Cool YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Every Category in 2024

Last Updated on: 21st December 2023, 09:19 pm

Pick the Best, Catchy and Unique Name for Your New YouTube Channel

Hey folks! Are you in search of a stunning yet catchy name for your YouTube channel?

Take a reflective pause and identify the criteria you want like you, through the Youtube channel name, would be the public face to the world! 

An overhasty decision can end up with the name that you would regret later! So, think wisely. 

At the end of this article, I have shared some simple steps that you can use while choosing your YouTube channel name.

Also, I have shared some great YouTube channel names that you can directly pick without spending a lot of time.  Let’s start with the unique YouTube channel names for you.

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Categories for Youtube Channel Name:

Categories for Youtube Channel Name
  1. Entertainment
  2. News/Journalism
  3. Food
  4. Compilations
  5. Gaming
  6. Sports
  7. Beauty and Fashion
  8. Music
  9. Lifestyle
  10. Vlogs
  11. Science and Technology
  12. Travel
  13. Reviews & Unboxing
  14. Health and Fitness
  15. Cooking
  16. Prank/Challenges
  17. Parody/Comedy
  18. Tutorials
  19. Educational
  20. How-to & DIY
  21. Commentary (book, movie, etc.)

Entertainment Channel Name Ideas

Entertainment Channel Name

YouTube is now the platform for legitimate content creators and well-known entertainers.

With the highest subscribers’ rate, there is so much to say about this category. If you also want to create a YouTube entertainment channel, I can assist you by suggesting great YT names.

  • Beachy Bird
  • YT Entertainment
  • Media Entertainers
  • Fit Fun
  • Jackstainment
  • Daily Stream
  • Hacked Laugh
  • XL creators
  • Tubematrix
  • VTappers
  • Fussytainers
  • Janetuber

Travel Channel Names

Travel Channel Names

I believe choosing a good name for your traveling YouTube channel is crucial. It is somewhere you are going to share your best and worst traveling experiences. So don’t go with a boring name. Make your name exciting and funny to attract more subscribers. Some of the names are as under:

  • My travelling book
  • Travelling Vlogs
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer
  • Worldofbeauty
  • Travelling feets
  • Road Forks
  • VX Nomader
  • 101 Places
  • Travelling Challenges
  • 4 Steps
  • Around the World

News or Journalism Channel Names

News or Journalism Channel Names

In the twenty-first century, everyone wants to be updated on the current scenarios and politics. On a survey, in recent years, the number of journalism channels on youtube has grown to double.

If you also want to make your good YouTube channel and looking for eye-catching names, then check our list of Journalism YouTube channel names ideas:

  • 24/7
  • Century
  • WON
  • Journalismair
  • Spirit Media
  • Vibrant Reporting
  • WebMass
  • Roundscape
  • JB Journalism
  • Core NEWS
  • Newseum
  • JXApex

Beauty and Fashion Channel Names

Beauty and Fashion Channel Names

Beauty standards and fashion trends are lifelines. The changes continue over time. These two things are often asked for help, and YouTube is the best platform.

With over a million and billions of followers, fashion and beauty channels are attracting so much audience. Let’s discuss some cool names that can be taken for fashion and beauty channels.

  • Beauty Marbles
  • Fashoinuer
  • Beauty bubbles
  • LikeLady
  • Beautyguides
  • Roma’sHub
  • Trends and styles
  • Beauty Conscious
  • Trendy Girl
  • Beautyline
  • Fashion features
  • Shaina Says

Food Channel Names Ideas

Food Channel Names Ideas

It can be challenging to name your cooking channel for YouTube since many options are available to choose from the internet. Instead, it can be named after the name of spices, fruits, or any other food items. 

Here are some creative cooking channels names that will stand out.

  • Platters
  • Master Chef
  • My Kitchen Cuisine
  • The taste Experts
  • Today’s Special
  • Feast Fire
  • Chop & Cook 
  • Hundred Dishes
  • Yum Zone
  • Home Kitchen
  • For Food Lovers

Compilations YT Channel Names

Commercials play before YouTube videos generate income for YouTube channels. The method that compilation channels use to prevent copyright strikes is to make Fair Use of other people’s video clips for parody, Journalism, criticism, or educational purposes.

