Fun Lunch Meeting Names For Professional Teams and Groups at Offices in 2023

Last Updated on: 26th October 2023, 09:17 pm

Do you need help picking a fun name for your team’s weekly lunch meetings? These midday breaks allow you to eat and have fun with your coworkers. But calling it “lunch” or “weekly meeting” is boring.

You can choose a Cool Lunch Meeting Name for a successful get together that shows what your team is like. It’s like having a secret club name that makes you excited to meet up.

Having a special name for your lunch meetings is important because it makes everyone feel like they belong to something special.

It’s like a special code that only your team knows. When you have a fun name, it makes the meetings more interesting. Everyone looks forward to it, and it feels like a fun event.

You can choose a name that suits your team’s vibe. Maybe you like food names like “Lunch Bucket” or funny names like “Lettuce Meet and Eat.”

The point is to make your lunch meetings fun and memorable.

So, remember, a special name for your lunch meetings is like a special key that makes your team feel united and happy. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference and make your team closer.

Okay, cool. Let’s have some amazing name ideas for office or workplace lunch meetings.

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Top 5 Fun Food-Inspired Lunch Meeting Names

Looking for some fun, food-inspired names for your work lunch meetings? Here are a few suggestions:

#1: The Lunch Bunch

Who says lunch has to be lame? Make your midday meal more exciting with a group name like The Lunch Bunch.

#2: The Sandwich Squad

The Sandwich Squad is perfect for teams that love to chat over subs, wraps or burgers.

#3: The Breakfast Club

If your team tends to meet first thing in the morning, pay homage to an ‘80s classic with The Breakfast Club.

#4: The Hungry Hippos

For lighthearted teams that don’t take themselves too seriously, The Hungry Hippos will make people chuckle.

#5: The Pizza Posse

You can’t go wrong with pizza. The Pizza Posse is a natural choice for teams that frequently call in pies for lunch.

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Event-Related Lunch Meeting Names

Event-themed lunch meetings are fun to boost team morale and start conversations. Some ideas:

  • The Office Lunch Meeting: Discuss the latest episode of your team’s favorite show while enjoying your midday meal.
  • Meme Monday: Share some of the internet’s latest viral memes for laughs. Just keep it appropriate.
  • Throwback Thursday: Play some hits from past decades for a nostalgic lunchtime. You might be surprised by your coworkers’ hidden talents on the mic.
  • Current Events Café: Debate the week’s news casually and openly. Keep an open mind and make it a constructive conversation.

With the right mix of your team culture bonding and current event discussions, your team will look forward to their next lunch meeting. Lighthearted interactions can strengthen work relationships and boost productivity. Why not give it a try?

Cool lunch meeting names

When planning a team lunch meeting, creating a creative name can make it more fun and help build camaraderie. Here are a few cool name ideas to get you started:

  • Lunch Box: This classic, lighthearted name conveys a casual, social gathering over a meal.
  • Chow Circle: A play on “talking circle,” this name suggests an informal discussion and bonding over food.
  • Lunch & Learn: If part of your meeting will involve presentations, updates or training, this name indicates employees will be learning new information along with their meal.
  • Nom Nominees: For teams involved in recruiting, nominations or awards, this name adds some humour by playing with the sound of “nominees.” 
  • Bytes & Bites: Perfect for an IT or tech team, this name combines references to data and food in a clever portmanteau.
  • Soup to Nuts: Meaning “everything” or “all parts”; this name implies you’ll cover a wide range of topics or subjects over your team lunch.

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Lunch meeting names for Team professionals

As a team, creating creative names for your regular lunch meetings can boost morale and encourage more collaboration. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Chow Down 
  • Work & Wraps Gathering
  • Executive Exchanges & Edibles
  • Strategic Suppers Series
  • Career Chats & Cuisine
  • Clarity & Cuisine
  • Leadership Lunchtime
  • The Think Tank 
  • Recharge and Refuel
  • Lunch Squad
  • Leadership Luncheon
  • Lunchtime Leadership League
  • Business Bistro Breakout
  • Professionals’ Plate & Powwow
  • Colleague Connections & Chow
  • Corporate Conversations
  • Lunch & Learn League
  • Suit & Supper Symposium
  • Industry Insight & Indulgence
  • Executive Eats & Exchanges
  • Business Buffet Banter
  • Team Talk & Tastings
  • Professionals’ Power Lunch
  • Business Brainfood Break
  • Professional Plates & Perspectives
  • Network & Nourish Session
  • Enterprise Eats Engagement
  • Corporate Cuisine Caucus
  • Workplace Wellness & Wraps
  • Commerce & Culinary Collab
  • Professional Palate & Perspective
  • Decision Dining Dialogue
  • Office Oasis & Occasions
  • Boardroom Bites & Banter

Creating a fun meeting name for team’s gathering at lunches gives people something to look forward to and can strengthen your working relationships. Keep the options light and casual, reflecting the social nature of meal sharing.

