Private Story Names For Snapchat + ideas for SC Geeks

Last Updated on: 24th October 2023, 08:57 pm

Private story names for Snapchat are a mixture of fun, goodness, love, and much more. Snapchat users sometimes want to share some stuff with limited audience only. Therefore, people give names to their private story on Snapchat to keep it distinguished from the stuff they make public on Snapchat.

What to Name a Private Snapchat Story?

Do you know the purpose of using Snapchat? Is it always enough to simply share text messages, pics, and videos? It’s boring, right? With the innovative feature this social media offers, you can do so much more.

That is what a private story is all about. Have a look at our interesting private story names for your social media account to banter you mates. Snapchat story names that will make you stand out from the rest. Do you know? Snapchat is growing more than ever, nowadays It has over 363 million users on a daily basis.

So, to create an account, you first need an awesome Snapchat name. And in this time and age, coming up with a unique and awesome name is more difficult than ever.

Don’t worry; we have come up with cool Snapchat names for girls and boys that you would love. We also share some tips and tricks for making your account just like you want – be it cool, catchy, and clever Snapchat girl usernames.

Funny Private Snapchat Story Names for Guys

Funny Private Snapchat Story Names for Guys

When the purpose is to amuse your audience, Funny private story names for Snapchat are chosen. These names can be a combination of emojis. Also, it may depict your inner childish behavior, which seems cute in adult age.

Spying on you all the time No, I’m not laughing As a father, I’m terrible My dog can only understand me There is only one who knows Having fun with your boyfriend The little secrets of [Name] It doesn’t need a filter

  • I’m the coolest “me” I know
  • Very much like that
  • Shaggy canine
  • I’m noticeably flawed however I attempt
  • It’s not my issue
  • Washout
  • I’m simply letting you know this to your benefit
  • [Name]’s an exhausting life
  • I would rather not be separated from everyone else this evening
  • My most memorable time
  • Greatest comedian around
  • Farewell, the savage world (or office)
  • Inside the belly
  • I can’t really accept that I did that
  • Could be more regrettable
  • The tale of my life (or first day)
  • Growing up is misrepresented, correct?
  • World’s most noteworthy narrator
  • What’s Up, Privates?
  • Try not to play with the best
  • My life in five words or less!
  • What occurs on Snapchat stays on Snapchat
  • I’m not a decent individual
  • It’s simply a story
  • Resting in the downpour
  • Reality harms
  • The new daddy
  • I’m a grown-up at this point
  • History rehashes the same thing
  • How I view the world
  • I’m awesome of my most exceedingly terrible
  • I’m a horrendous grown-up
  • Day-to-day Gaga
  • Don’t bother being a legend today
  • Everything is abnormal
  • Try not to pass judgment on me
  • I’m not a creature
  • How not to parent
  • I really like the wide range of various young ladies
  • Fed up with being the hero
  • “The truth” is misrepresented
  • My Snapchat story from an alternate point
  • Grin for the camera
  • The life and seasons of me
  • These are only my thoughts, okay?
  • Quit down and take my money – nobody ever said this!
  • The most fascinating man
  • Step-by-step instructions to be a grown-up
  • What are you doing here?
  • It takes one to know one
  • Hot and tacky
  • I’m simply a lethargic minimal, good-for-nothing
  • Smooth monkey
  • The worst of the finest
  • No confidential story name for this Snapchat
  • Don’t bother being awesome
  • The rest is history
  • Crying Monster
  • I truly need your help
  • Need4Weed
  • No show, please
  • I will have a hard time believing this
  • Assigned consumers
  • Try not to attempt this at home
  • What happens in broad daylight stays in broad daylight
  • My life basically
  • ‘Should have been erased’ ones
  • My difficult days
  • I’m flawed
  • I’m the one in particular who knows
  • I have confidential
  • The main story worth checking
  • Chunks of steel
  • “The best of horrible” with a grin
  • No fat chicks
  • I want to do that
  • Don’t bother saying ‘sorry’ for my story
  • The best story of all time
  • Keep it genuine
  • I’m a dissident without a reason
  • I’m flawed but could be more regrettable
  • He has no lips
  • Life’s a chuckle, and death’s a joke
  • I awakened along these lines
  • My life is an exercise in futility
  • Miscreant
  • Farewell to exhausting stories
  • Watch me go from most horrendously terrible to first!
  • Get me if possible!
  • Kissing in broad daylight – yea or nay?
  • Lethargic lazy
  • Anything is possible?
  • So much for the camera
  • I can’t resist
  • Try not to tell my mother
  • What a wreck I am
  • Please accept my apologies for being so awesome
  • Hungry for inconvenience
  • I know it’s anything but smart
  • Oh well, business as usual
  • “Makes no difference either way” with a grin.
  • The one with the colossal mystery
  • I’m too old for this sh*t
  • Coz I’m worth the effort
  • How not to be a grown-up
  • Lights on, no one home
  • Mr lethargic
  • I’m a wreck without espresso
  • Busybody
  • Individuals I endure
  • The best way to live
  • The makings of a story
  • Straight up
  • Agitator
  • F*ck it; I’ll try again tomorrow
  • Eye of the Idiot
  • Hairy mythical beast
  • I’m not a superstar, but rather
  • The not-so-blissful consummation
  • Critics are going to despise
  • “Outsiders” with a grin
  • No fat boiz
  • The highlights of absolutely horrible
  • One of only a handful of exceptional things I’m great at
  • The office of insider facts
  • The best happy
  • Step-by-step instructions to pull off a murder
  • “It’s muddled,” with a grin.
  • Jam on toast
  • I would rather not grow up
  • Foul lion
  • Insidious and decent
  • Legends of Snapchat