Here are some name ideas for your compilation channels.

  • The Jungle House
  • Funny Fails
  • Laugh on Life Fails
  • Try not to Laugh
  • Viral One
  • Funny Memories
  • Laugh Loud
  • Fun with Failures
  • Laughtuber
  • Non-stop Squad
  • High Fails
  • Bomb and Blaster

Gaming YouTube Channel Names

Gaming YouTube Channel Names

The gaming industry now has much to offer for gamers and also to entrepreneurs. If you are the one who is also going to make a gaming channel on YouTube, then here you are. I have put together an impressive list of gaming channels names that will hit your mind.

  • Ninja player
  • All Game thrills
  • Heavy Base
  • Smart Player
  • Captain Roger
  • X-Gamers
  • Game Slayer 
  • Game Digger
  • Matchroom
  • Game Zone
  • Flamingo Squad
  • Game Warriors
  • Today’s Winner

Sports Channel Names

Sports Channel Names

Sports Channels broadcast all the events live and recordings on their youtube channels. Since YouTube’s launch in 2005, many sports channels have been created. But in the past few years, this number has grown to be much larger. 

If you are also going to make your sports channel on youtube and looking for a name, then welcome. Here I can help you with the list of some unique sports channels name.

  • Yips
  • 11 Grounds
  • LG level sports
  • High Sports
  • Startubber sports
  • Sky Sports 7
  • Entertainers
  • NEWS sports
  • Digital Sports
  • Fox Grounds
  • Sports Tuber
  • Sportsmanlike

Vlogs Youtube Channel Name Ideas

Vlogs Youtube Channel Name Ideas

Video blogs or Vlogs cover all kinds of videos on youtube. As youtube is the best platform for Vloggers, it’s essential to go with the correct name.

Sometimes it becomes very confusing to select a suitable name for your vlog channel. As names contribute a lot to fame and followers, here are some best Vlogyoutube channel name ideas. 

  • Gladiator!
  • Ninety-nine
  • Curious Buddy
  • My Channel
  • Buffered Scenes
  • My Zone
  • Heavy hour
  • Lights up
  • Patroller
  • Heads Heart
  • Illuminous
  • Ballistic Boy

Science and Technology YT Channel Name Ideas

Many people find science and technology boring. So for your Science and Technology Youtube channel, you must choose a name that can be interesting and catchy.

Besides this, the name must reflect the proper “one name About” of your channel. Let’s check the list below and choose the right name for your channel.

  • S & T world
  • Techworld
  • My lab solutions
  • Cyberchips
  • Super Science
  • Wires of Technology
  • Sciencetech
  • Mytechroom
  • Tech teaching
  • Technology in hand
  • Science Scenes
  • WebofScience

Music Channel Names

Music Channel Names

There are about 37 million youtube channels on Facebook. Out of this, a significant number is of music channels. Newcomers try their luck in the music industry by creating their music channel.

These are some of the best music channel name ideas that you can use to gain more followers.

  • World of Sound
  • Mike On
  • My music
  • Musituber
  • My secret talent
  • Voice of Hearts
  • Seven Sounds
  • Self Singer
  • Musicology
  • Game of Sound
  • High Beats
  • Voiceover
  • On the ways

Lifestyle YT Channel Names

Lifestyle YT Channel Names

There is about a global ratio of 43% of internet users who watch Youtube monthly. It shows that YouTube is a vast platform, and in the future, it will become even more prominent.

If you also have a YouTube channel related to lifestyle and looking for a catchy name, then here you are.

  • Hot Tips
  • Livewithstandards
  • Style and stigma
  • 24 hours
  • Sounds of life
  • My Diary
  • Perfect Pixels
  • Life Culture
  • Meet me
  • Good times
  • I Unicorn
  • Elegancy

Reviews & Unboxing Channel Names

More than 35 million people watched a video on YouTube of a review of Disney-themed Kinder Eggs.

Even though this might shock you, but in the 21st century, people also look for good unboxing and review channels.

These channels are currently attracting many views with even a small toy unboxing, also you can get the mobile names ideas from there. Let’s have a few names you can use to name your unboxing channel if you are making one.

