Greek Mythology Names for Baby Girl, Boys, Pets, Business and More

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The 12 Olympian Gods personify all aspects of the human experience, like magistrate, patriotism, knowledge, melody, etc. Who were the 12 Olympian Gods?

Before diving into ancient history, let us admit that identifying a moniker is always intimidating. Are you set to step into a fable in this universe?

The Greek Mythology Names may mesmerize you for getting the task accomplished. Regardless of hunting for ideas on calling your child, dog, or fictional story figure, I have covered all of them along with handy tips.

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Who Were The 12 Olympian Gods?

On perusal of World History, the 12 Olympian Gods were significantly prevalent due to their supreme powers in Ancient Greece. They were named Olympians as they resided on Mount Olympus.

Despite being eternal, they had human-like appearance and demeanor. Their names with their superpowers are indexed below:

  1. Zeus – the supreme god
  2. Hera – protects childbirth
  3. Athena – wise and resourceful
  4. Apollo – healer and musician
  5. Poseidon – brings storms and earthquakes
  6. Ares – aggressive warfare
  7. Artemis – huntress
  8. Demeter – brings fertility
  9. Aphrodite – brings love and desire
  10. Dionysos – wine and merriment
  11. Hermes – a fast messenger who brings luck
  12. Hephaistos – master craftsman

List of Greek Mythology Names

If exotic with classical conventions, reach out to our recommendations. Here, we will scour the numerous assortments for all Gods in the universe. Ranging from ancient to modern, babies to dogs and planets. Observe the following possible tags:

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Greek Mythology Names and Meanings

Scrape out some of the famous moniker sentiments from here:

You can check out names with the meanings of the Greek mythology.

ZeusKing of the gods and god of the sky and thunder.
HermesMessenger of the gods, associated with travel.
ApolloGod of music, poetry, and prophecy.
AresGod of war and conflict.
ArtemisGoddess of the hunt, wilderness, and childbirth.
HeraQueen of the gods and goddess of marriage.
AphroditeGoddess of love, beauty, and desire.
AthenaGoddess of wisdom, courage, and strategic warfare.
DionysusGod of wine, pleasure, and festivity.
HadesGod of the underworld and the dead.
PoseidonGod of the sea, earthquakes, and storms.
GaiaPrimordial goddess of the Earth.
PersephoneQueen of the underworld, associated with spring.
DemeterGoddess of agriculture, harvest, and fertility.
HephaestusGod of fire, metalworking, and craftsmanship.
AtlasTitan who held up the heavens on his shoulders.
ErosGod of love and sexual desire.
RheaMother of the gods and goddess of fertility.
CronusTitan god of time, associated with the harvest.
HestiaGoddess of the hearth, home, and family.
CalliopeMuse of epic poetry and eloquence.
PrometheusTitan who brought fire and knowledge to humanity.
SeleneTitaness of the moon and lunar cycles.
HeraclesRenowned hero, known for his strength and bravery.

Ancient Greece Mythological Figures

Clutch the relevant ancient figures monikers from the below set.

ZeusKing of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus.
HeraQueen of the gods and goddess of marriage and family.
AthenaGoddess of wisdom, courage, and strategic warfare.
PoseidonGod of the sea, earthquakes, and storms.
HadesGod of the underworld and ruler of the dead.
ApolloGod of music, poetry, and prophecy.
ArtemisGoddess of the hunt, wilderness, and childbirth.
AphroditeGoddess of love, beauty, and desire.
HermesMessenger of the gods, associated with travel.
DionysusGod of wine, pleasure, and festivity.
DemeterGoddess of agriculture, harvest, and fertility.
HephaestusGod of fire, metalworking, and craftsmanship.
AresGod of war and conflict.
PersephoneQueen of the underworld, associated with spring.
PrometheusTitan who brought fire and knowledge to humanity.
ErosGod of love and sexual desire.
RheaMother of the gods and goddess of fertility.
CronusTitan god of time, associated with the harvest.
GaiaPrimordial goddess of the Earth.
AtlasTitan who held up the heavens on his shoulders.
HestiaGoddess of the hearth, home, and family.
CalliopeMuse of epic poetry and eloquence.
SeleneTitaness of the moon and lunar cycles.
HeraclesRenowned hero known for his strength and bravery.

