280+ Names That Guys Like To Be Called | Cool List of Nicknames Your Bestie Will Love

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This is an age-old dilemma of what to call that guy you’re interested in. It’s important to understand when boys fell in love with the girl they love to hear different nicknames from her. Because in this blog, I have diving deep into the world of names that guys like to be called. After all, a well-chosen nickname can be like a secret key to a guy’s heart.

Also, it leads to the unlocking the door to laughter, affection, and perhaps even a touch of romance. So, whether you’re testing the waters or diving headfirst into flirtatious territory, let’s explore the realm of guy-approved monikers.

What to Call a Guy When Flirting?

Flirty FinessePicture this: you’re in the middle of a playful conversation, and you want to drop a Flirty Nickname that’s equal parts charming and teasing.

Try a flirty twist on his name – turn “John” into “Johnny Boy” or “Michael” into “Mikey-Wikey.” Just remember, the key is to keep it light and lighthearted. After all, you’re aiming to spark a smile, not a full-blown blush.

  • Playful Preston
  • Engaging Easton
  • Magnetic Max
  • Suave Sebastian
  • Beloved Bryce
  • Ravishing Ryan
  • Tempting Tristan
  • Sizzling Sam
  • Handsome Harry
  • Irresistible Isaiah
  • Cheeky Chris
  • Charming Chase
  • Alluring Adrian
  • Striking Sawyer
  • Intriguing Ivan
  • Dashing Dominic
  • Sophisticated Seth
  • Sweetheart
  • Enchanting Ethan
  • Spellbinding Spencer
  • Irresistible Isaac
  • Charismatic Colt
  • Charming Charlie
  • Mesmerizing Miles
  • Dynamic Daniel
  • Captivating Caleb
  • Intriguing Ian
  • Enigmatic Elliot
  • Adorable Alex
  • Radiant Reese

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What Do Guys Like to Be Called Besides Handsome?

Ah, “handsome,” the go-to compliment that’s stood the test of time. But let’s switch things up a bit! Guys appreciate being recognized for more than their dashing looks. “Smart,” “confident,” “charming,” or “sophisticated” can all work wonders.

And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, toss in a “dashing” or a “captivating” – it’s like adding a dash of intrigue to the mix..

  • Cool-headed Cole
  • Enchanting Elliott
  • Sizzling Sullivan
  • Spellbinding Spencer
  • Smoldering Sterling
  • Magnetic Mitchell
  • Charming Chase
  • Dashing Dexter
  • Confident Cameron
  • Irresistible Isaac
  • Marvelous Mason
  • Clever Caleb
  • Sophisticated Seth
  • Persuasive Preston
  • Dreamy Dawson
  • Sensational Silas
  • Witty Wyatt
  • Inspiring Isaiah
  • Refined Raphael
  • Captivating Cooper
  • Alluring Archer
  • Suave Sawyer
  • Intriguing Isaac
  • Enigmatic Elliot
  • Dynamic Dominic
  • Charming Chance
  • Captivating Cole
  • Bold Bennett
  • Engaging Easton
  • Charismatic Carson

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What Do Guys Like to Be Called by a Girl?

There’s something magical about hearing your name from the lips of someone special. So, why not keep it simple? Stick with his first name and add a touch of warmth or playfulness. A simple “Hey, Jake” can go a long way in capturing his attention and conveying a sense of familiarity.

  • Beloved Bryce
  • Beloved Blake
  • Cherished Chase
  • Beloved Benjamin
  • Cherished Christian
  • Sweetheart Sebastian
  • Caring Caleb
  • Heartwarming Hunter
  • Heartfelt Henry
  • Amiable Austin
  • Sweetly Spencer
  • Dearest Daniel
  • Genuine Gavin
  • Fond Freddy
  • Affectionate Adam
  • Kind-hearted Kyle
  • Warm-hearted William
  • Supportive Sean
  • Precious Parker
  • Adored Adrian
  • Lovable Liam
  • Thoughtful Theo
  • Darling David
  • Admired Andrew
  • Adored Aaron
  • Endearing Ethan
  • Treasured Tristan
  • Devoted Dylan
  • True-hearted Trevor
  • Tender Tyler

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What Nicknames Do Guys Like to Be Called?