  • Dope or Nope
  • Random Reviews
  • My toy Shop
  • Tech Unboxing
  • On the Sky
  • Unpack Genre
  • Toys Shock
  • Let’s open it!
  • Turbulent Toys
  • My Reviews
  • HMB Reviews
  • Like it, Love it

Health and Fitness Youtube Channel Names

Health and Fitness Youtube Channel Names

For health and fitness guides, people also seek help from google and YouTube channel.

So, for me, it is a good idea to make a health and fitness YouTube channel if you have enough knowledge of this genre.

Let me help you with some cool and catchy names for your health and fitness YouTube channel.

  • Fit and Full
  • Accelerate yourself!
  • Speed up
  • Health pearls
  • Gymer and Gem
  • A Healthy Mile
  • Get Up
  • Roger Race
  • MyFitness
  • Fast-track
  • Athletic Style
  • Evan’s Health Club

Cooking Channel Names

Cooking Channel Names

YouTube doesn’t let you change the name of your channel multiple times as per policy, so choosing a good name can be Lil difficult for you. However, you do not need to brainstorm because I have already come up with some good names for you.

  • Silver Spoons
  • My Kitchen World
  • Plates and Platters
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Exotic dishes
  • Food and Foodily
  • Last Sprinkles
  • Mom’s Kitchen
  • Ready to make
  • Classy Cuisine
  • Kitchen Hub
  • Hots& Spices

Prank or Challenges Channel Names

Prank or Challenges Channel Names

Although there is nothing educational or informative in prank or challenges videos, they still attract a large audience.

Everyone wants to laugh, so they provide the reason either by having fun or making fun of others.

Naming your prank YouTube channels is relatively easy as I have so many options that are good to go. But here I have mentioned the best options.

  • Pranksters
  • Cool Pranks
  • Prankme
  • Heavy Challenges
  • Laugh Louder
  • Laughing Light
  • Prank Games
  • Kix Prank
  • Prank Matrix
  • Roasting Master
  • Challenge Ledger
  • Prank Party

Parody/Comedy Channel Names

ParodyComedy  Channel Names

When it comes to comedy, everybody knows there is one best platform, Youtube. The only odd thing is why people still use someone’s old channel name while creating their new channel.

I will suggest going with a new catchy name and make your own identity. Some of the best options for Parody/ Comedy YouTube channels names are:

  • Blank Laugh
  • Podcast with Pops
  • Parody Park
  • Comedy Circus
  • My Morning Podcast
  • Good Guy
  • Meet you Laughter
  • Laugh 24 hours
  • Fun with Funny
  • Find the man
  • Weekend Fun
  • Comedy Guy

Tutorials Channel Name

Tutorials Channel Name

With short, five to ten-minute videos, Tutorials are now preferable to get to know about anything. Tutorials help you learn everything from cooking to makeup to styling.

While naming your tutorial channel, you must consider that your name should be interesting and fit in the viewers’ minds. Some of the names are as under:

  • 5 Min learning
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Gem Learners
  • Easy Peasy
  • Ready to Learn
  • Got me Got You
  • Tutor and Tutorials
  • Ask me
  • Shaye Tutorials
  • Cinder Tutorials
  • Quick Steps
  • Watch it 

Educational You Tube Channel Name

Educational You Tube Channel Name

Currently, due to Covid-19, everything has changed drastically, and so has our education system.

Many educational channels have been created during this period because of the online education system.

Thus, I can say that educational channels are now in high demand. If you are also looking to create the one, then it’s high time.

Here are some name options of Educational Channel for YouTube.

  • Online Education Hub
  • Educational Strategy
  • Learn Guru
  • Educational Academy
  • Teachingtech
  • Online Learning
  • Smart Education
  • Free Tutor
  • Student Matrix
  • Teaching Zone
  • Online School
  • Educator

How-to & DIY YT Channel Names

DIY channels are excellent for learning quick hacks and art crafts. A video of few minutes teaches you life hacks.

There are more than millions of followers on these channels. While making a DIY YouTube channel, be conscious of your name and content.