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Mythological Names from Greece

Uncover some extraordinary title suggestions from Greece to use:

  1. Achilles: This guy was a real hero, super strong and brave, and he fought in the Trojan War.
  2. Perseus: He’s the hero who defeated a monster and saved a princess. Pretty cool, right?
  3. Orpheus: Imagine a musician so good that he went to the underworld to save his loved one. That’s Orpheus for you.
  4. Pandora: She’s the one who opened a box and let out all the world’s troubles. Oops!
  5. Narcissus: Ever met someone who’s obsessed with themselves? Well, that term comes from Narcissus, who was in love with his own reflection.
  6. Echo: She could only repeat the last words she heard, thanks to a goddess’s jealousy. Talk about an echo!
  7. Pygmalion: He fell in love with a statue he made. Then, it magically came to life. Sounds like a wild love story.
  8. Oedipus: Poor guy didn’t know he’d end up killing his dad and marrying his mom. Yikes!
  9. Nyx: Think of her as the goddess of nighttime, like the cosmic night sky.
  10. Cassandra: She could predict the future, but no one believed her. Tough break!
  11. Hyacinthus: A beautiful youth, loved by the god Apollo, and his story gave us the hyacinth flower.
  12. Atalanta: Imagine a super-fast and independent lady who’s an awesome hunter. That’s Atalanta!
  13. Icarus: He tried to fly with homemade wings but got too close to the sun.
  14. Theseus: He was the hero who tackled a monstrous challenge, the Minotaur.
  15. Circe: A sorceress who could turn people into animals. Imagine that kind of power.

These names aren’t just ancient stories. They’ve left their mark on our language, art, and culture, making them a part of our everyday lives. You can use any of the name for multiple purposes.

Grecian/ Hellenic Baby Names for Boys

Dig out some of the amusing baby nicknames for boys given in the list:

Boy NamesMeaning and Description
PhoebusAn epithet for Apollo, meaning “bright” or “shining.”
PerseusThe legendary hero who slayed Medusa.
AtlasA Titan who held up the heavens.
OrpheusThe legendary musician and poet.
AchaeaA unique and elegant name.
JasonThe leader of the Argonauts.
ZephyrInspired by the gentle west wind.
DionysusNamed after the god of wine and celebration.
CalypsoA sea nymph from Greek mythology.
HectorA hero from the Trojan War.
HermesInspired by the messenger god.
OrionA hunter in Greek mythology.
HeliosThe personification of the sun.
ApolloNamed after the god of music and prophecy.
TheseusThe hero who defeated the Minotaur.
HerculesNamed after the iconic hero known for his strength.
OdysseusThe famous hero of Homer’s “The Odyssey.”
OrestesA figure in Greek tragedy.
NestorA wise and respected figure in the Iliad.
MidasInspired by King Midas of the golden touch.
AresThe god of war and courage.
CassanderA historical name inspired by ancient figures.
PanNamed after the god of the wild.
AchillesA heroic name from the Trojan War.
PrometheusThe Titan who brought fire to humanity.