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Fall Private Story Names

  • Autumn Adventures
  • Cozy Chronicles
  • Fall Frenzy
  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
  • Sweater Weather Shenanigans
  • Harvest Happenings
  • Changing Leaves Chronicles
  • Hayride Hype
  • Bonfire Bliss
  • Apple Picking Party
  • Falling for Fall
  • Haunted Happenings
  • Seasonal Shenanigans
  • Rustic Retreats
  • Golden Hour Gatherings
  • Chilly Nights and Warm Delights
  • Spooky Soirees
  • Harvest Hootenanny
  • Autumn Aura
  • Crisp and Colorful

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Potheads stoner private story names for Snapchat

Having a party, pulling an all-nighter, or drinking expensive beer is fun if you’re a mess. For stoner (weed lover) private stories, you can choose a catchy title. To make a story about being a stoner, pothead, or Snapchat addict as entertaining as possible, do this.

Pick the best potheads stoner private story names from this list.

  • Drinkers Planterr
  • Brian Johnson
  • Blaster Beem
  • CarlTheGardner
  • Weed Head
  • IgboDigbo
  • Cannabisseur Film
  • BlastasaurusBuddy
  • Hierberos
  • RollingStone
  • Rexroth
  • Air Head Guy
  • WeedWala
  • GanjapreneurSC
  • Chiefer Chef
  • BongRat
  • RedEye
  • SmokerCity
  • CaramelizedGinger
  • Junkie Pam
  • Posthead
  • ZooieWack
  • Bush Doctors
  • Smokey Eyes
  • HashPuppy
  • HippieSippie
  • George Hanson
  • Herbalist Here
  • SuperDoper
  • Herbivore
  • TheDude
  • StonerIdeas
  • Lester Burnham
  • Pothead Life
  • Kaya Lara
  • HRHroo
  • Jay Silent Bob
  • WeedieWoodie
  • SpaceCowboy
  • WeedasaurusRex
  • Roller Cost
  • Blower Guy
  • FlyersOfWeed
  • EnlightenedFreak
  • PureHero
  • FagboFuro
  • Weedpreneurs
  • Ron Slater
  • Weedheaders
  • HighFlyered
  • RastaMan
  • Flame-Broiled Chicken
  • Kiffer Sip
  • SpaceCadet
  • Mary Jane
  • BongBuddy
  • Smoker Pad
  • PufferPan
  • Juanita
  • Stoners
  • JeffSpicoli
  • Sprangas
  • Laughing Hyena
  • CheechAndChong
  • RooBoo
  • SpliffQueen
  • TheGanjaMan
  • GanjaPhook

Stoner Girl Private Story Names for Snapchat

Stoner Girl Private Story Names for Snapchat

Let’s have some cool stoner girl private story names for Snapchat.

