Zoom Meeting Names Ideas and Titles For Online or Virtual Video Calls

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2023, 05:26 pm

As a result of pandemics, most business and corporate meetings have moved to virtual calling or video conferencing. This practice continues to this day. As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives in several ways, and I don’t think we are returning to where we were before all this.

Still most of the companies and organization have been moved to it’s previous position in 2o23, but this situation gives us an opportunity to work from home, hybrid work model and remote jobs. Well, we are enjoying all scenario nowadays.

Okay, let’ move to the topic the famous video communication app, Zoom, hit the lottery in 2020. This is because it beat Instagram, YouTube, and other similar apps on the Apple and Google stores as among the most downloaded apps. You can read the review of this application, how it beat it’s competitors with continuous improvements.

Zoom meetings and other online meetings are need of today, and most of you have probably been to one or more Zoom meetings, right? Or you may have created your session. 

And you may also have thought about which Zoom meeting names ideas for online/virtual video calls would best suit the meeting’s agenda. 

Don’t worry; I got you covered. This list will teach you about the best Zoom meeting names for online/virtual video calls. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Zoom Meeting Title Ideas for Regular Team Meetings

Zoom Meeting Title Ideas
  • Swagula
  • Technomeet
  • Escape Cheese
  • Let’s Meet Up
  • Monthly Safety Briefing
  • Going On
  • Cross Fix
  • Wuddly Christo
  • Sales Training Workshop
  • Feedback And Forward Momentum
  • Streetsmart
  • Root File
  • Sales Spotlight Session
  • Zooming Into Success
  • Customer Success Awards
  • Genz Warrior
  • Monthly Metrics Mingle
  • Live Meet
  • Log Let
  • Lucid Mac
  • Career Development Workshop
  • Virtual Wine Tasting
  • Diversity And Inclusion Forum
  • Remote Job Fair
  • Virtual Escape Room Challenge
  • Parenting Support Circle
  • Count Us In
  • General Disturb
  • Anyway Heres
  • Push Wonder
  • Remote Networking Mixer
  • Virtual Escape Room Tournament
  • Virtual Movie Night
  • Sustainability Workshop Series
  • Coding And Development Workshop
  • Meet Us There
  • Better To Meet
  • Welcome To Zoom

Zoom Meeting Titles

Let’ have some amazing zoom meeting title ideas for your online meeting. check out this list for the perfect name.

  • Team Building Olympics
  • Project Kickoff Call
  • Team Costume Contest
  • Remote Work Roundtable
  • Employee Poetry Slam
  • Wellness and Fitness Check-In
  • Weekly Progress Update
  • Financial Investment Seminar
  • Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Virtual Dance Off
  • Virtual Coffee Chat
  • Virtual Magic Show
  • Sustainability Impact Report
  • Company Culture Workshop
  • Marketing Magic Meeting
  • Social Media Strategy Session
  • Virtual Talent Showcase
  • Quarterly Quest for Success
  • Volunteer Appreciation Event
  • Virtual Art Therapy
  • Product Demo Day
  • Financial Planning Workshop
  • Leadership Lessons
  • Crisis Management Briefing
  • Investor Relations Roundtable
  • Employee DIY Home Decor
  • Monthly Metrics Review

Professional Zoom Meeting Names Ideas

  • Sales Strategy Review
  • Sales Team Sync
  • Strategic Planning Session
  • Marketing Mastermind
  • Monday Morning Meetup
  • Creative Pitch Session
  • Innovation Roundtable
  • Creative Coding Collective
  • Quarterly Q&A Session
  • Design Review Roundtable
  • Employee of the Month Announcement
  • Virtual Dance Party
  • Virtual Book Club Meeting
  • Thoughtful Thursday Meeting
  • Team Transformation Talk
  • Team Huddle Time
  • DIY Gardening Workshop
  • Tech Talk Time
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Team Costume Parade
  • Industry Insights Exchange
  • Parenting and Wellness
  • Fun Friday Hangout
  • International Connections
  • Virtual Pet Costume Contest
  • Creative Campaign Conclave
  • Storytelling Workshop
  • Innovation Impact Ideation

