How to Register a Business Name in Florida?

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According to Chief Executive Magazine, Florida is ranked second as the best business state, and there is no doubt about it. Florida provides different platforms to register businesses, and nearly trillions of people have different companies.

Many registrations are done under our “How to Register a Business Name in Florida” guide. Our “How to Register a Business Name in Florida”  guide will tell you every detail, and you can get inspiration for starting a new business and its registration.

To register your business in Florida, you first must register it with the state business. You can submit your business details to LLC or Corporations by mentioning your business name and the division of the state. 

The people of Florida do many kinds of businesses, and other people from different states also start their businesses here. They started their business of healthcare devices, research companies, medical equipment, and medicine, the few developed businesses in Florida.

1. Decide the Structure of your Business 

First, you must determine the complete form of your business and its registration with the state. You can get help from our how to choose a business structure. You can get comprehensive guidance from here, and you can easily choose the business structure that will be appropriate for you. You can also get help from limited liability companies (LLCs)general partnerships, and corporations.

Corporations and LLCs

Both these companies demand a unique business name and expect you to follow the further requirements regarding the name of your business.

2. Take a look at Name Accessibility

When you finally register your business, make sure the name you have decided must not be available to any company on this name, and it must be unique that no one has it as the name of their domain.

Search for Domain Name

We recommend that you verify whether your business name already exists. Suppose you are not planning for your business website at this time. At least you have to purchase the web address to keep others from obtaining that space name. If the name of your domain is present, then the name is available for your business.

Search for Florida Business Name 

We suggest the best tool, the Florida Division of Corporation’s business name search. This gives you the primary step before registering your name. With the help of this, you can get the result of your submitted data. The Submitted name will be denied if the name already exists.

The requirements can also be different according to your business demands. Therefore, a unique name has the following requirements:

  • Submit formal business designs like LLCs and Corporations.
  • Submit DBA names for other business designs.

The search for state-level names is not required for simple businesses in Florida or general corporations in Florida. However, if you determine a  DBA name or a made-up name, you can also look at other informational data to know whether your ideal name is available and unique.

3. Submit Your Business To Florida State

When you decide on your business name and structure, you should submit your file documents with the business state. Then the actual data will be registered with Florida state. 

When registering your Florida LLC, you must register the articles of organization with a Florida corporation. You can also register online through the mail. For more details, you can read our guidelines on Form an LLC in Florida.

What are the Benefits of Registering a Business Name in Florida?

Registering your business name in Florida is a crucial step for any entrepreneur. It provides a host of benefits that can bolster your business’s credibility, safeguard your brand, and ensure legal compliance.

Let’s discuss about the advantages of this process, emphasizing why it’s an essential component of establishing a strong foundation for your enterprise.

1. Legal Safeguarding: Registering your business name in Florida furnishes you with a robust legal safeguard. It establishes your exclusive rights to utilize that name within the state, effectively preventing others from adopting a similar name for their ventures within the same industry.

2. Building Brand Identity: A registered business name plays a pivotal role in cultivating brand identity and trust. It imbues your business with professionalism, making it simpler for customers, partners, and investors to recognize, connect with, and recall your brand.

3. Access to Legal Protections: Registering your business name bestows you with access to crucial legal protections. In the event someone attempts to employ a similar name for their business, potentially causing confusion or diminishing your brand’s value, you gain the ability to pursue legal recourse to safeguard your name.

4. Easier Banking and Financing: Registered businesses are more likely to secure approval for business loans, credit lines, and financing arrangements. Lenders and financial institutions often perceive registered businesses as more stable, reliable, and creditworthy.

5. Establishing Business Credit: Registering your business name facilitates the creation of a distinct legal entity. This, in turn, enables you to establish business credit, a vital asset for accessing loans, credit cards, and other financial resources in your business’s name, reducing reliance on personal credit.

6. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: Registration ensures your compliance with Florida’s state laws, a critical aspect for tax purposes. You’ll be well-prepared to acquire the requisite licenses and permits, ensuring that your business operates within the bounds of legality.

7. Strengthening Online Presence: A registered business name simplifies the process of securing a domain name for your website. Additionally, it allows for the creation of professional email addresses, bolstering your online presence. This enhances the likelihood of potential customers discovering your business online.

8. Garnering Consumer Trust: Registered businesses enjoy enhanced trust and reliability in the eyes of consumers. Clients are more inclined to engage with companies that have taken the initiative to officially register their names, perceiving them as reputable and dependable.

9. Attracting Business Partnerships: When seeking partnerships, joint ventures, or collaborations, a registered business name elevates your standing. Potential partners are more likely to collaborate with an entity that is both reputable and legally compliant.

10. Facilitating Business Sales: If you envision selling your business in the future, a registered business name simplifies the process. It streamlines the transfer of ownership and assets, making your business more appealing to potential buyers.

11. Expanding Business Horizons: A registered business name grants you the flexibility to expand your business within Florida and potentially beyond state borders. This enables your business to flourish and tap into new markets.

12. Adherence to State Requirements: Registering your business name ensures that you are in compliance with Florida’s legal requirements. This meticulous attention to compliance can help you avoid penalties and legal entanglements down the road.


Registering your business name in Florida is not merely a legal obligation; it’s a strategic move that provides your business with invaluable advantages. It offers legal protection, reinforces your brand, and positions your enterprise for growth and success. By recognizing the significance of this step, you’re setting your business on a trajectory for long-term prosperity.


How much does it cost to register a business in Florida?

To register your company, you have to submit the fee to a profit corporation or nonprofit corporation. According to 2020, it includes $35 for administrative fees, $35 for a filing agent, and a certificate of status and certified copy. Moreover, there are optional charges of $8.75. 

How do I legalize a business name in Florida?

To legalize your business in Florida, you must submit a corporation’s files to Florida State. You can do this registration online or through the mail and get help from a Florida guide. 

Do I need to add LLC to my business name in Florida?

The name of the business you want to file with Florida state must include the corresponding structure. And if you’re going to file the article of the corporation for LLC. This law of Florida needs your LLC name.

What legal documents do I need to start a business?

There are following documents are required to start a business in Florida: 

  • Association Articles. These are public documents. 
  • Confidentiality agreements and NDAs. 
  • Properties of Intellectual and assignments.
  • Agreement of Partnership  
  • Contracts for Employment 
  • Customers and suppliers’ Contracts   

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