  • ThatOldGal
  • Sativa
  • Roney’s Girl
  • Marley
  • Johney’s Girl
  • MakedaMush
  • MaeMeri
  • Tommy’s Girl
  • Cedella
  • NancyForEveryone
  • Janis For You
  • Gaia
  • Malika Moo
  • MeryQueen
  • HarleyRome
  • PaigeHere
  • OwlFace Girl
  • Cinderalla

Christmas Private Story Names For Snapchat

Christmas Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you’re looking for a Snapchat nickname, you have many options. You can choose something festive and Christmas-themed, or you can opt for a more personal and intimate name. Either way, your private story will be unique to you and your friends.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Naughty or Nice: Look at all the naughty and nice things you’ve done this holiday season.
  • Secret Santa: The intimate story of what it’s like to be someone’s Secret Santa.
  • Christmas Memories: A collection of snaps from all of your favorite Christmas memories, past and present.
  • I wish I were a mermaid
  • The Aristocats
  • Cinderella gets her prince
  • Nemo forever
  • A frog named Santa
  • Frozen Fever
  • I wish I were a Santa
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • It’s snowing in Neverland
  • Tsum Tsums
  • I’m so excited to have you
  • Jodi is here for you
  • I’ve got a friend in me
  • Hakuna Matata
  • The lion sleeps tonight
  • I can fly high
  • It’s a small world
  • Happy to meet you.
  • Frozen forever
  • I’ve got the magic touch
  • Winterland
  • Love for Snow
  • Woohoo! It’s Christmas time
  • Jingle Bells
  • Winter is coming
  • St Nick Claus is coming to town
  • Gifts and presents
  • Tunes in a hurry
  • Gracious, Deer!
  • Track down me at the Mistletoe
  • Sacred Snow
  • Can hardly sit tight for Christmas
  • In a temperament to finish the Christmas tree
  • Cups of shaved ice
  • Christmas Party
  • Christmas chimes are ringing
  • Cheerful X-Mas
  • Berylliosis cake’
  • St Nick’s number one
  • A memorable season

Cool and Good Private Story Names for Guys

Cool and Good Private Story Names for Guys

You’ve found this article because you’re looking for some inspiration for cool Snapchat private story names. We’ve got you covered because we have cool private story names for Snapchat.

Whether you’re planning a girls’ night out or just want to keep your closest friends up-to-date on what’s going on in your life, these ideas will give your snaps a boost.

  • Just Fans
  • The Late Night Show With Wohooo
  • The Alist
  • Defy The Norms
  • Pack Gang Gang
  • Presently The Tomfoolery Starts
  • Mind-Set Up For A Few Entertaining Jokes
  • Channel Wohooo
  • Reticent Adversaries
  • Around Your Birth Year
  • Confidential Party
  • Hands Up Fbi
  • Were Better Off Together Rather Than Separate
  • The Hot Goss
  • Brown-Nose Nation
  • Top Picks
  • Madhatters Tea Party
  • It’s Always Sunny In Your City
  • That Wohooo S Show
  • My Face At 50 Points
  • Upper East Side
  • Salaam Sea Shores
  • Night-Time With Wohooo
  • Shower Considerations
  • Homeboy Depot
  • You Can’t Sit With Us
  • Now Is The Ideal Opportunity
  • I’m Only Here To Look Cool
  • All Fax No Printer
  • Your Last Names Anatomy
  • Tattle Girls
  • Hi Dunder Mifflin, This Is Wohooo
  • Within Scoop
  • Snickering Lollipop
  • The Snooze Cruise
  • Blend

Sad Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you’re looking for a list of private story names for Snapchat that will make you laugh, cry, or both, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of the saddest, most heartbreaking stories we could find. From “My Best Friend’s Funeral” to “The Day My Life Fell Apart,” these stories are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Whether you’re venting about your sorrows or commiserating with others, these Snapchat private story names will do the trick. So grab a box of tissues and get ready for a good cry.