Grecian/ Hellenic Baby Names for Girls

Grab creative baby nicknames for girls from here to make it stand out:

Girl NamesMeaning and Description
CalistaMeaning “most beautiful.”
IoneMeaning “violet flower.”
NyxThe goddess of the night.
ClioAnother nod to the Muse of history.
ElysiaInspired by the Elysian Fields, a paradise in the afterlife.
ClioOne of the nine Muses, the goddesses of the arts.
CalliopeThe eldest and wisest Muse.
EchoA nymph known for her voice.
HestiaThe goddess of the hearth.
PenelopeThe faithful wife of Odysseus.
ArtemisInspired by the goddess of the hunt and wilderness.
AthenaThe goddess of wisdom and courage.
PersephoneThe queen of the underworld.
CassandraA prophetess of Troy.
AphroditeThe goddess of love and beauty.
PandoraFamous for opening Pandora’s Box.
AndromedaA princess saved by Perseus.
ThetisA sea nymph and the mother of Achilles.
LedaA queen of Sparta in Greek mythology.
ThaliaAnother Muse, representing comedy and idyllic poetry.
RheaThe mother of the gods.
GalateaA sea nymph who was the object of affection for a Cyclops.
IrisNamed after the goddess of the rainbow.
EireneThe personification of peace in Greek mythology.
EuterpeThe Muse of music and lyric poetry.

Are you still stumbling to hook up the perfect names for your baby?

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Best Mythical God of Dogs

Hunt out the suitable titles for God of Dogs from the ideas stated below:

  • Cadejo
  • Ahti
  • Warg
  • Huan
  • Sirius
  • Lykoi
  • Wepwawet
  • Gwynn ap Nudd
  • Amarok
  • Laelaps
  • Garm
  • Sköll
  • Cubay
  • Managarm
  • Anubis
  • Kerberos
  • Gwynn ap Nudd
  • Wepwawet
  • Orthrus
  • Cŵn Annwn
  • Fenrir
  • Hecate
  • Laima
  • Hel
  • Xolotl
  • Dhole
  • Gelert
  • Barghest
  • Veles

Badass Mythical God of Space

Track down the appealing labels for God of Space from the listed index:

  • Ouranos
  • Ananke
  • Pallas
  • Ourea
  • Neptune
  • Hades
  • Crius
  • Styx
  • Phoebe
  • Gaia
  • Metis
  • Atlas
  • Eirene
  • Epimetheus
  • Aether
  • Nyx
  • Coeus
  • Hyperion
  • Thalassa
  • Phanes
  • Rhea
  • Cronus
  • Pontus
  • Eurybia
  • Tethys
  • Iapetus
  • Hemera
  • Uranus
  • Hygieia
  • Themis
  • Krios
  • Chaos
  • Helios
  • Selene
  • Astraeus
  • Erebus
  • Theia
  • Okeanos
  • Eos
  • Mnemosyne

Powerful Mythical God of Planets

Unearth the appropriate nicknames for God of Planets from the checklist down:

  • Proserpina
  • Ceres
  • Panacea
  • Vesta
  • Hebe
  • Dionysus
  • Juno
  • Hera
  • Pluto
  • Hades
  • Zeus
  • Diana
  • Eileithyia
  • Heracles
  • Phoebus
  • Hera
  • Hermes
  • Hestia
  • Neptune
  • Eris
  • Juno
  • Bacchus
  • Mercury
  • Mars
  • Poseidon
  • Athena
  • Jupiter
  • Apollo
  • Vulcan
  • Pallas
  • Ares
  • Demeter
  • Artemis
  • Discordia
  • Venus
  • Hercules
  • Hephaestus
  • Juventas
  • Persephone
  • Aphrodite

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Goddess Names from Other Cultures and Traditions

Take note of the monikers from other cultures and traditions in the listing below:

  • Ixchel
  • Selene
  • Bastet
  • Hecate
  • Hine-nui-te-po
  • Nut
  • Yemaya
  • Durga
  • Parvati
  • Pachamama
  • Cerridwen
  • Tiamat
  • Nephthys
  • Freyja
  • Frigg
  • Sekhmet
  • Lakshmi
  • Morrigan
  • Isis
  • Gaia
  • Ishtar
  • Anuket
  • Sedna
  • Amaterasu
  • Anahita
  • Artemis
  • Brigid
  • Pele
  • Kwan Yin
  • Hathor
  • Coatlicue
  • Kali
  • Inanna
  • Atalanta
  • Ereshkigal
  • Astarte
  • Saraswati
  • Nut
  • Jizo
  • Mazu