Badass Lunch meeting Name List

When brainstorming lunch meeting names for your professional teams, consider some badass options to make things more interesting:

  • Dream Team: For super ambitious, driven teams accomplishing big goals.
  • The A-Team: For highly skilled, specialized teams knocking out objectives.
  • Visionaries: Perfect for innovative teams pioneering new ideas or projects.
  • The Change Makers: Excellent choice for transformative teams revolutionizing processes or technology.
  • The All-Stars: For star employees and top performers.
  • Unstoppable: Ideal for determined, undeterred teams, overcoming obstacles.
  • Trailblazers: Wonderful for pioneering teams forging new paths.
  • Champions: For winning teams achieving success and victories, big and small.
  • Powerhouse: Great for highly productive, results-driven teams.
  • Dream Weavers: A creative option for teams collaborating to build something new.

Creating a distinctive name for your team’s weekly or monthly lunch meeting is a simple way to build camaraderie and a shared identity. Have some fun with it, as these things go a long way in bringing people together and fostering team spirit.

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Funny Lunch Meeting Names

  • Nom Nom Roundtable
  • Chew ‘n Chatter
  • Grub & Gab
  • Lunch Bites & Banter
  • Laugh & Luncheon
  • Humor & Hunger
  • Chuckles & Chow
  • Lunchtime Laughs
  • Giggle & Grub
  • Quips & Quiches
  • Lunchtime Lightheartedness
  • Jokes & Jamboree
  • Eat & Enjoyment
  • Puns & Plates
  • Smile & Supper
  • Witty Wraps
  • Lunchtime LOLs
  • Delight & Dine
  • Giggles & Grub
  • Chuckle & Chowder
  • Tickle & Tacos
  • Comedy & Cuisine
  • Lunch Laughter League
  • Banter Bites
  • Guffaws & Grub
  • Humor & Hors d’oeuvres
  • Lunch Lark
  • Chuckle Chamber
  • Funny Foodies
  • Wit & Wraps

Cool Lunch Meeting Names List 

  • Nourish & Network
  • Munch & Mingle
  • Midday Mix
  • Lunchtime Connect
  • Bite Break Chat
  • Mealtime Meetup
  • Table Talk Time
  • Lunch Link-Up
  • Food & Fellowship
  • Nosh & Network
  • Mingle & Munch
  • Break & Bond
  • Chow & Chat
  • Flavorful Forum
  • Deli Dialogues
  • Noonday Connections
  • Dish & Discussion
  • Luncheon Links
  • Tasty Talks
  • Lunch Lounge
  • Plate & Palaver
  • Lunch Buzz
  • Social Sustenance
  • Feast & Friendship
  • Gastronomic Gathering
  • Refuel & Reconnect
  • Lunch League
  • Bites & Banter
  • Lunch Linkage
  • Sip & Share

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Clever Lunch Meeting Names

  • Bite-sized Brainstorm
  • Nosh & Note
  • Mindful Munch
  • Grub & Genius
  • Feast & Focus
  • Savor & Synthesize
  • Nibble & Innovate
  • Sustenance & Strategy
  • Food for Thought
  • Gourmet Gathering
  • Savvy Suppers
  • Thoughtful Tidbits
  • Cogitate & Chow
  • Ideas & Ingenuity
  • Lunchroom Luminary
  • Sip & Strategize
  • Nourish & Nuance
  • Cerebral Cuisine
  • Mind Munch
  • Lunchbox Lore
  • Byte & Banter
  • Mentality & Morsels
  • Cognition & Culinary
  • Sustenance of the Mind
  • Strategic Sups
  • Nourish the Noggin
  • Nosh & Notion
  • Savory Synapses
  • Intellect & Indulgence
  • Cranium & Cuisine