Best Private Snapchat Story Names For Guys

Best Private Snapchat Story Names For Guys

When you’re trying to come up with a name for your private Snapchat story, you want something that will let your friends know what it’s about. At the same time, you want something a little bit cheeky. Here are some of the most creative private story names for Snapchat

  • The Nuggets
  • The juicy details
  • The embarrassing moments
  • She Got Out Whatever
  • Mukbang Gang
  • It Izz What It Izz
  • The Frozen Yogurt To Your Container Gourd
  • Bed Shower Past
  • Pov You’re My Specialist
  • Groundhog Day
  • 50 Shades Of Wohooo
  • Cool Story Brother
  • The Sensation Of A Party End Of The Week
  • Its Momo Time
  • Foes To Darlings
  • Banana Army
  • At The Point When Dora Meets Obama
  • Its Shortie Time
  • The Entire Day Tea Party
  • The Meme Team
  • The Powerpuff Young Ladies
  • Dimwit Journals
  • The 411
  • I’m A Guaranteed Entertaining One
  • Close Sight
  • No High Pitch
  • Admissions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
  • Chief Of Humor
  • Pranksters In Making
  • Brogs
  • Est Your Birth Year
  • Meat With The Boss
  • Might You At Any Point Accept You Made It
  • Amusing Bunny
  • Og Squad
  • Loverslosers
  • Snap Crew
  • Geek Country
  • Embed Some Cool Name Here
  • To The Roads
  • Behind The Stage Entry
  • Cool Name Stacking
  • The Insiders
  • Ride Or Bites The Dust
  • The Originals
  • Let’s Have A Good Time
  • You Made It
  • Dont Me

Private Story Names For Snapchat

Private Story Names For Snapchat

As we all know, Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows users to share photos and videos with friends. What many people don’t know is that Snapchat also allows users to create private stories.

These private stories are only visible to the people who you invite, and they can be a meaningful way to share special moments with your friends. Below you will find the most popular Snapchat names.

  • Lots Of Tea Spillage
  • Show Club
  • Youngsters Inc
  • Babys Day Out
  • Simply Chilling
  • Just Fools
  • In A Real Sense My Life
  • Staying Aware Of Insert Wohooo
  • I’m Insane And I Know It
  • That Is The Tea
  • Contact Me Not
  • I’m Entertaining And I Know It
  • Lingering Station
  • Feeling Like Paradise
  • Snapchatter Of The Year
  • Celebrity Passes
  • That Is So Get
  • Wohooo 4 President
  • Hot Young Lady Summa
  • Umm, Chile In Any Case So
  • Everyone Of The Cool Children
  • Circle Of Trust
  • Can Of Crabs
  • For The Genuine Ones
  • Pass To Humorland
  • Merriment Club
  • Laugh Uncontrollably
  • The Wohooo Show
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Everyday Video Blogs
  • Journal Of A Wimpy Kid
  • Beautiful Moment
  • In The Background
  • For Your Eyes As It Were
  • Without The Remotest Care In The World
  • Let’s Imagine I Offered Something Entertaining
  • Behind The Stage Children
  • Its A Wrap
  • The Companion Zone
  • The Chilling Adventures Of Wohooo
  • Dear Diary
  • Sir Dabs, A Great Deal
  • Gratitude For Coming By
  • Toodles Noodles
  • Interstate To Damnation
  • Lovers
  • Bloopers
  • The Genuine Ones
  • Goodness Snap
  • Underground Aquifers
  • Partaking In The Occasion
  • Jokes In And Out Of Town
  • Mukgang
  • Reasons Why I’m Single
  • I’m So Fundamental
  • Welcome To My Channel
  • The All night Group
  • The Life Times Of A Quaranteen
  • Office Of Mysteries
  • Cant Contact This
  • The Times Of Our Lives
  • Snap Assault
  • Boygirl Meets World
  • Eenie Meenie
  • Get Me If Possible
  • The Gladiators
  • Take 2
  • God Level
  • Fudge Yourself