Funny Zoom Meeting Names

Funny Zoom Meeting Names
  • Block and Golden Banter
  • Crazy Babblethon
  • Control Room Comedy Showdown
  • Average Agenda Finish
  • Student Cipher Masters
  • Agenda of Our Team’s Antics
  • Student Voice Shenanigans
  • Chief Cat Lady
  • Golden Age Code Breakers
  • Control Room Comedy
  • Block the Basterds
  • Control Room Chaos
  • Cipher Masters Unplugged
  • Crazy Master Minds
  • Proline Puzzle Party
  • Blockbuster Basterds
  • Meet Browser Mischief
  • Proline Testers Unleashed
  • Golden Age Geeks
  • Browser Bonanza
  • Cat Lady’s Code
  • Chief’s Comedy Central
  • Virtual Chief Area
  • Average Masterminds
  • Babylon Virtual Block
  • Golden Area of Mayhem
  • Meet Browser Mania
  • Babylonic Agenda
  • Student Voice Roast
  • Crazy Cat’s Code Carnival

Badass Zoom Meeting Names Ideas

  • Customer Support Roundtable
  • IT Troubleshooting Clinic
  • Virtual Team Huddle
  • Customer Appreciation Call
  • Nonprofit Impact Awards
  • Team Pajama Day
  • Employee Benefits Fair
  • Project Status Showcase
  • Virtual Travel Tips
  • Marketing Campaign Launch
  • Employee Cookbook Exchange
  • Financial Forecast Forum
  • Human Resources Hangout
  • Project Portfolio Presentation
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Sustainability Action Plan
  • Customer Connection Caucus
  • Parenting and Education
  • Monday Morning Motivation
  • Boardroom Brilliance
  • Project Progress Showcase
  • Idea Incubator
  • All-Hands Assembly
  • Virtual Talent Competition
  • Hump Day Huddle
  • Brainy Breakout Session
  • Customer Success Check-In
  • Product Prototype Presentation
  • Friday Fun Hour
  • IT System Upgrade Discussion
  • Sustainability Initiatives Talk
  • Workshop Wisdom
  • Team Strategy Retreat
  • Coding and Development Q&A
  • Remote Employee Recognition
  • Employee Empowerment Exchange
  • Virtual Travel Photography
  • Quarterly Planning Meeting
  • Virtual Painting Party
  • Science and Technology Forum
  • Employee Benefits Presentation
  • Customer Testimonial Session
  • Sustainability Summit
  • Daily Development Dialogue
  • Daily Development Discussion
  • Crisis Management Conference
  • Online Gaming Tournament
  • Supply Chain Scenario Session
  • Product Development Workshop
  • Online Chess Tournament
  • Content Creation Club
  • Virtual Science Fair Awards
  • Employee Resource Group Meeting
  • Virtual Cooking Challenge
  • Virtual Trivia Night
  • Health and Safety Huddle
  • Supply Chain Scenarios
  • Wellness Wednesday Webinar
  • Online Coding Bootcamp
  • Project Showcase
  • Remote Work Check-in
  • Team Triumph Talks

Creative Names for Zoom Meetings

Creative Names for Zoom Meetings
  • Anglo sentence
  • Dude call
  • Ascend asked
  • MileHigh meeting
  • Big Red east 
  • Holistic Axe
  • Westgate Allcap
  • Baron Darity
  • Enigma 
  • East Santas
  • Ethics and Compliance Caucus
  • Virtual Talent Talent Show
  • Legal Briefing Session
  • Creative Collaboration Check-In
  • Virtual Training Session
  • Virtual Volunteer Meeting
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Training & Development Talk
  • Financial Focus Forum
  • Book Club Gathering
  • Virtual Trivia Championship
  • Performance Progress Update
  • Research and Development Roundup
  • Boardroom Brainstorming
  • Strategic Planning Powwow
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • New Hire Networking
  • IT Best Practices Seminar
  • Daily Stand-Up

