vloggers, doctors, teachers, singers, artists, designers, and the list goes on. You can go online and share your talent with millions of users, who are just a click away.

Also, Instagram contains a lot of exciting features. But to enjoy these features first you need to make an account here.
So to make an account first you need to decide what username you are going to take for your ID. Many use their name and many searches for unique and catchy Instagram names for girls and boys. So if you’re also looking for a cool, exciting, and eye-catching Instagram name for girls and boys, you’re at the right place.

We, after a complete survey and research, made a list of amazing Instagram names that are not taken yet for you that will exactly fit the level of your choice and persona.

No doubt, there are a lot of Instagram usernames generating tools, but they don’t do much to satisfy you. Everyone wants the best username for Instagram, and for this, we are here with many lists containing thousands of names. Slow down & go down because the lists are below.

Cool Instagram Names Not Taken

The Instagram profile name is the first impression of your account. So don’t go up with a boring profile name. Choose a cool and classy Instagram name that will showcase your account perfectly. We have made a list of cool Instagram names for girls and boys. All you have to do is to select what name you’re going to take.


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Unique Instagram Names for That Are Not Taken

It’s human nature that he wants a unique thing from hair color to footwear and from actual name to social media profile name. Uniqueness is the demand that is always on the top. All we need is something that is not taken. So, here we come up to give you a list of the Insta names that are not taken. Check the list below and find unique Instagram names for girls and boys:

@zsweetheart @caprimulgustipsycakes

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4 Letter Instagram Names Not Taken


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Good Instagram Names Not Taken Yet


One Word Instagram Names Not Taken


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Not Taken Best Instagram usernames

To be the best profile name, a name must be short, catchy, easy, and must not be taken. So it can be memorized easily by your audience. Your Insta profile name must show elegance and true you. So don’t waste time by moving with a boring and irrelevant name.

Just think about your likes & dislikes, traits & personality, and decide which name you’re going to take from the list below. This list contains the best Instagram names for girls and boys that will surely attract a lot of followers to your profile.


What Is the Difference Between the Instagram Username and Profile Name?

Instagram username and Instagram profile name are quite different. Your username on Instagram is unique; any other person cannot use it. On the other hand, the Instagram profile name is common; many people can go for it simultaneously.

To make things easier for you, here is the depiction of the difference between Instagram username and profile name:

Your Instagram username is the name that appears on the top of your profile and it should be unique.

Recognized: It will be @_ and you will be recognized by it.

Characters: There is a limit of about 30 characters.
Letters allowed: You can use letters, numerals, underscores, and slashes. But you’re You are not allowed to use spaces.


  • @cristiano
  • @Saha_at05
  • @arianagrande
  • @therock

Your name appears below your Instagram profile photo, and it can be unique or common.
Characters: You can use numerals, letters, slashes, and spaces.
Characters limit: 30 characters are allowed
Emojis:Emojis are also allowed
Example: Eric Smith

How to Change Instagram Profile Name?

The Instagram profile name is not like our personal name, which needs complicated steps to get changed. If you do not like your profile name or want to change it because of any other reason, just do it! For many people changing Instagram profile names is an impossible task.

Don’t worry! It is very simple. Follow the here mentioned simple steps to change Instagram profile name:

1) Open your Insta profile
2) Click on “Edit Profile”
3) On the top, there is your profile name. You can edit it.

How to Change Instagram Username?

Undoubtedly, the Instagram username is unique. Other people cannot have it when it is taken by you. But you can change it any time you want. Just keep in mind, when you change your username, any other person can claim it.

However, here are some simple steps to change Instagram username:

1) Open your Insta profile
2) Click on “Edit Profile”
3) Below the name, there is a username option. You can edit it.

Elated Instagramming!

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, especially for new talents. You can engage yourself in many other activities too. We hope that you have found your insta profile name here. Keep going well and enjoy Instagramming.


What should be the insta profile name for a moody girl?


What should be the instagram profile name for an intelligent boy?

There might be some cool names for Instagram profile that suits on a intelligent boy, but we have pick these names to make a perfect match towards your insta profile.

  • brainy-boy
  • clever-prince
  • bright-soul
  • brilliant-Jecky
  • sharp-sword
  • quick-domb
  • sharp-uptake
  • smart-symbol
  • canny-bee
  • astute-sun
  • intuitive-sign
  • thinking-above
  • acute-sigh
  • alert-box
  • keen-to-ponder

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