Business-Related Lunch Meeting Names

  • Lunch Forum
  • Strategic Sustenance
  • Business Bites & Boardroom
  • Executive Eats
  • Corporate Cuisine
  • Professional Plates
  • Luncheon Leadership
  • Brainfood & Boardroom
  • Lunchroom Leadership
  • Strategy Suppers
  • Decision & Dining
  • Boardroom Bites
  • Power Lunch Panel
  • Enterprise Eats
  • Executive Exchanges
  • Suit & Supper
  • Business Brain Boost
  • Commerce & Cuisine
  • Lunch Leadership League
  • Strategic Sups
  • Decision Dining Dialogues
  • Business Bistro
  • Executive Engagements
  • Luncheon Learning
  • Corporate Conversations
  • Professional Plate & Perspective
  • Business Buffet
  • Luncheon Luminaries
  • CEO & Cuisine
  • Commerce & Culinary

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Virtual Lunch Meeting Names

  • Screen & Savor
  • Lunch Bytes
  • Digital Dish & Dialogue
  • Pixels & Palate
  • Webcam & Wraps
  • Virtual Vittles
  • Cyber Chow
  • Screen Share & Sip
  • Bytes & Bites Connect
  • Remote Refresh
  • Pixels & Plates
  • Webcam Workshop
  • Virtual Verve & Vittles
  • Network & Nourishment Online
  • Bytes & Banter
  • Virtual Bites & Byte-sized Conversations
  • Webcam Wisdom & Wraps
  • Byte & Break Bread
  • Web Weave & Wraps
  • Digital Dine & Discuss
  • Bytes & Banquets
  • Cam Connection & Cuisine
  • E-Meal Engagement
  • Virtual Vibe & Vittles
  • Screen Sustenance
  • Byte & Brunch
  • Cyber Chowder
  • Webcam Watercooler
  • Digital Dine-In
  • Virtual Flavor & Forum

Creative Lunch Meeting Names

  • Lunchiverse Explorations
  • Palette & Perspectives
  • Savor Symposium
  • Culinary Canvas
  • Lunchtime Innovators
  • Gastronomic Gallery
  • Food for Thought Fest
  • Imagination & Ingenuity
  • Flavor Fusion Forum
  • Lunch Odyssey
  • Vision & Vittles
  • Inspire & Indulge
  • Lunch Horizons
  • Creation Cuisine
  • Culinary ConvoCraft
  • Gourmet Genius
  • Taste & Think Tank
  • Lunch Palette
  • Mosaic Meals
  • Innovate & Indulgence
  • Muse & Munch
  • Artistry & Appetite
  • Creative Culinary Collaborations
  • Feast & Fresh Ideas
  • Flavorful Fusion
  • Envision & Entree
  • Culinary Concepts
  • Taste & Tangent
  • Fusion & Food for Thought
  • Epicurean Exchange

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5 Tips to Choose Lunch Meeting Names

When choosing a name for your team’s regular lunch meeting, keep these tips in mind:

#1: Be creative

Let’s get creative! Let’s ditch the boring names like “Weekly Meeting” or “Team Lunch” and devise something fun and clever to make people want to attend. Here are a few ideas:

  • The Chow Down
  • Munch Squad
  • Lunch Group
  • The Food Court
  • The Lunchroom Hangout
  • The Nom Nom Club
  • Hungry Penguines
  • The Snack Attack

What do you think?

#2: Reflect on your team culture

Pick a name that reflects your team’s vibe. If you’re a fun, laid-back group, go with something lighthearted. If you’re a more serious team, choose something professional.

#3: Keep it positive

Choose a name that sounds fun and exciting, and avoid anything that could be interpreted as negative or boring.

#4: Consider an alliteration or rhyme

Names like “The Lunch Crunch”, “Midday Munchies”, or “Café Chatter” have a fun, memorable ring to them. They are all short and easy to remember, and they evoke a sense of fun and excitement.  

#5: Review and test options

Brainstorm a few ideas and run them by your coworkers to see what they think. Pick the one that gets the most positive feedback.

With the right name and attitude, your team’s lunch meeting can be a fun event that brings people together. Have fun with the naming process, and choose something that fits your team’s personality and goals. Most importantly, keep things positive – a good name can set the tone!


There you go, a few unique lunch meeting name ideas for your professional teams at the office. Whatever name you choose, from the above-listed names. Keep it simple with “Team Lunch,” coming up with a catchy name can help build camaraderie and boost morale. 

The possibilities are endless if you tap into your creative side. The perfect name might just come to you in a flash of inspiration. The most important thing is bringing your team together over a meal to connect, collaborate, and recharge. 

May your lunch meetings be delicious and productive and help strengthen the bonds between colleagues. Dig in and enjoy!

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