Best Title For Zoom Meeting

  • Tech Talk Tuesday
  • Mental Health Support Group
  • Product Development Powwow
  • Virtual DIY Craft Show
  • Industry Insights Inquiry
  • Ethics and Compliance Conversation
  • IT Security Best Practices
  • Quality Check Conference
  • Virtual Music Jam Session
  • Monthly Budget Review
  • Training & Development Touchpoint
  • Virtual Comedy Improv
  • Sales Strategy Session
  • Nonprofit Impact Showcase
  • Crisis Communication Caucus
  • Virtual Travelogue
  • Supplier Relations Symposium
  • Virtual Art Exhibition
  • Virtual Poetry Reading
  • Product Development Dialogue
  • Remote Team Retreat
  • Success Stories Spotlight
  • Ideas and Innovation Intensive
  • Thought Leadership Throwdown
  • Book Club Meeting
  • International Insights
  • Customer Service Training
  • Coffee and Collaboration
  • UX/UI User Group
  • Compliance Committee Convo
  • Sales Strategy Sync
  • Diversity & Inclusion Discussion

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas
  • Watermark 
  • Techno elf 
  • Save pout
  • Collision free 
  • Rex number 
  • Cobra Kanye
  • Title master
  • Number pluralized
  • Value words
  • Trader nut
  • Volunteer Coordination Meeting
  • Code and Creativity Chat
  • Diversity and Equity Summit
  • Sustainability Symposium
  • Customer Spotlight Event
  • Remote Talent Acquisition
  • Virtual Science Experiment
  • Online Chess Championship
  • Virtual DIY Craft Fair
  • Sustainability Awareness Talk
  • Podcasting Workshop
  • Onboarding Orientation
  • Virtual Happy Hour
  • Team Building Exercise
  • Agile Scrum Standup
  • QA and Testing Roundtable
  • Remote Brainstorm Brigade
  • Success Story Showcase
  • IT Support Q&A
  • Virtual Choir Practice
  • Leadership Development
  • Monday Motivation Meeting
  • Coding and Development Showcase
  • Year-End Review
  • Gamification Workshop
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Health and Wellness Checkup
  • Project Status Update

Virtual Meeting Names at Zoom

  • Remote Onsite Visit
  • Monday Morning Mixer
  • Investor Insights Inquiry
  • Remote Resilience Rally
  • Virtual Cooking Class
  • Ideas and Innovation Inquiry
  • Content Marketing Workshop
  • Nonprofit Volunteer Training
  • Project Progress Presentation
  • IT Innovation Intensive
  • Employee Book Club Meeting
  • Women in Leadership Forum
  • Online Gaming Marathon
  • HR Policy Briefing
  • Digital Marketing Trends
  • Virtual Craft Night
  • Virtual Talent Show
  • Strategic Sales Session
  • Virtual Lunch and Learn
  • Sustainability Strategies Symposium
  • Customer Conversation Cafe
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Meeting
  • Safety & Security Session
  • Employee Talent Show
  • Sustainability Strategies Session
  • Quality Assurance Quest
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Brainy Breakout Bash
  • Feedback and Forward Motion
  • Creative Collaboration Call
  • Sales Pitch Practice
  • Research Roundup
  • Marketing Strategy Meeting
  • Sales Strategy Summit
  • Employee of the Month Celebration
  • Virtual Wine and Paint
  • Marketing Metrics Review