Weed Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you are looking for weed-related Snapchat names, you have come to the right place. Here they are:

  • Weed Stories
  • 420 Weedy Snapchats
  • Stoner Snaps

Simple Private Story Names For Snapchat

Simple Private Story Names For Snapchat

Private story names for snapchat can be anything that you want them to be. You can use your name, your initials, or a simple code word. The key is ensuring that only people who want to see your private story can access it.

To do this, go to the settings menu on Snapchat and select “Manage.” From there, you will be able to add or remove friends from your private story. Only people who you have approved will be able to see it.

This is a convenient way to keep certain parts of your life separate from your friends and family. If you have a work event that you don’t want your boss to see or a wild night out that you don’t want your parents to know about, you can create a private story just for those occasions. Here are some simple yet amazing private story for Snapchat, you pick the best one for you or can change according to your need and post it to your SC account.

Drinking Private Story Names For Snapchat

If you’re sharing a drinking-related story on Snapchat, make sure you give your story names some thought, maybe some random thought. After all, you want your friends to easily find your story and they will easily guess that you are drunk at this time, but you don’t want anyone to find them.

  • Try not to Challenge Me
  • Who’s that Bitch?
  • Sovereign Of Darkness
  • Destructive Stories
  • Attacking Trends
  • That Ass, Wow
  • I’m That Guy
  • Holloween is Falling
  • Exhausted stories.
  • The Sullen Humor of Today
  • Jokes Apart SC
  • London Dreams
  • Offending Bitches
  • Jaguar Of Days
  • Digger Private Stories
  • Allow Me To Be Funny
  • Forlorn Ladies
  • Dark Comedy on SC
  • Injuring Hearts
  • Most obscure Nights Fallout
  • Posses of Gun
  • Lost In Fun
  • Will Do It Right Now
  • F**k Off Man
  • Public Humor
  • Dull Comedy Today
  • Last Social Star
  • Impolite To Dudes
  • Scaffold Humor Guy
  • Be careful, I am Here
  • Not Today Satan
  • Most obscure days here
  • Dark Humor Stories
  • Dreams Of Hell
  • I Don’t Give A

Good private story names for Snapchat

Good private story names for Snapchat

Snapchat influencers frequently give good names to their private story. These names can be used to boost courage and spirit among followers.

Also, these are a way to inculcate a sense of community and closeness among followers to feel like a family. Besides, group friends doing teamwork also look for good private story names for Snapchat.

  • I’m from damages
  • “Indeed” to everything today
  • I’ll show you mine, assuming you show me yours
  • Most horrendously awful story of all time
  • Garbage – very much like me
  • Make sure to live
  • Simply One More Cool Day
  • A Series Of Unfortunate Events
  • Grin Since It Worked Out
  • Spam Crew
  • The Wide Range Of Various Children
  • Be Cool Amigo
  • Individuals I Endure
  • On Wednesdays, We Sport Pink
  • Coffee Yourself
  • Elites
  • Welcome Only
  • 70 Shades Of Me
  • The Wohooo Movie
  • How I Met Your Mom
  • Santas Naughty List
  • I’m So Cool
  • That Is So Wohooo
  • The Hot Pots
  • Among Us
  • Wohooo Tv
  • Felt Adorable
  • Spaghetti Meatballs
  • Who With An Opportunity
  • Daylight In My Spirit
  • Keeping It Genuine
  • Now That You’re Here
  • Titanic Dance Group
  • The Mysterious Existence Of Wohooo
  • The Joke Machine
  • Nonaesthetic Photograph Dump
  • Brown-Noses Pimps
  • Who Gave You A Welcome
  • Lady Acapella
  • Diverse Group
  • Flows N Tribes
  • About The Bass
  • Confidential Showing
  • Embed Cool Name Here
  • Pinot Grigio Young Ladies
  • Numero Unos

Best Snapchat Name Ideas for Boys

You want your Snapchat name to be cool and realistic; here is the list of some good Snapchat names for boys. These names can make your account more appealing and signal your popularity among friends and family.