Let’s ditch the boring nicknames and get creative. If your friend is a tech enthusiast, call them “Gadget Guru.” If they love puns, go with “Captain Chuckles.” The important thing is to find a nickname that reflects their interests or personality. And don’t be afraid to have some fun with it.

  • For the fashionista – Style Maven
  • For the Foodie Person – Foodie Fiend
  • For an Athlete – Sports Star
  • For a Traveler – World Wanderer
  • For the Bookworm – Book Nerd
  • For the Artist – Creative Genius
  • For the Musician – Music Maestro
  • For the Comedian – Laughingstock
  • For the Joker – Jester
  • For the Peacemaker – Harmony Maker

You can also use these nicknames and guys will love this.

  • Whimsical Warren
  • Hilarious Harrison
  • Brainy Bryce
  • Jovial Jackson
  • Witty Wesley
  • Adventurous Aiden
  • Playful Preston
  • Dynamic Devin
  • Enthusiastic Evan
  • Charming Chance
  • Zany Zachary
  • Cheerful Calvin
  • Spirited Spencer
  • Energetic Elliot
  • Jubilant Jameson
  • Curious Carter
  • Quirky Quentin
  • Spirited Sawyer
  • Clever Cody
  • Free-spirited Finn
  • Radiant Riley
  • Charismatic Colt
  • Lively Leo
  • Breezy Brody
  • Spirited Sullivan
  • Daring Donovan
  • Adventurous Alec
  • Bold Brody
  • Spirited Sterling
  • Vibrant Vincent

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What to Call a Guy Instead of Handsome?

Expand your compliment arsenal with some creative alternatives. Swap out “handsome” for “alluring,” “striking,” or “irresistible.” These words not only acknowledge his good looks but also add an element of intrigue that can keep him guessing.

  • Fascinating Finnegan
  • Intriguing Isaac
  • Alluring Amos
  • Dazzling Damon
  • Suave Spencer
  • Enthralling Ethan
  • Striking Sawyer
  • Dashing Dorian
  • Dreamy Duncan
  • Enchanting Elliott
  • Enticing Eamon
  • Winsome Westley
  • Irresistible Ivan
  • Bewitching Brody
  • Attractive August
  • Mesmerizing Maddox
  • Mesmerizing Mason
  • Captivating Caleb
  • Magnetic Marco
  • Tempting Tanner
  • Charming Callum
  • Captivating Clayton
  • Charming Chase
  • Captivating Cole
  • Radiant Reese
  • Charming Cooper
  • Handsome Hunter
  • Tempting Theo
  • Enigmatic Elias
  • Dapper Declan

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What Do Guys Like to Be Called Compliments?

Guys might not always admit it, but they secretly love a good ego boost. Toss in a well-timed “You’re one of a kind,” “You light up the room,” or “You’ve got the magic touch.” These subtle compliments stroke his ego without making it overly obvious.

  • You’re a Dynamic Force
  • You’re One-of-a-Kind
  • Your Intelligence is Astounding
  • Your Kindness is Unmatched
  • Your Smile’s Contagious
  • Your Creativity Knows No Bounds
  • You’re a True Inspiration
  • You Make Everything More Fun
  • You’re an Irreplaceable Gem
  • You Bring Positivity Everywhere
  • You’re a Master Conversationalist
  • You’ve Got a Magnetic Personality
  • Your Style is Always on Point
  • You’ve Got a Heart of Gold
  • You’re a Total Standout
  • Your Confidence is Mesmerizing
  • You’ve Got a Heartwarming Presence
  • You’re a Natural Leader
  • Your Quick Thinking is Impressive
  • You’re the Epitome of Cool
  • You’ve Got an Irresistible Charm
  • You’ve Got an Incomparable Wit
  • Your Sense of Humor is Gold
  • You’re the Ultimate Charmer
  • You Radiate Confidence
  • You’ve Got Unstoppable Energy
  • You Light Up the Room
  • You’ve Got an Amazing Aura
  • You’re an Unforgettable Personality
  • Your Presence is Electrifying

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What to Call a Guy Instead of Cute?

“Cute” is adorable, but if you’re aiming for something that captures his essence more comprehensively, try “captivating,” “endearing,” or “captivatingly charming.” These words dig a little deeper and show that you’re paying attention to his unique qualities.