Cool Greek Mythology Names for your Business

  • Hestia Designs
  • Apollo Solutions
  • Hecate Innovations
  • Hermes Ventures
  • Echo Media
  • Theseus Holdings
  • Apollo Consulting
  • Ares Industries
  • Pan Logistics
  • Phoebe Services
  • Eirene Communications
  • Atlas Advisors
  • Athena Consulting
  • Atlas Creations
  • Orion Ventures
  • Athena Enterprises
  • Selene Solutions
  • Theseus Holdings
  • Demeter Innovations
  • Helios Holdings
  • Artemis Ventures
  • Dionysus Dynamics
  • Orion Investments
  • Hera Technologies
  • Triton Marketing
  • Clio Capital
  • Perseus Systems
  • Perseus Group
  • Zeus Enterprises
  • Ananke Solutions
  • Cassandra Communications
  • Hermes Innovations
  • Nyx Networks
  • Eos Strategies
  • Helios Technologies
  • Demeter Creations
  • Calliope Analytics
  • Ananke Systems
  • Eirene Group
  • Clio Technologies

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Best Greek Mythology Names for Success

  • Nikias [Inspired by the Athenian general Nicias]
  • Xenia [Meaning “hospitality” in Greek]
  • Antigone [From the famous Greek tragedy]
  • Nereus [A sea god in Greek mythology]
  • Sophia [Meaning wisdom like Athena]
  • Isadora [Meaning “gift of the goddess”]
  • Cassander [Historical figure in ancient Greece]
  • Evander [Associated with the hero Evander]
  • Cleo [Short for Cleopatra]
  • Alexander [Inspired by Alexander the Great]
  • Antiochus [Name of several ancient kings]
  • Iason [Greek form of Jason]
  • Orestes [A character in Greek tragedies]
  • Polyxena [A Trojan princess]
  • Andronikos [A strong Greek name]
  • Cleon [Common name in ancient Athens]
  • Galen [Based on the ancient Greek physician]
  • Theon [Derived from “theos,” meaning god]
  • Chloe [A name linked to the goddess Demeter]
  • Damon [Inspired by the Greek concept of “daimon”]
  • Thalia [One of the Muses]
  • Evadne [Inspired by a water nymph]
  • Penelope [Faithful wife of Odysseus]
  • Nikos [Short for Nikomedes, a popular name in Greek history]
  • Damaris [A name linked to the Greek word “damao”]
  • Helena [Based on Helen of Troy]
  • Aeneas [Legendary hero in Greek and Roman mythology]
  • Leonidas [Inspired by King Leonidas of Sparta]
  • Sebastian [Based on Sevastopolis, a Greek city]
  • Leandros [Variant of Leander]
  • Jason [From the hero Jason of the Argonauts]
  • Ariadne [The princess who helped Theseus]
  • Adonis [A handsome figure in Greek mythology]
  • Calista [A name meaning “most beautiful”]
  • Lysander [A Spartan admiral]
  • Theron [Meaning “hunter” in Greek]
  • Iphigenia [A character in Greek tragedies]
  • Melicent [Derived from “melissa,” meaning honeybee]
  • Lysias [From a prominent Athenian family]
  • Leander [From the tale of Hero and Leander]

Unique Greek Mythology Names for Horses

  • Helios
  • Aceso
  • Cephissus
  • Bellerophon
  • Nereus
  • Thalia
  • Styx
  • Cadmus
  • Atalanta
  • Lamia
  • Eos
  • Melanippe
  • Pirene
  • Hyacinthus
  • Eudora
  • Chiron
  • Arion
  • Nephele
  • Amphitrite
  • Polyhymnia
  • Leucippe
  • Eirene
  • Triton
  • Phaethon
  • Alcyone
  • Dione
  • Ladon
  • Arethusa
  • Perseus
  • Rhene
  • Hylas
  • Nireus
  • Amalthea
  • Merope
  • Calypso
  • Althaea
  • Galatea
  • Pegasus
  • Oread
  • Hippodamia