  • Fantastic Friends
  • BFFs Only
  • Ketchup With Friends
  • MisterManIsh
  • trevor’s hoes
  • Hap-Bee Together
  • Snap Streaks
  • Shaggy Dog
  • Spice Girls
  • Looking for mental stability
  • It’s a Sad Story
  • In da house
  • Snapstoryteller
  • MissPriSh

Snapchat Names for Boyfriend

For the love of romance and the dislike of old and overused pet names, below is the list of cool, catchy, and attractive Snapchat names for your boyfriend.

  • Bae Goals
  • Crispy read
  • Because I’m worth it
  • Purrfect Snaps
  • Heavy Breather
  • Wolfpack Cowboy
  • Dreamcatcher
  • My Best-Teas
  • A Pizza My Heart
  • Moose-up
  • The Morning After
  • WhoamI26
  • Norfolk & Chance
  • Machine Gun
  • Hail Damage

Attractive Snapchat Names for Girls

Everyone wants to stand out on social media, and girls are the queens of social media, whether it’s Instagram or Snapchat. Being a girl, you’ll need to come up with a cute, amusing, and engaging Snapchat nickname. Here are some cute Snapchat names and Snapchat user name ideas.

  • Snap Soulmates
  • Princess Quip
  • The Avengers
  • Warriors of West
  • First Degree Chicken
  • No Trolling
  • Day of the Bed
  • Lazy Girl
  • Snape Chat
  • Brain Fry
  • Notsohotwheels

Cute Private Snapchat Story Name for Girlfriend

Private Story Names for Snapchat

As a guy, what name do you think is the best one for your girlfriend? It is a feeling of love and to be loved. Below is the list of attractive Snapchat names for your girlfriend that she would love to add to her Snapchat account. 

  • Wheelhousedesigner
  • Pineagent
  • Theatertherapist
  • Triangularcraftsman
  • Westernprogrammer
  • Petulantpipelayer
  • Tracemasons
  • Collegedirector
  • Outfithunter
  • Appearpiper
  • Headscarflawyer
  • Timepublisher
  • Snowboardmillwright
  • Turkishjudge
  • Jodhpursproducer
  • Santatraveler
  • Otterdoctor
  • Reformyeoman
  • Determineddancer
  • Unlawfulbutler
  • Caststonemason
  • Wigglyfitter
  • Whoarchitect
  • Shufflephysician
  • Glovebarman
  • Bulletreporter
  • Earingmanager
  • Piejoiner
  • Moderntranslator
  • Busstopcashier

Cool Snapchat Story Names

Snapchat stories have become popular, with many users creating them every day. As everyone creates stories on Snapchat, thus it becomes difficult to make your story stand out among all. You need to make it unique and attractive. Below is the list of cool and unique Snapchat story names that you can choose for your next story.

  • Mischiefmerchant
  • Progresscook
  • Prettyingcourier
  • Mackerelstriker
  • Rollspoliceman
  • Hideouscapitalist
  • Impalinggambler
  • Academicpharmacist
  • Unsteadymourner
  • Unpleasantappraiser
  • Fishingchurchgoer
  • Menorahsubaltern
  • Menudentist
  • Costlybroker
  • Womenslogger
  • Antelopeoptician
  • Unripeeditor
  • Tiaraauditor
  • Sosfarmer
  • Growthmatron

Awesome Snapchat Private Story Names

Private stories feature best for gatherings, events, and personal moments. It allows sharing a story that is meant for close friends and family. Get the cool and catchy names for your private Snapchat stories from the below list.

