Zoom Meeting Names For Online/Virtual Video Calls:

As a result of pandemics, most business and corporate meetings have moved to virtual calling or video conferencing. This practice continues to this day. As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives in several ways, and I don’t think we are returning to where we were before all this.

Moreover, the famous video communication app, Zoom, hit the lottery in 2020. This is because it beat Instagram, YouTube, and other similar apps on the Apple and Google stores as among the most downloaded apps.

Zoom meetings were underway, and most of you have probably been to one or more Zoom meetings, right? Or you may have created your session. 

And you may also have thought about which Zoom meeting names for online/virtual video calls would best suit the meeting’s agenda. 

Don’t worry; I got you covered. This list will teach you about the best Zoom meeting names for online/virtual video calls. Let’s begin, shall we?

Zoom Meeting Title Ideas

Zoom Meeting Title Ideas
  • Escape cheese 
  • Anyway Heres
  • Count Us in
  • Swagula
  • Better to Meet
  • Push Wonder 
  • Lucid Mac
  • Let’s Meet Up
  • Log let
  • Going On
  • StreetSmart 
  • Welcome to Zoom 
  • General disturb
  • Meet Us There
  • Cross Fix
  • Root File
  • Technomeet
  • Wuddly Christo
  • Genz warrior
  • Live meet

Funny Zoom Meeting Names

Funny Zoom Meeting Names
  • Set Crazy
  • Babylon  Virtual
  • Cat lady
  • Meet Browser
  • Golden Age 
  • Chief Area
  • Average finish
  • Student Voice
  • Cipher Master
  • Master Minds
  • Proline test
  • Block the Basterds
  • Control Room
  • Agenda of Our Team

Creative Names for Zoom Meetings

Creative Names for Zoom Meetings
  • Anglo sentence
  • Dude call
  • Ascend asked
  • MileHigh meeting
  • Big Red east 
  • Holistic Axe
  • Westgate Allcap
  • Baron Darity
  • Enigma 
  • East Santas

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas

Zoom Meeting Name Ideas
  • Watermark 
  • Techno elf 
  • Save pout
  • Collision free 
  • Rex number 
  • Cobra Kanye
  • Title master
  • Number pluralized
  • Value words
  • Trader nut

Creative Zoom Meeting Names

Creative Zoom Meeting Names
  • Gods pickec
  • Payne cherry 
  • Financial adobo
  • Brother parm
  • Magnet fit
  • Fit lamama
  • Metropolis 
  • Beautiful muted
  • Market connected
  • Onboard 

Clever Zoom Meeting Names

Clever Zoom Meeting Names
  • Covert reese
  • United insync
  • Tesla paper
  • Topshelf mn
  • Wonder culkin
  • Defiant hot
  • Home poptart
  • Package click
  • Sale fork
  • StressFree 
  • Peace razzle
  • Load wither
  • Cross pants
  • BestPrice 
  • Stratus 
  • Lucid file
  • Mr. jack
  • Life line
  • Trio office
  • Multi muted
  • bread itch
  • Gabe Lee
  • Recreational meeting

Cute Zoom Meeting Names

Cute Zoom Meeting Names
  • All online 
  • Erectile face
  • Stroker
  • Genome line
  • Pandemic
  • Hairy OP
  • Real Meet
  • Randy Rect
  • Stachy
  • Holwaiheya King
  • Fancy Star
  • Adolf
  • Irma Line
  • Zoom Line
  • Online Meeup
  • Meet box
  • Sewer BK
  • Cheif Trader
  • Baron Meeting
  • Ciper Rex
  • Anglo Save

4 Ideas To Pick Zoom Meeting Names For Online/Virtual Video Calls:

#1: Meeting Agenda

There are a lot of situations where a meeting is irreplaceable, even if it could be done virtually through Zoom or teams. Each participant knows the agenda of the meeting before the meeting even starts. Then name your meeting based on the meeting’s agenda.

#2: Your Team Name Can Help

Every team contributes to the success of the organization. Some contribute less, some contribute more, but as a team, every team member is crucial. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, participation is always key. Excellent!. However, you might want to come up with your own Zoom meeting name. Name your meeting after your team.

#3: Get Ideas from the Location

If your head office is located in New York, USA, you can name the meeting on Zoom after it. Your team gets to know that the NY office has set up this meeting and we are going to attend. 

#4: Meeting Type

Everybody knows what’s happening on specific projects when there’s participation. Corporate organizations, for example, hold daily and weekly meetings to review the performance of their teams.

In every organization, there is a weekly meeting that happens to review the performance of the team, which is known as a huddle. If you combine the name of the meeting type with Zoom, you can name your meeting. For example. Engineering team Scrum, Sales Team Huddle. Etc.

See more meeting name ideas here.


You can pick several different Zoom meeting names based on different meeting agendas based on those suggestions. Do you think I missed anything? Or do you have more ideas regarding the topic? Well, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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