Goblin Names DnD | Funny, Cool, and Best Dungeons & Dragons Goblin Name Ideas for Male and Female

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Hey Folks! It would not be surprising that finding a striking and alluring name for your goblin fictional character might be hectic, but fortunately, you are in the right spot.

Scouring out Goblin Names is such a hustle due to their distinctive characteristics. All you need is to be ingenious in your naming technique. For your ease, here I have listed the multiple naming ideas in the article below to take advantage of.

Let’s explore these naming list, after scrolling and reading this list you will be able to pick a best goblin name ideas for funny character, friend, or a gaming username.

What is a Goblin?

In traditional Western mythology, a Goblin is a wandering dwarf-like evil spirit who tends to be malicious and mischievous toward the people around him. Their appearance is spooky due to their elongated ears. According to folklore, goblins dwell beneath the ground, in deep woodlands, or other remote locations.

Strike out of the box and be inventive!

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Goblin Names from the Harry Potter Movie

Knowing that names have meanings gives you the wisdom to pick the ideal moniker for your fictional character. Here are some of the ideas from the movie Harry Potter to choose from:

  • Griphook Star
  • Ragnok
  • Bogrod Root
  • Gornuk
  • Travers
  • Brodak Fly
  • Aloof
  • Bogrod
  • Nagnoc 
  • Goldrag
  • Ragnuk the First
  • Nagnok
  • Bagock
  • Clever Gob
  • Odbert
  • Ragnarok
  • Tall Gobl
  • Urg Unclean
  • Ragnok Pigeon
  • Lagnok Way
  • Urg Unclean
  • Naglok
  • Kragnom Keet
  • Urguff
  • Goblin Rebels
  • Goblin Revel
  • Argob Toed

WOW Names for Goblin


A WOW factor in any name makes it stand out of the crowd. Then why not look up such a goblin name? In this regard, pick up the alluring ideas from the set below:

  • Gizmo PRO
  • Bling Clock
  • Memqekle
  • Pimvils
  • Leme
  • Truimnedle
  • Pocket Snipe
  • Zippy Wrench
  • Goblin smash
  • Tinker Tool
  • Boom Fizzle
  • Umma
  • Subusix
  • Twinzis
  • Kasusi
  • Cat Wheel
  • John Jacket
  • Target Grin
  • Spark Plugs
  • Rixler
  • Kwanzaa
  • Tekle
  • Nuvizno
  • Raqqa
  • Goblin Sculpture
  • Gizmo Gamer
  • Whiz Star 

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Best Goblin Names for D&D

It could be tough to come up with the greatest goblin names for D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). If you are in the same boat, check the below persuading titles:

  • Griznak Snicker 
  • Snaggles Pocket 
  • Mischief Stink 
  • GloomGear
  • Quick Panel
  • Blight Wrench
  • Zalk
  • Handguns
  • Gundruk
  • Starrark
  • Grimegod
  • Gobble Cog 
  • Sludge Belcher 
  • Nettle Flame
  • Sneak Grinder
  • Goblin Wrench
  • Rattle Hat
  • Pidgarg
  • Guano
  • Ichorwill
  • Wormface
  • Big Chin
  • Qassa
  • Klialiabs
  • Stiasnic
  • Snicker Plug
  • Strivectin
  • Scuttle Fist
  • Zeekleerk
  • Vases
  • Gadget Spark

Dungeons & Dragons DND Goblin Names for Stories, Characters or Usernames

  • Gollub
  • Shrekkle
  • Yodlin
  • Frodoblin
  • Legoblin
  • Gandoglin
  • Aragoblind
  • Terminoblin
  • Dumbledorf
  • Hanniblin
  • Smeaglet
  • Predagoblin
  • Count Dracoblin
  • Goblin Skywalker
  • Spocklin
  • Obi-Wangoblin
  • Hagridoblin
  • Jokerblin
  • Batgoblin
  • Elfgoblin
  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • Luke Skygoblin
  • Wobblynsnape
  • Captain Jack Gobrow
  • Pippin Tooklin
  • Gobblin Hood
  • Don Goblinleone
  • Ghostfacer
  • Goblinosaurus Rex
  • Goblinkenstien
  • Green Goblin
  • Hulkoblin
  • Blackbeard Goblin
  • Wicked Witchblin
  • Zeldagoblin
  • Mario Goblini
  • Bilbonk
  • Goblin Riddler
  • Gremlinus
  • Beowolf