Some of the names for DIY channels are as under:

  • Ready to make
  • Do it Yourself!
  • Daily Hacks
  • Life Hacks
  • Dramatic Solutions
  • Go Easy
  • Smart DIYs
  • Push and Pose
  • Easy solutions
  • Let’s try it1
  • Daily Dose
  • DIY Matrix

Commentary Youtube Channel Ideas

Commentary channels have a creator that gives suggestions, views, or comments on different games, news, and events. These creators are very specialized, and people also consider their opinions. 

For best Commentary YouTube channels names, check our list.

  • IMO 
  • Left Lobbies
  • I Commentor
  • Might is Right
  • Now and Ever
  • What I saw
  • Alternate Egos
  • LFP Commentary
  • Let’s say it
  • Max Channel of Commentary
  • Today’s Critics
  • Winner and Loser

Steps to Pick Your YouTube Channel Name!

Easy to Remember Channel Name

Choose a channel name that’s easy to remember. For example, if you choose a random name that’s just a combination of numbers and letters, how will new viewers find you? It’s not impossible to build a brand around something like this. Still, it’s helpful to be as memorable as possible when first starting.

Target Unique Audience 

Make sure your name resonates with a specific audience. Growing your subscribers is easier when you are making videos for a particular target audience. 

Think about it

You can get more related audiences on your videos; moreover, YouTube might recommend your content to other people. 

Know Your Passion

Suppose you’re into beauty, cooking, or gaming, etc. In that case, it indeed makes sense to incorporate your passion into a Youtube channel relevant to it.

Maybe you want to be known by your name or perhaps even a stage name. Selecting the best YouTube channel name is challenging, so think repeatedly about your targets and passion.

Brainstorm to Get the Unique Name

Take your time. This is a big decision, so take a few days or more to brainstorm what you want to be known as. 

Keep in mind You can change the Name Later

You can change your YouTube channel name in the future. Remember that being consistent with your name is essential for building your brand. But if you find out later your name isn’t right for you, you can change it. 

Becoming famous on YouTube is much more than just picking a good reputation. We’ve seen successful creators follow all of these tips while others follow none! 

The way your audience utilizes your content is always of crucial importance. But a memorable name can certainly help. Good luck!

Keep the industry in mind

In what industry or field are you planning to cover the topics. How broad or specialized will these topics be? 

For instance, we create video tutorials, and the type of content we provide is video marketing and video production. 

Some other examples might be vlogging; it could be entertainment videos, gaming videos, or reviews. The possibilities are endless, so you need to be clear about your plans. 

What’s the End Goal?

Once you’ve got all of those ideas and everything was drawn up, the next step is to get clear on your end goal. Is it to build a personal brand or to build a company? Are you interested in selling it off at some point? 

You’ll be able to make your brand more robust. Still, it may be a little more complicated to sell later if you go into business or even expand beyond yourself. You can do it, but it’s worthwhile to think about choosing a name for a YouTube channel.

Explore the competitors

Once you’ve given that some consideration, the next step is to create a list of existing channels you are familiar with. Ask yourself, “What makes these channels stand out from the rest?”

 Does the name contain any particular wording? Is that wording specific to the type of channel? Do you immediately guess what the track is about from the channel’s name, or is it a particular style you prefer?

There are two types of channel names. If you’re not sure what to call your channel, use a thesaurus, do some Google searches, or figure out what words your audience is using, and figure out what words might be similar to them. 

It will be easier for a person to build a personal brand if you’ve already decided to do so. You don’t have to brainstorm around your name. 

If you have a preexisting list of words that describe your topic, add any comments that describe your approach. 

Primal is defined as something essential or fundamental. Using a thesaurus can be super helpful for finding new ideas. 

How to come up with a YouTube channel name?

The last step is selecting a name for your YouTube channel. Think of a name that describes the purpose of your content, business, or the outcome that you seek for your audience.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right name for you, so start by combining words.

The company name might help

In addition to this, your company’s name should reflect your company’s theme, versus something that doesn’t mean much but may give you some greater flexibility later. 

Make sure Chanel Name is Available  

An essential thing to do is to check if it’s already being used. So, check on YouTube, check on other social media platforms, check on website domains. 

The short name works best

You do not need all of them, but it is worth considering what is available when choosing a name. And one last colossal pro tip is to not procrastinate for too long on selecting your name. 

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