  • Witty Will
  • Flirty Finn
  • Charming Chad
  • Charming Charlie
  • Captivating Kieran
  • Enigmatic Ethan
  • Sweet-talker Shane
  • Dynamic Daniel
  • Ravishing Ryan
  • Adorable Alex
  • Charming Connor
  • Bewitching Brandon
  • Tease Master Theo
  • Teasing Tom
  • Sparkling Scott
  • Handsome Harry
  • Captivating Caleb
  • Playful Patrick
  • Cheeky Chris
  • Sizzling Sam
  • Smoldering Steve
  • Magnetic Max
  • Suave Sebastian
  • Tempting Tyler
  • Dazzling David
  • Dreamboat Danny
  • Flirtatious Felix
  • Mesmerizing Miles
  • Alluring Adrian
  • Irresistible Ian

What Do Guys Like to Be Called Instead of Cute?

Break free from the “cute” mold and explore more personalized alternatives. “Enchanting,” “mesmerizing,” or “captivating” are all options that showcase your admiration for his captivating qualities without using the same old labels.

  • Breathtaking Bryce
  • Sweetheart Sebastian
  • Enchanting Eli
  • Precious
  • Charming Champ
  • Scotty Too Hottie
  • Sizzling Sean
  • Gorgeous Gavin
  • LoverBoy
  • Dumpling
  • Precious Parker
  • Hubby
  • HunnyBunch
  • Dawlin’
  • Sugar
  • Magnetic Marco
  • Handsome
  • Beloved Brody
  • Stud
  • Darling
  • Cuddly Cade
  • Heartthrob Harrison
  • Smoldering Spencer
  • Radiant Ryan
  • Baby
  • Dear
  • Endearing Ethan
  • Forever Lover
  • Admired Aaron
  • Honey
  • Treasured Tyler
  • My Heart
  • My Life
  • Rude Boy
  • Passionate Paxton
  • Dreamy Dawson
  • Dearest Damon
  • Playful Preston
  • Dynamic Dorian
  • Irresistible Isaac
  • Cherished Chase
  • Hot Boy
  • Baby Shugs
  • Sugar-Booger
  • Charming Chance
  • Sensational Silas
  • My Man
  • Sweetness
  • Star Lover
  • Lover
  • Presh
  • Adorable Archer
  • My Lover
  • Intriguing Ivan
  • Love
  • Daring Devin
  • Lovey
  • Captivating Colt
  • My Love
  • Sweetheart
  • Charismatic Cole
  • Come n’ Get It

Steps to Choose the Names That Guys Like To Be Called

Here are 5 steps to help you create a nickname that your friend will love.

Step #1: Catch His Interests

Start by delving into his passions and hobbies. Does he light up when discussing his favorite sports team or movie? Crafting a nickname that aligns with his interests, like “Sporty Sage” or “Movie Maven,” can make him feel truly understood.

Step #2: Embrace His Personality

Observe his personality traits – is he the life of the party, a deep thinker, or a combination of both? Tailor a nickname that captures his essence, such as “Charming Chuckles” or “Intellectual Ignite,” reflecting the uniqueness that sets him apart.

Step #3: Borrow from Shared Moments

Recall shared experiences that hold meaning for both of you. Whether it’s a memorable trip or an inside joke, integrating those elements into a playful nickname, like “Adventure Ace” or “Jovial Jester,” can ignite laughter and fond memories.

Step #4: Play with Words

Don’t hesitate to play with words and alliteration. Incorporating his name or traits into a catchy nickname, such as “Dynamic Dan” or “Marvelous Max,” not only adds a touch of whimsy but also ensures it’s easy to remember.

Step #5: Check His Reaction

Last but not the least. present your chosen nickname with a lighthearted tone and watch for his reaction. If he responds positively, it’s a sure sign you’ve struck gold. Remember, it’s all about making him feel appreciated and creating a nickname that makes him grin from ear to ear.

By following these steps, you’ll not only select a name he’ll love being called but also foster a connection that’s as unique as the nicknames you share.

Final words:

Remember that the best nicknames and compliments come from a place of genuine affection. While humor and playfulness can spice things up, authenticity is the secret sauce that makes these names truly resonate. So, go forth with a twinkle in your eye and a name on your lips – the world of guy-approved nicknames awaits your exploration.

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