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Amazing Greek Mythology Names for Pet Birds

  • Tyche
  • Zephyr
  • Hera
  • Semele
  • Calliope
  • Icarus
  • Arachne
  • Aether
  • Phoenix
  • Proteus
  • Medusa
  • Callisto
  • Hecuba
  • Harpy
  • Terpsichore
  • Panacea
  • Echo
  • Eos
  • Thetis
  • Hermes
  • Harmonia
  • Griffin
  • Lyre
  • Tethys
  • Persephone
  • Pandora
  • Siren
  • Iris
  • Helios
  • Eileithyia
  • Triton
  • Apollo
  • Metis
  • Daedalus
  • Maia
  • Nymph
  • Electra
  • Leto
  • Pallas
  • Circe

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Badass Greek Mythology Names for Groups

  • Apollo’s Apollo
  • Phoebe’s Phalanx
  • Amazons of Ares
  • Medusa’s Avengers
  • Hercules Heralds
  • Theseus’ Troop
  • Olympian Outlaws
  • Apollo’s Arrows
  • Hestia’s Hearthkeepers
  • Dionysus’ Delights
  • Hecate’s Heralds
  • Poseidon’s Posse
  • Siren’s Songsters
  • Titan Triumph
  • Atlas Avengers
  • Eirene’s Entourage
  • Pegasus Pioneers
  • Hera’s Heralds
  • Nyx’s Night Owls
  • Dionysus’ Dance Troupe
  • Pallas Partners
  • Helios’ Heroes
  • Hera’s Heralds
  • Minotaur’s Maze Runners
  • Zeus’ Zodiacs
  • Elysium Explorers
  • Spartan Warriors
  • Artemis Archers
  • Centaur Savages
  • Rhea’s Rascals
  • Aegis Avengers
  • Helios’ Heralds
  • Zeus and Hera
  • Eros’ Envoys
  • Styx’s Stars
  • Aphrodite’s Admirers
  • Persephone’s Picks
  • Calypso’s Comrades
  • Calliope’s Crew
  • Olympus Titans
  • Gorgon Guardians
  • Proteus’ Posse
  • Trojan Titans
  • Hades’ Legion
  • Athena’s Allies
  • Muses & Amuses
  • Oracle Oracles
  • Ares’ Armada
  • Demeter’s Disciples
  • Amazonian Warriors

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Greek Mythology Names for Snakes

  • Ophion
  • Hydrus
  • Nemean
  • Nāgalinga
  • Ladon
  • Nāgarāja
  • Scylla
  • Python
  • Yamata no Orochi
  • Drakon
  • Ahi
  • Naga
  • Hydra
  • Serpentius
  • Apalala
  • Charybdis
  • Nāgitha
  • Orthrus
  • Cetus
  • Lamia
  • Gorgon
  • Yacumama
  • Vipera
  • Nāgini
  • Culebra
  • Echidna
  • Xiuhcoatl
  • Erchitu
  • Rukhs
  • Zhuge Zhan
  • Nāgama
  • Ouroboros
  • Ladon
  • Triton
  • Damballa
  • Shenlong
  • Eurybia
  • Typhon
  • Ophion
  • Delphyne
  • Basilisk
  • Lernaean
  • Zaltys
  • Nāga
  • Naga
  • Echidna
  • Naag
  • Ouroboros
  • Mokèlé-mbèmbé

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Greek Mythology Names for Dogs

