Tree Names in English | 100 Trees Names You Should Know

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Do you know all the Tree Names in the world? Imagine a world full of big and small trees, each with its special name and story.

Trees are like superheroes of nature, providing shade, clean air, and delicious fruits while standing tall and strong.

I will guide you about tree names, from the tall ones in ancient forests to the pretty ones in our neighborhoods.

Trees have names just as people do, and we’ll explore their names in this lesson. So, get ready to discover the cool world of tree names and discover how these special plants make our world awesome.

Did You Know?
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, reducing the 'Greenhouse' effect. Source.

100 Tree Names List all over the World

  1. Oak
  2. Maple
  3. Pine
  4. Birch
  5. Bonsai
  6. Redwood
  7. Cedar
  8. Willow
  9. Elm
  10. Ash
  11. Beech
  12. Chestnut
  13. Sequoia
  14. Poplar
  15. Cypress
  16. Sycamore
  17. Fir
  18. Hemlock
  19. Juniper
  20. Mahogany
  21. Yew
  22. Ginkgo
  23. Walnut
  24. Spruce
  25. Cherry
  26. Olive
  27. Alder
  28. Baobab
  29. Banyan
  30. Fig
  31. Palm
  32. Sassafras
  33. Pecan
  34. Catalpa
  35. Dogwood
  36. Eucalyptus
  37. Hazel
  38. Larch
  39. Locust
  40. Mimosa
  41. Myrtle
  42. Persimmon
  43. Pistachio
  44. Plane
  45. Redbud
  46. Rosewood
  47. Rowan
  48. Silverbell
  49. Sweetgum
  50. Tulip Tree
  51. Blackthorn
  52. Butternut
  53. Cinnamon Tree
  54. Coffee Tree
  55. Crabapple
  56. Elder
  57. Hackberry
  58. Hornbeam
  59. Huckleberry
  60. Ironwood
  61. Katsura
  62. Kiwi Tree
  63. Laburnum
  64. Lignum Vitae
  65. Linden
  66. Mangrove
  67. Osage Orange
  68. Paperbark
  69. Paulownia
  70. Pawpaw
  71. Quandong
  72. Quiver Tree
  73. Rubber Tree
  74. Serviceberry
  75. Sourwood
  76. Strawberry Tree
  77. Tamarind
  78. Teak
  79. Wattle
  80. Whitebeam
  81. Witch Hazel
  82. Zelkova
  83. Bamboo
  84. Chinkapin
  85. Jacaranda
  86. Madrona
  87. Monkey Puzzle
  88. Monkeypod
  89. Osier
  90. Osmanthus
  91. Pepper Tree
  92. Ribbonwood
  93. Salt Cedar
  94. Swamp Cypress
  95. Weeping Willow
  96. Yellowwood
  97. Zenaida
  98. Ziziphus
  99. Zumi Crabapple
  100. Zelkova Serrata

General Knowledge About Trees

Which Country Has the Largest Trees?

The United States, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, is known for having some of the largest trees in the world, specifically the giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum) and coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). These trees can reach remarkable sizes and heights.

Which Tree is considered the Most Beautiful? 

The cherry blossom tree (Prunus serrulata) is often considered one of the most beautiful trees due to its stunning and delicate pink or white blossoms in spring. These trees are especially revered in countries like Japan, where they hold cultural significance.

What is the Tallest Tree in the World?

The tallest Tree in the world is a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) named Hyperion. It was discovered in Redwood National Park, California, USA, and is estimated to be around 380.3 feet (115.92 meters) tall.

What is the Smallest Tree in the World?

Various small species can be considered among the smallest trees. One example is the dwarf willow (Salix herbacea), a creeping shrub-like plant that grows to only a few centimetres in height.

What is the Thinnest Tree in the World?

It’s challenging to pinpoint the absolute thinnest Tree, but one contender is the “Ifaty Teapot” baobab (Adansonia za), known for its extremely slender and bottle-like trunk. It is found in Madagascar.

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