Creative Zoom Meeting Names

Creative Zoom Meeting Names
  • Payne cherry 
  • Financial adobo
  • Brother parm
  • Magnet fit
  • Fit lamama
  • Metropolis 
  • Beautiful muted
  • Market connected
  • Onboard 
  • Safety & Security Symposium
  • Project Retrospective
  • Employee Mindfulness Meditation
  • Virtual Science Quiz Bowl
  • Leadership Summit
  • Team Skillshare Session
  • Employee Art Auction
  • Employee Recognition Gala
  • Parenting Tips Seminar
  • Performance Progress Presentation
  • Sales Kickoff Meeting
  • Parent Support Group
  • Employee Health Challenge
  • Tech Troubleshooting Talk
  • Investor Intelligence
  • Investor Insights
  • End-of-Quarter Evaluation
  • Brainstorm Bonanza
  • Emerging Market Strategy
  • Virtual Yoga Session
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Remote Resilience Roundup
  • Supplier Relations Roundup
  • Customer Appreciation Assembly
  • Weekly Progress Check
  • Customer Connection Call
  • Mentorship Program Kickoff
  • Monthly Newsletter Planning
  • Workshop Wednesdays
  • Growth Goals Get-Together
  • Employee Engagement Expo
  • Business Continuity Briefing
  • Supply Chain Summit

Clever Zoom Meeting Names

Clever Zoom Meeting Names
  • Life Line
  • Customer Appreciation Assembly
  • Stratus
  • United Insync
  • Investor Intelligence
  • Project Retrospective
  • Employee Health Challenge
  • Peace Razzle
  • Growth Goals Get-together
  • Multi Muted
  • Home Poptart
  • Supplier Relations Roundup
  • Topshelf Mn
  • Recreational Meeting
  • Supply Chain Summit
  • Mentorship Program Kickoff
  • Monthly Newsletter Planning
  • End-of-quarter Evaluation
  • Sales Kickoff Meeting
  • Parent Support Group
  • Virtual Science Quiz Bowl
  • Leadership Summit
  • Employee Engagement Expo
  • Weekly Progress Check
  • Emerging Market Strategy
  • Customer Connection Call
  • Tesla Paper
  • Business Continuity Briefing
  • Wonder Culkin
  • Employee Recognition Gala
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Lucid File
  • Safety & Security Symposium
  • Sale Fork
  • Performance Progress Presentation
  • Bread Itch
  • Gabe Lee
  • Employee Art Auction
  • Employee Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mr. Jack
  • Trio Office
  • Workshop Wednesdays
  • Virtual Yoga Session
  • Brainstorm Bonanza
  • Covert Reese
  • Tech Troubleshooting Talk
  • Load Wither
  • Stressfree
  • Cross Pants
  • Team Skillshare Session
  • Investor Insights
  • Defiant Hot
  • Remote Resilience Roundup
  • Package Click
  • Parenting Tips Seminar

Clever Zoom Meeting Names

  • Virtual Comedy Night
  • DIY Home Improvement Workshop
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Company All-Hands
  • Employee Wellness Retreat
  • Virtual Karaoke Night
  • Agile Advancement Assembly
  • Agile Product Demo
  • Wellness and Well-Being Webinar
  • Environmental Sustainability Talk
  • Research and Development Forum
  • Customer Success Webinar
  • Growth Goals Gathering
  • Innovation Inspiration
  • Virtual Coffee Break
  • Company Culture Conversation
  • Educational Webinar Series
  • Company Culture Chat
  • Employee Advocacy Meeting
  • Supply Chain Symposium
  • Budget Planning Meeting
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Mentorship Moments
  • Strategic Steering Session
  • HR Highlights
  • Virtual Art Gallery Opening
  • Digital Brainstorm Session
  • Financial Wellness Seminar
  • Training and Development Day
  • Virtual Pet Adoption Fair
  • Brainpower Briefing
  • Wednesday Wellness Workshop
  • Virtual Zumba Class
  • Leadership Learning
  • Agile Advancement
  • Health and Fitness Challenge
  • Customer Feedback Forum