  • Typhon
  • Pegasus
  • Medusa
  • Eros
  • Chiron
  • Argos
  • Icarus
  • Triton
  • Cerberus
  • Eirene
  • Perseus
  • Hestia
  • Helios
  • Hades
  • Hera
  • Dionysus
  • Achilles
  • Ajax
  • Theseus
  • Hermes
  • Artemis
  • Icarus
  • Ares
  • Helios
  • Apollo
  • Pan
  • Apollo
  • Atlas
  • Hecate
  • Calliope
  • Lycan
  • Phobos
  • Rhea
  • Orion
  • Nereus
  • Poseidon
  • Persephone
  • Cyclops
  • Zeus
  • Bellerophon
  • Nyx
  • Hera
  • Gorgon
  • Athena
  • Demeter

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Cute Greek Mythology Names for Fish

  • Nereus
  • Doris
  • Eurybia
  • Thalassa
  • Tethys
  • Glaucus
  • Melicertes
  • Leucothea
  • Galatea
  • Nereids
  • Naiads
  • Triton
  • Leander
  • Alcyone
  • Melicent
  • Sirena
  • Palaemon
  • Nisa
  • Limnoria
  • Poseidon
  • Dione
  • Galene
  • Calypso
  • Dardanus
  • Phorcys
  • Alcyone
  • Nausithoe
  • Nerites
  • Lysidice
  • Nerites
  • Psamathe
  • Thaumas
  • Halie
  • The Cercopes
  • Leda
  • Crataeis
  • Amphitrite
  • Eidothea
  • Psamathe
  • Beroe
  • Nereus
  • Glauce
  • Leucothea
  • Acis
  • Amalthea

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7 Tips to Find Perfect Greek Mythology Names

For fictitious personalities, animals, and possibly yourself and your kid, picking nicknames from Greek mythology may be an exciting and imaginative affair. In this regard, we have carefully assembled a few recommendations to assist you in choosing fitting monikers:

Tip#1 Conduct a Broad Research

Firstly, research Grecian history properly yourself. Learn about the myths, gods, goddesses, heroes, and other characters. The study will yield numerous identities and the associations that go with them.

Tip#2 Character Traits and Personality

Regardless of a character, it is noteworthy to correlate their initials to their personality or character features. For illustration, the initial Hermes can be appropriate for bringing luck.

Tip#3 Symbolism and History

Explore titles that have associations with symbols in the history of ancient Greece. Expressions like this can give the individual or creature more nuance and significance.

Tip#4 Appropriateness

Acknowledge whether the gender of the story figure or individual resonates with the moniker. There are many various epithets for both boys and girls in Greek folklore.

Tip#5 Review Cultural Delicacy

Always have a check on cultural delicacy. Moreover, refrain from adopting titles that could be offensive or contain meanings opposite to your culture.

Tip#6 Consider Administrative Factors

Be cautious if you are considering calling out your kid with it. Make sure that your national administration allows you to have it.

Tip#7 Counsel People around You

When uncertain, ask your relatives, close acquaintances, or a group of specialists for advice. They might have criticism along with recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do Greek Mythology names differ from modern names?

They frequently have legendary and ancient roots, plus associations with deities. Modern names, on the other hand, have an impact on contemporary culture and trends.

Who were notable Greek mythology heroes?

There are three notable Grecian heroes. Their names are Theseus, the slayer of the Minotaur; Perseus, who defeated Medusa; and Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War.

What are the benefits of Greek mythology baby names?

Grecian or Hellenic baby names convey a feeling of authority, fortitude, and wisdom. Families might choose a nickname depending on what it signifies, how it rings, and if they desire their kids to emulate such attributes.

The Bottom Line:

Ultimately, the award-winning moniker infuses a sense of depth and personality into your fictional character. In this case, we assorted Greek mythology names from ancient and modern times, baby boys and girls, plus dogs and planets. It will help you identify an ideal initial for your god or goddess.

So, look through our assortment to choose the ideal one. It will link up the attributes, cultures, and folklore of your god or goddess.

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