Attractive Japanese Boy Names – Pick the Cute One for Newborn Baby

Are you looking for perfect and cute Japanese boy names? Here we have enlisted cool, unique Japanese names for your baby boy with meanings.

When a baby is born, it is an initial phenomenon to give a name to the newborn. As it is considered a significant task. Japanese give names to their babies according to their culture, norms, and trends.

As boys are precious to their parents. Parents want to select a unique name for their newborn. It is a creative way to choose cool names for your baby boy.  

Japanese Boy Names with Meaning 

Japanese Boy Names with Meaning

Names have a powerful impact on a personality, as they give a unique identity and individuality. Naming systems is a way of recognizing a person and it is not an easy task to give a suitable name according to personality. There is a list of the best Japanese names for boys with meaning.

  • Aito: marine, oceanic
  • Akio: smart person, intelligent Man, leader
  • Akito: brilliant, intelligent, smart
  • Benjiro: enjoy calmness, peaceful
  • Chibi: a little Child
  • Chiko: A promise
  • Dai: A bright person sharp
  • Daichi: huge, Larger
  • Daiki: glowing, brightening
  • Daisuke: big, wide
  • Eita: Clear, transparent
  • Enmei: living, supporting life
  • Fumihiro: large sentence
  • Goku: empty, vacant
  • Hakaku: immortality
  • Haru: springtime
  • Haruki: shining
  • Haruma: innovative, revolutionary
  • Haruto: Sun-like
  • Hayato: eagle, hawk
  • Hideaki: dazzling, beaming
  • Hiro: lavish, giving
  • Hiroshi: open-handed
  • Kazuya: tranquility, calmness
  • Taishi: aim
  • Takeo: strong
  • Takeru: fighter
  • Takeshi: soldier
  • Takibi: firing
  • Takuya: Strength
  • Toshiro: multi-tasking, wise
  • Yamato: unity, harmony
  • Youta: sunshine
  • Yuuma: honest, sincere
  • Suzuki: bell wood, bud tree
  • Ishida: rocky rice paddy
  • Okada: rice paddy on the hills
  • Sasaki: assistant, helper
  • Kato: all-knowing
  • Fujimoto: one who lives under the wisteria
  • Hasegawa: long valley liver

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Unique Japanese Boy Names

Every parent tries to find a unique name for her\his baby because their name becomes their identity. Every child has its characteristics and these characteristics also depict in the name. Here we have enlisted unique Japanese names for boys.  Here we made a list of unique Japanese names for boys with meaning.

  • Takeru: Warrior; Fierce
  • Kosuke: Rising Sun
  • Kento: Cure for Sadness; Happiness
  • Satoshi: wise, intelligent
  • Shohei: Respectful, honorable
  • Kenzo: Wise One
  • Kazuki: calm Tree
  • Kouki: Light: Happiness; Sun
  • Kenichi: Strong Firstborn
  • Kenji: Study
  • Kazue: gift
  • Shota: happy, wealthy
  • Kohi: Little One
  • Kohei: Flat; Wide
  • Kazuya: calmness, peace
  • Takeshi: Warrior
  • Takibi: Fire
  • Jiro: secondary son
  • Kota: Good Luck; Happiness
  • Kobayashi: small forest
  • Matsui: pine tree well
  • Ohno: small field
  • Ono: small field
  • Kaneko: golden child
  • Ueda: upper rice paddy
  • Takagi: tall tree
  • Nakayama: central mountain
  • Nakamura: village in the middle
  • Hayashi: swimmer
  • Kinoshita: ones who lives under a tree
  • Harada: plain rice paddy
  • Saito: adjusted, alike, similar
  • Matsumoto: base of pine tree
  • Fujiwara: wisteria plain

Japanese Boys Last Names

Japanese Boys Last Names

First names identify one person from another but last name, usually given to denote their family and forefathers. Most people feel proud to be known by their last name.  Here is a list of trending and famous Japanese last names for boys:

  • Tanaka: center of the rice paddy
  • Murakami: above the village
  • Otsuka: a large mound
  • Nomura: wilderness village
  • Ota: large rice paddy
  • Sasaki: help, aid
  • Miyazaki: shrine cape
  • Onishi: great west
  • Sugimoto: one who lives beneath the cedars
  • Yokoyama: mountain to the side
  • Yamazaki: mountain promontory
  • Takada: high rice field
  • Miyamoto: ones who live at the shrine
  • Nakagawa: middle river
  • Sano: healthy
  • Matsuo: pine tree
  • Murata: Village rice paddy
  • Kudo: award, gift
  • Uchida: inner rice paddy
  • Maeda: previous rice field
  • Yamamoto: one who lives in the mountains
  • Sakurai: well of the cherry blossom
  • Inoue: above the well
  • Noguchi: entrance to the field
  • Ando: peaceful east
  • Kubo: sunken ground
  • Nakajima: middle island
  • Ishii: stone
  • Hirano: calm, peaceful land, plain
  • Chiba: thousand leaves
  • Takeuchi: within bamboo
  • Shibata: brushwood, rice field

Best Japanese Boys Last Names

  • Maruyama: round mountain
  • Sugiyama: Cedar mountain
  • Sakai: a wild person
  • Yamada: mountain rice paddy
  • Ueno: Upper place
  • Takeda: bamboo rice paddy, warrior rice paddy
  • Matsuda: pine tree rice paddy
  • Yoshida: lucky rice field
  • Hara: one’s true nature
  • Iwasaki: river cape
  • Imai: a new place of residence
  • Shimizu: pure water
  • Ishikawa: rock river
  • Yoshida: lucky rice paddy
  • Kobayashi: small forest
  • Sato: Thai rice wine
  • Takahashi: high bridge
  • Sakamoto: one who lives at the bottom of slop
  • Yamashita: one who lives below the mountain
  • Kojima: a small island
  • Tamura: rice paddy village
  • Kikuchi: chrysanthemum pond
  • Taniguchi: mouth of the valley

Japanese Boy Names meaning Dark

Japanese Boy Names meaning Dark

Boys have a powerful personality, and dark names are according to their nature as they are brave. So, people choose powerful names for their baby boys. Following are dark names for Japanese boys.

