BTS English Names: Let’s End Your Curiosity About their Eng. Names

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BTS is the name of a hugely famous and internationally popular, and internationally successful South Korean boy band, often referred to as “the Bangtan Boys.

If you are a newbie in the Army, you will find it challenging to pronounce Korean names, and you might wonder if they have English names.

No, they don’t have English names, although each member has a stage name. 

In an interview, they were asked if they had to give themselves English names and what they would be.

Their answers were hilarious. Keep reading to learn their spicy and funny answers.

Let’s Discuss One By One All BTS Members’ English Names

I think you’re still curious about “What are the English names of the BTS”. Wait is over, Have a look at English’s names of your favorite personalities.

Kim Naamjoon

Kim Naamjoon chose MONNIE, which resembles namjoon.

His stage name is RM ( Rap Monster). Fans call him by this name because of the fast rap of the leader. He is the most famous rapper in Korea.

BTS RM at the press conference to launch their latest album, “BE (Deluxe Edition),” which was held at Seoul, South Korea’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza. 

The significance behind his name is rough “Genius who hails from South Korea’. The ARMY is compliant with this as he’s genuinely complete. And we are sure his IQ is 150.

Kim Seokjin

He chose Gennie for his English name.

It sounds similar to Jennifer, a member of the famous girl’s group BLACKPINK.

Jin is the funniest member of BTS.

Jin is among the longest-running band members of Bangtan Boys. He was born on the 4th of December in 1992, which means his age is set to be 29, which is a milestone for him.

Min Yoongi

He decided to give himself a Korean name, Yeon Kim Kim; that’s funny.

Daechwita is the only name that goes well with his sarcastic personality.

Fans call him by this name. after the release of his song. There is a King in the music video named Daechwita, so fans now call him by this name.

He is also known as Suga of BTS.

He is always sleeping, and fans call him the cat. LoL.

Suga is awe-inspiringly more than a writer. Like Rap Monster, he had an enviable underground rap career in Daegu before joining BTS.

He enjoys playing the piano, composing songs, and recording music. Many consider him the most sexually savage, sexiest BTS member, mainly for his hilarious comments.

Jung Hoseok

When he announced his English name in an interview. All the members were laughing so hard. His English name was J-Dope, which is quite funny.

He introduces himself by saying,” Hi Guys, Im your Hope, and You are my Hope, Im Jaay Hope.”

Before joining BTS, J-Hope was a member of the street dance group Neuron and is renowned for his superb dancing abilities and positive attitude.

J-Hope chose his stage name as the name was meant to motivate and encourage his audience. J-Hope demonstrated he could rap while winning a national dance contest in South Korea in 2008.

Park Jimin

If park Jimin has to give himself an English name, Christan Chim Chim, that will go well with his personality.

Fans also call him Baby Mochi, such a cute name it is.

Park Jimin, also known as JM of BTS, admitted that his name comes from his father and translates to “my wisdom will be beyond the heavens. The most adorable.

Jimin is small. When he meets and greets, fans typically measure their fingers against Jimin’s to determine which is more extensive. He is very close to Jungkook and frequently assists Jungkook with his creative projects.

Kim Taehyung

Jack would be the English name of Kim taehyung.

People also call him TaeTae.

His stage name, V, well knows him.

fans used to call him Baby Bear or Winter Bear as well.

V also has a strong command of the English language. His latest song, “Winter Bear,” is composed in English and received many positive reviews from his fans.

Jeon Jungook

is the youngest member of BTS. His stage name is JK.

He chose Justin Seagull. Justin Bieber inspired him, so he added Justin to his English name.

Fans also call him Bunny because he loves to eat carrots, and he has bunny teeth well, which make him cute aa s bunny, LoL.

Also called the golden maknae, Jung kook is a charming and perfect dancer and performer. 

Recently, he broke records for a Billboard World Digital Song Sales record; Jeon’s tracks as lead singer comprise Euphoria and My Time.

He was honored to make a song for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The song’s name was Dreamer, and he performed in Qatar at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony. Fans were so happy to see him performing.

He is the first Korean solo artist who performed in Qatar.

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Words that are similar to BTS English Names

  • Bangtan Boys
  • Bangtan Sonyeodan
  • Beyond the Scene
  • Bulletproof Boy Scouts

Which BTS Members Are Important To You? Korean How Do You Put It Together?

The name change could be an attempt to appeal more directly to English-speaking audiences.

This change could result in even greater interest from the international community for the group. But, the group will not abandon its name as they initially did.

We will continue to use the term “Bangtan Sonyeondan” and also in Korea.

The name’s literal meaning in English will be “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.”

Where Did BTS Originate?

BTS was created by the South Korean entertainment company Bit Hit Entertainment in the decade’s first half.

They are short-hand, meaning Bangtan Sonyeodan, or “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in Korean. They picked the word bang–literally “resistant against bullets”–because.

They believed it best embodies their purpose of dispelling untrue stereotypes and unrealistic expectations that they think are often directed, as bullets, at children.

What Is the Reason They Use Different Names?

In 2017, BTS ‘extended their identity by announcing a dramatic video on YouTube to unveil a brand new logo and the name “Beyond the Scene”.

It was essentially an entire rebranding following their tour across the US.

The group started as a hip-hop-based group with their styling, rapping, and dancing.

 However, over time they’ve shifted towards pop with more relaxed and artistic fashion dancing.

A large part of their style and style is the ability to change their appearance, musical themes, and styles between albums. 

 By 2017, it’s unsurprising that they desired their name to reflect their shifts as they grew as a group!

Frequently Ask Questions

Who Is The BTS Leader? 

The head of BTS will be RM.

When Did BTS Begin Their Journey?

The band debuted in 2013.

What Is The Alternative Name For BTS?

The name of Bangtan Boys also refers to BTS.

Are BTS’s names available in English? Do you know?

It’s not true; BTS members do not have an English name. People believe this because when you Google BTS’ English names, various websites appear to assert that members utilize these names.

Do You Know A Girl From BTS?

While other K-pop groups comprise a majority of females, BTS shall consist of seven males. 

Did BTS Break Up?

Six months later, on June 20, 2022, the band announced to the ARMY that it was time to leave for the moment.  


That’s all we knew regarding the BTS English Names for its stage. How do you feel about these names? 

Please come up with the English nomenclatures you use for BTS members. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends on social networks, and check back for more exciting, informative content.

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