100+ Japanese American Names for Newborn Babies – Popular Name Ideas for Boys and Girls

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The name selection for your newborn is the first thing that comes to your mind when there is good news about the baby’s arrival.

Few parents select the names for their newborns too early, while others carefully think about the meaning and background of the name before making their final decision.

Here, I have brought a lot of cute names for your newborn, so keep reading the article till the end.

Key Takeaways:

In this article, you’ll go with the following:

  • Importance of a name for your newborn.
  • Useful tips you can follow for naming your newborn, both now and in the future.
  • List of names for boys and girls individually.
  • This article is covered with some friendly asked question and queries that people want to know, so, this is going to be a knowledgeable resource for you.

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Important Tips to Follow When Choosing Japanese American Names for Newborn Babies:

  • You can choose a conventional name in Japanese. As a family name is always a superior name. 
  • You can also combine an American family name with a Japanese name.
  • Japanese consider surname or family name as a best name. as we know a surname permanently attaches to the person’s name throughout their life. So, consider surname too while naming.
  • A surname is always from the father’s side, and it is a shared name all siblings have with their name. 
  • Choose a unique and excellent name that seems appropriate to the family name.
  • A name must be simple and full of meanings. A meaningful name is a mighty name.
  • A name must be accessible and small, and a small and easy name is always easy to remember and memorable for others.

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50 Japanese American Names for Girls with Meaning

 Japanese American Names for Girls

Here are 50 names for your newborn baby girl. I have listed the meaning, too, if you want to select a name with good meaning.

  1. Ichika – Summer
  2. Ahmad – Black Rain
  3. Himari – Light And Love
  4. Akemi – Bright
  5. Hoshi – Star
  6. Japan – Full Of Ambitions
  7. Niko – Kindness
  8. Bashira – Fun-Loving- Loving
  9. Masa – True
  10. Kokorhime – Princess
  11. Miki – Stem Of The Flower
  12. Hana – A Fantastic Flower
  13. Anzu – Apricot
  14. Email – Cute Smile
  15. Keiko – Lucky And Happy
  16. Aya – Full Of Colours
  17. Kairi – Sea
  18. Hayami – Scarce Beauty
  19. Akari – Plum Tree
  20. Seiko – Full Of Force
  21. Nara – Flower From Heaven
  22. Hoshiko – Shining Star
  23. Chiyo – A Lot Of Generations
  24. Risa – Growing Flowers In A Home
  25. Hina – Sun
  26. Kasumi – Mist
  27. Sara – Happiness
  28. Akari – Bright
  29. Kanna – Guidance And Advice
  30. Hiroko – Generous And Prosperous
  31. Kiko – Hope
  32. Fumiko – Intelligent
  33. Kin – Gold
  34. Emiko – Beautiful Child
  35. Kaori – Sweet Smell
  36. Aoi – Hollyhock
  37. Hisako – Long-Lived Baby
  38. Kimi – Respectful
  39. Ai – Love
  40. Haruka – The Beautiful Smell Of Spring
  41. Chikako – Deer Child
  42. Koko – Fashion-Loving
  43. Mayumi – Beauty
  44. Takara – Valuable
  45. Airi – Lovely Jasmine
  46. Mana – Loveand Affection
  47. Yukina – Good Luck
  48. Kazuko – Peaceful
  49. Kei – Blessing
  50. Akahana – A bright red flower

50 Japanese American Names for Boys with Meaning

Japanese American Names for Boys

Now, I have enlisted 50 beautiful names with their meanings if you have a newborn baby boy. The list is given below.

  1. Kiyoshi – Bright
  2. Aki – Autumn
  3. Ren – Love
  4. Daiki – Shining Or Bright
  5. Hotaru – Firefly
  6. Katsumi – Winning Personality
  7. Hiro – Bold And Broad
  8. Asahi – Morning Sun
  9. Kazue – Blessing
  10. Daisuke – A Great Help
  11. Katsutoshi – Success And Victory
  12. Minato – Water Lover
  13. Seiichi – Sincere Person
  14. Ryuu – Dragon
  15. Sho – Soar
  16. Itsuki – Spring Trees
  17. Naoki – Truthful
  18. Hiroto – Greatness
  19. Kazuya – Oneness, The Only One
  20. Yoshi – Silent And Peaceful
  21. Haruto – Light
  22. Tetsu – Strong Like Iron
  23. Tadashi – Loyal And Honest
  24. Haruki – A Spring Child
  25. Koji – Baby
  26. Jirou – Second Sun
  27. Kaito – Going Through And Beyond The Sea
  28. Rin – The Best Companion
  29. Isamu – Brave
  30. Yukio – Happy
  31. Hisashi – One Who Is Stable
  32. Akio – Hero
  33. Haru – Light And Clear
  34. Jun – Handsome
  35. Kenji – Good Health
  36. Hinata – Towards The Sun
  37. Tomo – Twins
  38. Ichiro – The Name Of The Baseball Player With A World Record – First-Born Child
  39. Kosuke – The Rising Star
  40. Tatsuo – Dragon
  41. Benji – Peaceful
  42. Yamato – Old Japan
  43. Izumi – Renewal Of Sun Or Light
  44. Hiroshi – Prosperous And Happy
  45. Sora – Sky
  46. Natsuo – Summer
  47. Masashi – Full Of Ambitions
  48. Toshiro – Very Intelligent
  49. Kaede – Name Of A Tree Called The Maple Tree
  50. Hayato – Falcon Child