Cute Female Goblin Names List

Naming the female goblin is an intricate process. You have to be creative and mindful. So, dip into the list to choose a ravishing name that suits your inclination:

  • Snick Wrench
  • Gizmo Snarl
  • Tinker Sprink
  • Mischief Scoop
  • Xetta Boom
  • Snail Nose
  • Snotear
  • Ul nat
  • Stinkarm
  • Yameeka
  • Zarl Zzero
  • Muchot
  • Milvoki
  • Med Meg
  • Qulder
  • Owlball 
  • Gobblina Gear
  • Sparkle Fizzle
  • Tinker Grin
  • Tugdar 
  • Zip Whistle
  • Gloomina Gobble
  • Rulgran
  • Sprock Snaggle
  • Blightella Gear
  • Snuggle Sprocket
  • Wiz Bear 

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Male Goblin Name Ideas


Male Goblin Names are also not easy on the eyes due to their manliness and agitated nature. No worries! We have done it for you, pick up one:

  • Grizzly Whiz
  • Furliarm
  • Sprocket Whistle 
  • Blight Snarl
  • Huntero
  • Gizmo Gobble
  • Xeeb Boq
  • Claw  Scuttle
  • Golda Goblin
  • Lys Diez
  • Drionvogz
  • Glymzogs
  • Rattlejaw Wrench
  • Vregroqai
  • Tinkercad
  • Pheattung
  • Plekniesb
  • Snaggle Star
  • Jykeegs
  • Whizbang Gloomfang
  • Gobble Fizzle
  • Sky Cog
  • Jykeegs
  • Gadgets Park
  • Sroi Uq
  • Jin Gear
  • Roztoky
  • Tinker Sang 
  • Sludge Grind
  • Xeeb Boq

Funny Goblin Names

Why not have a blast with some funny names? Grab these names, as they are already trending, from the options below to get one for you:

  • Mc Giggle
  • Blunder Season
  • Gobstopper Whiz
  • Wobble Toes 
  • Easter
  • Gtbank
  • Giggleswick 2
  • Snortle Spark 
  • Bumble Bumble
  • Bankrupt
  • Blowhard
  • Clird
  • Coin Dropper
  • Dull Smith
  • Crimson Hat
  • Huro-Huro
  • Pakpak
  • Shake Spea
  • Gobble Gizmo
  • Snicker Snort
  • Gobbler Noodle
  • Fumble Snack
  • Fugh
  • Grishnar
  • Gullr
  • Snicker Slap
  • Giggle Whirl
  • Wiaisokas
  • Wacky Tumble
  • Qwirkle Jinx 

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Japanese Goblin Names

In Japanese folklore, the Tengu – a large-nosed mountain goblin, is the reincarnation of proud, haughty spirits. You can pick other monikers below:

  • Bhaftaaz
  • Criotnalmee
  • Oni
  • Nuppeppo
  • Kappa 
  • Rytu 
  • Duzz
  • Glikolisis
  • Akanam 5e
  • Global
  • Aratar
  • Zortal
  • Kalstal
  • Groban
  • Ralgo
  • Cragen
  • Volozor
  • Tengu
  • Tsukumogami
  • Jorogumo 
  • Onryo
  • Ao Nyobo
  • Kamaitachi 
  • Kitsune 
  • Gryh

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Korean Goblin Names


In Korean mythology, goblins are also known as Dokkaebis and tend to have prefixes that define their demeanor. Just go through the list:

