Offensive Private Story Names That Will Jinx and Laugh

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Are your stories on social media in private mode? Can the audience see your bitter yet partially true stories? Do you want to keep things super cool yet not-so-cliched? All these questions have a detailed answer, right? but the focused one is – yes or no!

In regard to putting offensive private story names for your social media existence. We have researched the best of the best names that have high chances of removing jinxes from the profiles.

However, all the lists in the article for offensive story names are prepped with ultimate care. You know what suits the requirements in the best form.

Making sure you are not hurting anyone in the process should remain your focal point. It is not possible for you to check on everyone but yes, it is a must to know what you are doing is right.

We have listed the following story name ideas:

• How to make a private story on Snapchat?
• Dark humor private story names
• Offensive but funny private story names
• Offensive private story names for TikTok
• Offensive private story names for guys
• Private story names for summer
• Offensive group chat names

How to Make a private story on Snapchat?

How to Make a private story on Snapchat

Snapchat, one of the quickly growing social media app is used for several reasons. If you are on Snapchat and want to make a story private. You must know how to go about it, right? Following are the steps to make sure you are in the right direction. 

Step 1: Log in to the App 

Obviously, you will need to sign in Snapchat application on a smartphone. Without this step, you can never go on to the next step (ha-ha! We know you know this bit).

Step 2: Story Thumbnail or Bitmoji 

In the second step, you are required to click the profile icon (it is either a thumbnail or Bitmoji). If you are a pro user of Snapchat, you would know where the profile thumbnail could be found. If new, let us tell you it is on the top of your left side. 

Step 3: Select from the Options (private story or custom story)

After completing the second step, you have to choose one of the following options;

(+) Private Story 

(+) Custom Story 

Both these options are located in the section called “stories”. 

In case you want to make a private story. Instagram will confirm the action. To which you have to press on the “private story” once again. 

Step 4: Share a Private Story 

Unlike the custom story, you have to choose recipients separately to watch your private story. In order to choose the recipient, you only have to tap on their profile emojis or thumbnails. 

Step 5: Complete the Private Story 

This is the coolest and most interesting part to complete a private story on Snapchat. In this step, you have to make a vid or pic. Then, you are given a chance to edit the pic or vid, add stickers, tags, and all you want to be seen in the story. 

Step 6: Share the Private Story 

Once all previous steps are completed, you have to share them with the selected recipients. For that, you have to click on the paper airplane image. 

The entire procedure is carried out so that you can hide Snapchat private videos or pictures in a safer zone. Those who are not added to the list of recipients will not even come to know you have shared anything with the public. 

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Dark Humor Offensive Private Story Names

Dark Humor Offensive Private Story Names

You can choose as many names as needed for your private stories. However, the list below is a representation of some dark humorous ones. You can take an idea from the list and curate anything that deems fit. These names are for inspirational purposes.

  • Liverpool Tea-Bagged
  • Shit Banker Free
  • Bet Barcelo-Na
  • Pretty Fly for a Black Wi-Fi
  • Tell My Wife Loved Her
  • Mom Use this Con Mo
  • House Startked
  • Life of a Herro-Teen
  • Coolness Out of Order
  • Shelter to the Bored Ones

Offensive but Funny Private Story Names

Offensive but Funny Private Story Names

Many times we tend to play all neat but we mean something else, right? We are sure you must have gone through that feeling. If yes, we know you would want some suggestions for your most offensive stories. Something offensive yet funny so that no one gets offended. Anyway, to cut the drag, let us give you some ideas related to offensive but funny private story names.

  • Lost & Found
  • Christmas Isn’t Coming Slow
  • Altered Ego
  • Shake hand Limbo
  • Dirt Bragger
  • E D Out Here
  • Earie Got Hairy
  • Roo Me
  • Bee Hacked Me
  • On Proud 9

Offensive Private Story Names for TikTok

Offensive Private Story Names for TikTok

Private stories with offensive names for TikTok are easily shared. Yes, it is because there is no fear of being judged at all. Also, it is due to the fact that offensive names for stories kind of make you feel validated as in acknowledged.

You may think this doesn’t give any positive boost. Well, know this part too – according to psychologists, people who are okay with bad story names tend to possess more confidence and satisfaction than anyone else.

Anyway, the following are some names for your private stories on TikTok. Hope you will take inspiration from them and create one for yourself. You are however allowed to use any of the following without any effort of creating one.