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Popular Japanese American Names In The 60’s

In the 1960s, the names of Japanese Americans were a fascinating blend of Japanese and American cultural influences.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular Japanese American names from that remarkable era.
Also, these names were considered as common Japanese’s Americans names in 1900.

Japanese Male Names:

  1. Kenji – A name that bridged the gap between traditional Japanese roots and the American way of life, often signifying strong, intelligent individuals.
  2. Hiroshi – A name reflecting the essence of nobility and honor, cherished by many Japanese American families.
  3. Toshio – This name carried a sense of wisdom and respect, showcasing the importance of these virtues in the community.
  4. Akira – Symbolizing brightness and clarity, this name was a beacon of hope for many Japanese Americans in the ’60s.
  5. Masaru – A name denoting resilience and strength, reminding the community of their ability to overcome adversity.
  6. Katsuhiro – With a touch of sophistication and grace, this name highlighted the elegance within Japanese American culture.
  7. Satoshi – Often associated with truth and sincerity, this name resonated with the values held dear by Japanese Americans.
  8. Isamu – Signifying courage and bravery, this name served as a reminder of the fortitude required to face life’s challenges.
  9. Takeshi – Embodying the concept of perseverance and determination, this name was a source of inspiration.
  10. Shinichi – A name representing progress and advancement, reflecting the spirit of growth within the Japanese American community.

Japanese Female Names:

  1. Yuki – A name radiating purity and gentleness, symbolizing the beauty found within the hearts of Japanese American women.
  2. Keiko – Often associated with happiness and celebration, this name brought joy to many households.
  3. Midori – Signifying the freshness of new beginnings, this name was chosen for its optimism.
  4. Emiko – Reflecting the importance of humility and grace, this name was cherished by many families.
  5. Aiko – A name representing love and affection, underscoring the strong family bonds within the community.
  6. Michiko – With a touch of elegance and refinement, this name showcased the sophistication of Japanese American culture.
  7. Yuri – Often chosen for its association with lilies, this name symbolized purity and beauty.
  8. Naomi – A name that transcended cultures, signifying pleasantness and grace, while blending Japanese and American influences.
  9. Hana – Reflecting the beauty and simplicity of a flower, this name emphasized the appreciation of nature.
  10. Sachi – Symbolizing happiness and bliss, this name represented the aspirations of many families.

These names were carefully chosen, fusing the rich heritage of Japan with the promise of a bright American future. Japanese Americans in the 1960s, much like their immigrant ancestors, were steadfast in preserving their cultural roots.

Also, they were getting the opportunities of their new American identity. These names serve as a testament to the harmony between two worlds and the enduring spirit of the Japanese American community.

What are the top 10 Japanese Names that Sound like English American Names for Kids?

There are top picks of Japanese names that sound like English American names for the kids. See the list below.

  1. Jou
  2. Hana
  3. Mei
  4. Risa
  5. Ami
  6. Rina
  7. Mika
  8. Riri
  9. Eren
  10. Yugo


What is the best way to name a newborn baby?

best way to name a newborn baby

The only best ways are given:

  • Choose an attractive name if you want to select a classical name.
  • Give priority to your family name.
  • Select a cultural name.
  • Give a meaningful name.
  • Easy and remarkable are attractive. So also give honor to meanings.

Can you name an American baby a Japanese name?

American baby a Japanese name

Well, there is no restriction for naming. But it seems culturally inappropriate to give an American name to a Japanese. But sometimes people choose to mean related to English and select a good and meaningful name.

Do most Japanese-born Americans have Japanese names for English names?

Exceptions are everywhere. In general Japanese give only their cultural name. Where ever the baby is born. It depends on the parent’s will regarding what cultural name they want for their newborn.

What are some Japanese baby names that can also sound American/English?

There are the following possible Japanese names that can also sound like English names: 

  • Mika as  Michae/Micha.
  • Naomi as Naomi.
  • Mari as Mary/Marie.
  • Hana as Hannah/Hanna.
  • Ami as Amy/Amie.
  • Mei as May.
  • Noa as Noah.

Wrapping Up

These are not the only names you can have for your little one. You can create your lovely name by combining two to make your baby’s name perfect. Look at the above list and have unique, fantastic, and excellent names for your newborn.

All the best in picking the best name for your little boy or girl. Cheers!

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