Cute Zoom Meeting Names

Cute Zoom Meeting Names
  • HR Highlights Hour
  • Creative Collaboration Session
  • Holwaiheya King
  • Erectile Face
  • Project Management Forum
  • Employee Fitness Challenge
  • Town Hall Gathering
  • Virtual Museum Tour
  • Client Onboarding Seminar
  • Pandemic
  • Irma Line
  • Managerial Mindfulness Meeting
  • Adolf
  • Compliance Checkup
  • Hairy Op
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Gala
  • Baron Meeting
  • Product Launch Briefing
  • All Online
  • Fancy Star
  • Virtual Film Screening
  • Online Demo Showcase
  • Stachy
  • Ciper Rex
  • Online Meeup
  • Virtual Pet Show and Tell
  • Market Research Presentation
  • Sewer Bk
  • Zoom Line
  • Genome Line
  • IT Security Awareness Training
  • Randy Rect
  • Cheif Trader
  • Monthly Metrics Meeting
  • Product Roadmap Discussion
  • Remote Brainstorming Bash
  • Team Scavenger Hunt
  • Monthly Milestone Meeting
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Stroker
  • Weekly Sales Review
  • Strategic Sales Summit
  • Diversity Training Workshop
  • Productivity Power Hour
  • Team Building Time
  • Real Meet
  • Meet Box
  • Virtual Science Fair
  • New Product Launch Meeting
  • Anglo Save

Hilarious Zoom Meeting Names for Sales, Marketing and Tech Professional Teams

I have listed some amazing names for trio teams, these teams are mostly interconnected in all organizations. Let’s scroll down to have a perfect hilarious zoom meeting name for your team.

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas for Tech Professionals

  • Byte-Sized Banter
  • Nerdy By Nature
  • The Matrix Mashup
  • The Code Crackers Club
  • Virtually Coding Chaos
  • Tech Talk & Tacos
  • Pixel Pioneers
  • Binary Binge: Ones and Zeros
  • Cyber Circus Spectacle
  • Silicon Valley Shenanigans
  • WiFi Warriors Unite
  • Ctrl+Alt+Deflect
  • WiFi Warriors
  • Hackathon Hangout
  • Nerds of a Feather
  • Error 404: Sense of Humor Not Found
  • Silicon Valley Shenanigans
  • Kernel Panic Party
  • Byte-sized Laughs
  • Virtual Code Crackers
  • Tech Support Group Therapy
  • Coding and Cupcakes

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas for Sales Professionals

  • The Sales Safari
  • Sales Shenanigans
  • The Deal Divas
  • Sales Hacks & Stand-Up Acts
  • Sales Sorcerers Society
  • Pipeline Power Hour
  • Closing Time: The Comedy Edition
  • Charming Chatterbox Crew
  • Sales Wizards and Witty Banter
  • Quota Crushers & Chuckles
  • The Art of the Sales Spiel
  • The Sales Jedi Council
  • The Upside of Downsizing
  • Closing Time Comedians
  • Pipeline Pandemonium
  • Sales Safari: Hunting Leads
  • Sale-abration Nation
  • Cold Calls and Hot Cocoa
  • Sellers’ Stand-up Special
  • Prospecting Pros

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas for Marketing Professionals

  • Marketing Mayhem & Mirth
  • The Creative Content Cabal
  • SEO Stand-Up Special
  • Marketing Mayhem Masters
  • Content Kings and Queens of Comedy
  • SEO Side-Splitters
  • Ad Agency Antics
  • Marketing Mixtape Mirth
  • Brand Ambassadors of Banter
  • Marketing Mavericks Unleashed
  • Hashtag Hijinks
  • ROI: Return on Improv
  • Creative Content Chuckles
  • The Social Media Stand-up
  • Market Mavens & Mocktails
  • Branding Buffs & Belly Laughs
  • Social Media Shenanigans
  • Adventures in Adland
  • Hashtag Hijinks
  • Marketing Marvels & Mimosas
  • The Marketing Mixtape

Okay great, the names list are ended here, You can easily change the title or name according to your team and need. Read carefully all the names to have a best one for you.