  • Fail Life
  • Aloha Beaches
  • All The Single Ladies
  • Pillow talk
  • Bend And Snapchat
  • Lip bench
  • Snapchat Baes
  • Billy Goat Beard
  • Squad Ghouls
  • We Who Shall Not Be Named
  • laugh factory
  • Chunky eyebrows

Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat

If you like sharing funny moments, you should have funny names for your Snapchat story then. This is because you have to make your audience laugh from start to finish, no matter their mood. Below is the list of best funny Snapchat story names that you can cherry-pick for your next story. 

  • A Long Time Ago
  • Girl on Silent Mood
  • Chance the Snapchat
  • Silence of the Beow
  • Everyday I’m Snapping
  • Let the Time Win
  • Peachy Queens
  • Born Limitless
  • Fry And The Lily
  • Rawrsome Squad
  • Easy Spider
  • Cheeto Fingers
  • Silly Selfie Snaps
  • Mona lot
  • Dream Team
  • Smelly Lion

How to Choose a Unique Snapchat Private Story Name?

Step 1: First, figure out the purpose of your Snapchat account. Will it be for your business products? Will it give some advice? Will it be for your commercial enterprise or solely for pals and family? What do you want your content to be, and what will be your target audience?

These are the set of questions that you need to answer before choosing Snapchat’s name.

Step 2: The second step is to figure out essential phrases that you need to include in your username. If your account is intended for personal use only, you may want to add a personal or nickname as your username.

However, if you want a Snapchat account for business purposes, then you’ll need to include an enterprise name for sure. Or, as a minimum, something related to your sort of business, location, or product.

Step 3: Now, you’ve identified key phrases to your Snapchat name, now what? The next step is to place wisely those key phrases into one succinct username. You’ll need something cool, catchy, and is usually restricted by availability. 

Pro tip: Don’t go for long names that include too many numbers or nonsensical strings. These kinds of names are easily forgettable.

Step 4: The alt step is to ensure your username is available to choose from. If it does not, try to include punctuation of different versions of usernames until you get the one that fits your vision. so, this way you will get the clever Snapchat private story names ideas.

5 Steps to Choose Private Story Name for Snapchat

Private story names for Snapchat can be picked up by using the following steps.

#1: Category

It is mandatory to select a name for your private Snapchat story. Snapchat offers different categories to pick creative names for your private Snapchat story. For instance, people can use emoticons. You can use multiple emoticons to create a funny and classy name for your private Snapchat story.

#2: Communication

You are connected with your close friends on Snapchat, with whom you want to share your private Snapchat story. It provides you to exchange messages with each other within no time. You can discuss with one another to come up with wonderful yet gorgeous names for private stories on Snapchat 2023.

#3: Creativity

You can brainstorm to come up with a unique name for a private Snapchat story. It happens only through using your mind. While doing so, keep in mind that you do not have to jot down offensive names, which may make others feel degraded.  One thing must be taken care of: your private name must relate to the stuff you will share.  It will maintain relevance.

#4: Cuteness

Names for your private Snapchat story should be cute. Reading these names should make your friends enjoy it. Therefore, both girls and boys should give names that are short, easy to remember, and humorous at the same time.

#5: Originality

It is human nature that we do not like copied stuff. For example, if you see the name of your friends or followers’ private story on snapchat and you decide to give the same name to your story as well. It will become boring. So, come up with a name that has never been used before.


How to choose Good and funny private story names for Snapchat?

Private story names for Snapchat can be chosen by category, communication with folks, originality of your stuff, etc.

What could be the kind of private story names for Snapchat?

It can be good and funny, depending upon the stuff you are sharing and the audience what they want to see.

Summing up

For privacy concerns, Snapchat users can share their stories privately with people of their choice.  The private story names can be good and funny. These can be created by your choice using above mentioned steps. Last thing, The Cool names have lots of great name ideas to inspire you. If you have liked our list of cool Snapchat story names, then why not look at something different like cool Facebook page names or handsome boy names.

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