  • Ankoku: cloudy, non-transparent
  • Antantaru: sunless,ill-lit,
  • Anzhong: gloomy, dark
  • Daku: black, unlit, unlighted
  • Inei: gloomy, inky
  • Kurai: gloom, darkness
  • Kuragari: dark, blackness
  • Kurayami: semi-black, dejection
  • Mei: black, depression, gloom
  • Yami: dark, pitch dark, unlighted

Attractive Japanese Boys Names

Names are for communication, when someone communicates, they call us by our name. Attractive names are in trend, everyone wants to have a fantastic name for their newborn. Here we have provided attractive Japanese boys names with meaning.

  • Nobu: faithful
  • Botan: honorable and wealthy
  • Shinjiro: pure, right
  • Dai: large
  • Juro: good luck, happy life
  • Takashi: ideal,
  • Akihiko: A wise child, smart
  • Oda: A big field
  • Seiji: Justice, law
  • Maro: Myself, Me
  • Mieko: A beautiful child
  • Kenji: intelligent child
  • Fuji: loveable
  • Yukio: A boy born in the Christmas season
  • Aki: gleaming, beaming
  • Tora: strong, tiger

Powerful Japanese Boy Names

Powerful Japanese Boy Names

Names describe our personality; a powerful person has a powerful name. Boys have names that match to their personality.  So, it is necessary to select a powerful name. Here is a comprehensive list of powerful Japanese names with meaning.

  • Tomo: sharp, clever, smart
  • Takeru: brave,
  • Toshiro: wise, all-rounder
  • Shun: Speedy, fast
  • Toshiro: skillful, expert
  • Orochi: Snake
  • Minato: Port
  • Souta: Sound of the Wind
  • Takuya: Supporting, strength
  • Shiro: The Four children
  • Sora: high Sky
  • Takeshi: fearless
  • Takibi: flak, fire
  • Takeo: soldier, fighter
  • Ato: Port
  • Yuuma: trustworthy, Honest
  • Youta: Great sunshine
  • Sota: large, big, huge

Popular Japanese Boy Names

Popular Japanese Boy Names

Names are our identity, when we are identified by our name, we feel more respected. Here you’ll find the most popular Japanese boy’s naming ideas. If you’re looking for the Japanese twin names you can find here, SO, let’s have a list of Japanese names for boys.

  • Sho: who can fly
  • Arata: New, clean, pure
  • Ryuu: dragon spirit
  • Takeshi: warrior, fighter
  • Makato: trustworthy, sincere
  • Kioshi: pure, clear
  • Daiki: glory, megnificent
  • Eiji: prosper, wealthy
  • Tadao: loyal one, sincere friend
  • Sora: sky
  • Aoi: blue flower
  • Akir: pure, bright
  • Takeo: the valiant warrior
  • Osamu: a disciplined person
  • Satoshi: clarity of thoughts
  • Iwa: rock
  • Shin: gentleman, humble, noble
  • Masaaki: intelligent man
  • Eriko: child
  • Naoki: an honest person
  • Hachirou: a name was usually given to the eighth son
  • Mich: pathway

Cute Japanese Boy Names  

Through our names, people make assumptions about us. Cute names of babies reflect parents’ love for them. Here we have listed trended cute Japanese names for boys.

  • Kento: recovery from sadness; pleasure
  • Minato: Haven, boatyard
  • Kenichi: a powerful elderly person
  • Ichiro: elder Son
  • Ryoma: Horse, Draco, dragon
  • Haruki: bright, sunshine
  • Kenzo: Intelligent, clever one
  • Kouki: bright, pleasure
  • Haruto: wing, take flight
  • Kaito: take off for the Sea
  • Kohi: a small one, tiny
  • Chibi: a little Child, small baby
  • Fumihiro: a Daiki wide sentence
  • Rio: River lover
  • Kyo: small town, urban area
  • Goku: blank, vacuum, empty
  • Ren: SmartSuite, lotus
  • Namiko: Wave child, Surf Child
  • Natsu: a native of Summer
  • Kota: best wishes, pleasure
  • Izumi: Springtime, Maytime
  • Kohei: extensive, large
  • Jiro: Secondary offspring
  • Akito: blazing, shining, bright
  • Akio: Brilliant Man, smart, leader
  • Hiroshi: open-handed, lavish
  • Raden Meaning: God of thunderclap, thunder
  • Kenji: to study
  • Hiroto: gliding, high sky, flight
  • Benjiro: enjoy calmness, peace-loving person
  • Matsu: Pine tree
  • Daisuki: significant, important
  • Hideaki: important, great, significant
  • Dai: a brilliant person
  • Chiko: A Promise, a bond
  • Hayato: eagle, hawk
  • Orochi Meaning: huge snake, curl, coil
  • Itsuki: woodland, forestland

Kawaii Japanese Girls Names

Kawaii Japanese Girls Names

In japan kawaii is the culture of cuteness. They are loveable and have lovely names. Kawaii Japanese are also cute, adorable, and lovely. Kawaii names are rare and almost recommended for cute girls. We have enlisted a shortlist of Japanese girls names too.

  • Aimi: attractive, charm
  • Aika: a feeling of a song, melody
  • Aiko: loveable, darest
  • Ai: Affection, appreciations

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