Now, it’s time to discuss about some ideas to choose a perfect meeting name as well as you will have a bonus tip at the end section of this blog.

4 Ideas To Pick Zoom Meeting Names For Online/Virtual Video Calls:

Pick Zoom Meeting Names For Online 2

#1: Meeting Agenda

There are a lot of situations where a meeting is irreplaceable, even if it could be done virtually through Zoom or teams. Each participant knows the agenda of the meeting before the meeting even starts. Then name your meeting based on the meeting’s agenda.

#2: Your Team Name Can Help

Every team contributes to the success of the organization. Some contribute less, some contribute more, but as a team, every team member is crucial. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, participation is always key. Excellent!. However, you might want to come up with your own Zoom meeting name. Name your meeting after your team.

#3: Get Ideas from the Location

If your head office is located in New York, USA, you can name the meeting on Zoom after it. Your team gets to know that the NY office has set up this meeting and we are going to attend. 

#4: Meeting Type

Everybody knows what’s happening on specific projects when there’s participation. Corporate organizations, for example, hold daily and weekly meetings to review the performance of their teams.

In every organization, there is a weekly meeting that happens to review the performance of the team, which is known as a huddle. If you combine the name of the meeting type with Zoom, you can name your meeting. For example. Engineering team Scrum, Sales Team Huddle. Etc.

Bonus Tip:

Zoom meeting invitation email template – 3 Examples

Here we go, Check out these three unique and easy-to-customize Zoom meeting invitation email templates

Template#1: Team Meeting Invitation

Subject: Join our Team Meeting on [Date] at [Time]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. We are excited to invite you to our upcoming team meeting, where we will discuss important updates and collaborate on future projects. Your insights and input are highly valued.

Meeting Details:

Date: [Date]
Time: [Time]
Zoom Link: [Insert Zoom Meeting Link]

[Agenda Item 1]
[Agenda Item 2]
[Agenda Item 3]

Your active participation is vital for the success of this meeting. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional topics you’d like to discuss during the meeting.

Thank you, and we look forward to your presence.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Company Name]

Template#2: Webinar Invitation

Subject: Join Our Informative Webinar on [Topic]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We hope this message finds you in good health. We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where we will delve into the intriguing world of [Topic]. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage with experts in the field.

Webinar Details:

Date: [Date]
Time: [Time]
Duration: [Duration]
Zoom Link: [Insert Zoom Webinar Link]
Key Takeaways:

[Key Takeaway 1]
[Key Takeaway 2]
[Key Takeaway 3]
[Key Takeaway 4]
[Key Takeaway 5]

This webinar promises to be insightful, and your presence would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to invite colleagues or friends who might find this topic interesting.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Company Name]

Template#3: Workshop Invitation

Subject: Join Our Interactive Workshop on [Topic]

Hello [Recipient’s Name],

We hope you are having a wonderful day. We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our upcoming interactive workshop on [Topic]. This workshop will provide hands-on learning and a chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Workshop Details:

Date: [Date]
Time: [Time]
Duration: [Duration]
Zoom Link: [Insert Zoom Meeting Link]
Workshop Highlights:

[Workshop Highlight 1]
[Workshop Highlight 2]
[Workshop Highlight 3]
[Workshop Highlight 4]
[Workshop Highlight 5]
[Workshop Highlight 6]

Your presence would make this workshop even more enriching, so we hope you can join us. If you have any questions or need materials in advance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Looking forward to your participation.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Company Name]

The best part about these templates is, you can easily customize these. TO get the perfect one according to your need you have to customize these templates by adding specific details relevant to your meeting or event.

See more meeting name ideas here.


You can pick several different Zoom meeting names based on different meeting agendas based on those suggestions. Do you think I missed anything? Or do you have more ideas regarding the topic? Well, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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