  • Cracktivities
  • Gangster Wears Parada
  • What the Fetch!
  • Spread the Deeds
  • Emma Lucky Bast**d
  • What a Flincher!
  • Scoop-ing in Action
  • Love My Macha
  • Coffee Spiller
  • Welcome to My Death

Offensive Private Story Names for Guys

Offensive Private Story Names for Guys

Guys love being dirty at times, don’t they? It is not that we are being gender-biased and all that. But somehow, we have noticed men tend to play hooky most of the time. Guys love to keep offensive names so that other peeps don’t mess up with them. This is what we think and there could be any other reason too. Whatever the reason, you are here to find the best offensive private story names for guys. And we have 10 names to share.

  • Same Day Different Guy
  • Snake Loves to Smile
  • FruStroy of my life
  • Legends Play Deeper
  • Mickey Gone Crack
  • My Special Zone
  • You, Me, & Buttheads
  • Overnight Overdosed
  • Hit Mill not Booms
  • Legend of the Tallest

Catchy Offensive Private Story Names

Catchy Offensive Private Story Names
  • Entire Lotto Fun
  • Erased Ones
  • Power Rangers
  • Relentless Talk
  • Ur Local Bitch
  • V.I.P Members
  • Limitlee3
  • Lost And Found
  • Cool Nom
  • Cracktivities
  • No Brakes
  • No Disco
  • The murder of Jeffrey Dahmer
  • The One And Only
  • Titanic Swim Team
  • Try not to Tell My Mom/Dad
  • 4 The Fan Club
  • 4 Ur Eyez Only
  • In Barbie’s World
  • In the background
  • Exhausting Life
  • Extra Episodes
  • Can’t Sleep At Night
  • Confidential Party
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Philo Phipps
  • I Talk I Ica
  • I’m Your Therapist
  • My Own Drama Club
  • No Boundaries
  • Spam Same Shit
  • St Nick’s Naughty List
  • Air Force of the Black
  • All Panic
  • Hour Sadness
  • Brotherrk Ad
  • Blissful Hangover
  • Botches Were Made
  • Tattle Girl
  • The Chamber Of Secrets
  • Dear Diary
  • Different Day
  • Ride Or Dies
  • Rubbish U
  • Vital Snaps
  • We Trust
  • You’re My Therapist
  • Sharir G Is Cat
  • Sisterhor
  • Discuss It
  • Disengagement
  • Crown Dairy
  • Cuz I Can
  • Welcome To My Life
  • Xoxo
  • It makes me cry
  • It’s Pluto inside me
  • Home slice Depot
  • Horse crap 5
  • Garbage
  • Great Vibes Only
  • Journal Of A Simpy Kid
  • Kickoff Highlights
  • Story Of My Life
  • Taking to the streets
  • 24 Hour Gosssip
  • 24 Hour Sadness
  • Guest at my funeral
  • Hello Siri
  • Mouse Mouse
  • My Funeral Guest List
  • Break House
  • 24/7 Happiness
  • A Lot Of Spam
  • A park for amusements
  • V.I.P.
  • Very much Like Me
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Forthcoming

Offensive Private Story Names for SC

Offensive Private Story Names for SC

Here are some amazing offensive private story names that can be used on Snapchat.

  • The Hellen Killer Coloring Book Club
  • The child basement club of Michael Jackson
  • Explorations of breathtaking proportions by George Floyd
  • Helen Keller flashbang
  • A girl called hers “bitches”
  • The only person who saw a girls was me. 
  • Children’s Day Care at Epstein’s
  • There is a Jew in Horton’s World
  • This one doesn’t make sense to me
  • Search and destroy at Columbine
  • The act of eating ass as if it were food
  • Flight crew on 9/11
  • Kurt Cobain’s one pump? I know I’m late, but..

Uncommon Offensive Private Story Names

Uncommon Offensive Private Story Names

There are some uncommon offensive private story names that a guy or girl can use on thier social media accounts like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or even on Whatsappp.

  • It’s pretty energetic
  • Whoaml, who?
  • Dangerous Diseases
  • Self-destruction
  • Corona on Mouth
  • The crew of Olive
  • Let me Him Go to Sleep
  • Turtle’s Secret
  • Food to Frustrated
  • The Dark Princess
  • Demon of the Dark
  • Deadly darkness.
  • It’s light out
  • Shipping overnight
  • The Cool Kidz Club
  • The Naughty List of Santa Claus
  • That’s so far-fetched!
  • Cancer Club
  • A Chance To Succeed
  • Backouts or blackouts
  • Love To Die
  • It’s too difficult to drip
  • Deadly Villian
  • Children’s Home
  • The limp handshake

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