Cool, Best, Funny and Classy Instagram Names for Girls and Boys

Are you in search of classy Instagram names for boys and girls? Welcome here, you are in the right place. Before suggesting the perfect names for IG accounts, we would love to shed some light on social media’s importance nowadays. From regular routine to business activities social media have become a vital part of our life.

Social media platforms makes an important role in leading our daily life, People spend more time on social media than any other activity. But to make your profile attractive and visible, your profile needs to be classy and unique.

If you want to make your IG profile interesting, the first thing you need to be the focus on is your Instagram name. Your classy Instagram name can make people visit your profile.

Classy Instagram profile name should be:

  • Unique
  • Attractive
  • Easy to remember

Through this post, we tried to share some unique and best Instagram name ideas for boys and girls. I hope these wonderful name ideas will make your profile interesting.

Classy Instagram Names

Why Instagram Usernames are Important?

Yes, It’s important. Though it seems like not an important thing, actually it is. Instagram is one of the best ways to set your identity. You can also highlight your brand service by using it in your username. Your classy Instagram username can directly affect your number of your followers plus your engagement levels.

Why You Should Have Unique and Classy Instagram Name? 

Everyone likes to be noticed and look awesome on social media. On Instagram, people need the attention of other Instagram users and want them to follow their account. Gaining followers would make the profile popular and one can get more engagement. The brands also approach a strong and popular Instagram profile for their product promotion. By this way, you can make good money as well.


Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular and active social media platforms. It is hard to find a unique and cute Instagram name idea. it becomes very challenging sometimes. We have some easy tips that will help you to get a perfect Instagram name.

  • You can use a word from a different language.
  • You can use a rhyming word of your first name.
  • Your name needs to super easy and short as well.
  • Use astrological names as an IG profile name.
  • Your name should be real or understandable.
  • Try to add some joy and humor to your username

Which username will be better? brand or personal?

If your main priority is to share your daily routine, activities about your personal life, then it is better to use your personal name as your Instagram username. 

On the other side, you want to make your profile professionally and would like to share your content as your profession, it is a good idea to use a brand name.

Stylish Attitude Instagram Names for Girls 

Instagram Names for Girls

I don’t get why girls love to have a personality with some sort of attitude? With this attitude, these girls want to name their profile should be attitude one. I believe a girl’s social profiles should be classy, stylish, and cute. 

The stylish Instagram names for girls are in demand nowadays. You can grab one of the stylish Instagram usernames for females here:

  • Nora
  • Eloise
  • Elfriede
  • Darlene
  • Odetta
  • Hazel
  • Angelique
  • Daisy
  • Michelle
  • Doris
  • Aja
  • Karina
  • Jennifer
  • Story
  • Selena

Here are some cute and classy Instagram names for girls. You can pick one of them to get followers.

  • Irene
  • Rumer
  • Vera
  • Angela
  • Doris
  • Coco
  • Mabel
  • Patrick
  • Eloise
  • Jean
  • Rita
  • Carrie
  • Sue
  • Clara
  • Mirha

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Best Classy Instagram Names for Boys

Classy Instagram Names for Boys

Finding a cool and classy Instagram name for boys is more challenging as compared to girls. But no need to worry as we have shared a list of Instagram names for boys that are classy, appealing, with attitude.

  • Golden Shades
  • Beacoan Lux
  • Ludwig Heart
  • Gista Captain
  • Amaro Pi
  • Dead Gamer
  • Tag Deal
  • Mention Anneal
  • Mayfair Cereal
  • Dead Clera
  • Crazy Gingham
  • Bad Crema
  • Sutro Chatty
  • Charmes Duo

Aesthetic Instagram Usernames Ideas

If you want to use some aesthetics word as your Instagram name, you can go for some nature words, such as butterfly, peachy, and moon, etc. If you are inspired by fruits, sweets, or flowers, you can add these types of aesthetic words as your Instagram name. I hope these IG names can inspire you:

  • Lillyvick fall
  • skeleton spring
  • crapulence glee
  • Bigsby leaf
  • candy wish
  • Padfoot rain
  • Juggling track
  • Playoffs soft
  • Pyke ball
  • Lothlorien beauty
  • Bravassa gretel
  • Bella smile
  • Chopkins deep
  • Wopsle squish
  • Soy eggs
  • Smivey pegler

So, these are the best Instagram names that can inspire you and helps you to get followers. These unique and classy name ideas can surely help you to build an attractive brand or professional profile that gets everyone’s attention.

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