  • Jisoo Linkin
  • Seok Rattle
  • Hyejin Tinker
  • Minji Whiz
  • Taeh Gobbles
  • Yuna Star
  • Gae dokkaebi
  • Gim Seoband
  • Chonggak dokkaebi
  • Jeon Cog
  • Jiwoo Wobble
  • Yoseob Bark
  • Sook Yung 
  • Gae dokkaebi
  • Gaksi dokkaebi:
  • Gloom Sang
  • Quick Sparkle
  • Joonie Blast
  • Sun Hee 
  • Oyun dokkaebi:
  • Oedari dokkaebi
  • Nat dokkaebi
  • Nat dokkaebi
  • Kyung Clank

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Cool Goblin Names

Some names are cool enough to have, especially when it is for your fictional character. Get help from our cool goblin names below:

  • Bristle Tooth
  • Snaggle Claw
  • Wizzlee Wow
  • Blight Board
  • Reech
  • Xord
  • Vacs
  • Krart
  • Sbylom
  • Grob Crown
  • Thistle Attack
  • Mud Scrabble
  • Snicker Play
  • Rumblebelly
  • Shiogtelm
  • Weilt
  • Svac
  • Gloomerical
  • Toad Kert
  • Scuttle Grin
  • Sludge Paw
  • Nettle Knob
  • Fangsnarl

Cute Goblin Names

Finding an eye-catching, cute moniker for goblins is a crackerjack. But not more now, as the following list of adorable names will be all in one place:

  • Bumble West
  • Snuggle Feet
  • Giggle Google
  • Fuzzy Cool
  • Wraagoc
  • Zelb
  • Tumble Touch
  • Dimple Chalk
  • Frogbit 
  • Burp Face
  • Moosetoot
  • Snail Mail
  • Goat Slaughter
  • Marrow Sluice
  • Twinkle Tray
  • Snicker Shot
  • Cuddle Risk
  • Sparkle Toe
  • Wobble Bot
  • Rot-tongue
  • Footwheeze
  • Germbrain
  • Chulk
  • Dealsing
  • Glimmer Job
  • Puddle Jar
  • Huffle Puff
  • Pip Pop
  • Eltiebs
  • Gnerx
  • Griog

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How to Crop Up a Unique Name for a Goblin?

Coming up with the ideal goblin name is a fascinating chore that lets your imagination run wild. Adhering to the situation, grab the opportunity to follow these easy-to-go steps to conjure an ideal goblin name:

1. Play with Words & Sounds

It is a handy technique if you are fond of playing with words and sounds. Pull your creativity to invent unique names that we can use year after year. However, it will be a great experience.

2. Ask for Feedback from Others

Before I do anything, I always seek advice from others. Similarly, discuss the various names with your friends and family and get their insights. In addition, make a list of the ideas that appeal to you the most.

3. Connect Goblin Origin with Name

If the naming process gives you a headache, don’t overthink it; seek a tip here. Try to identify the background and origin of the goblin to assign a specific moniker that resonates with the goblin character.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Goblins From?

A goblin is a mythical monster from Germanic and British mythology that first appeared in writing in the 14th century. Goblins have since become one of the most prevalent protagonists in fiction.

What’s the Goblin’s Name in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter, Griphook is the goblin that Harry encounters during his 1st trip to Gringotts. Harry is making his first trip to Gringotts and the wizarding realm.

Do Goblins have Last Names?

In the D&D universe, goblins don’t have a last name, but like other characters, goblins also have surnames to indicate their ancestry. For instance, you may come across a fictional character, Gruk Grockenblade, where Grockenblade is the last name of a goblin but is commonly called Gruk.

Finishing Up

As you embark on the adventure of the imaginary world of goblin creatures in Dungeons and Dragons, soar your creativity and come up with the goblin names that flaunt for ages in folklore. If any of the above D&D names for goblins scream to you, mention it in the comment thread.

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