Cool Flower Names for Girls and Their Meaning

Do you love flowers and looking for flower names for girls? You are at the right place.

Parents have various motivations behind the names of their newborns. They wish to name their baby girl something lovely and elegant. For them, there is nothing lovelier than a flower.

Flower Names for Girls
Flower Names for Girls

Cool Names associated with flowers are always special and lovely. In old times, it was a fashion to use a flower name for baby girls. Now that time has come back, the girls with flower names are in trend! So, if you also wish to give your little girl a floral name, you can pick from these ideal flower names for girls.

If you have been struggling in picking the perfect flower name for your baby girl, you can consider these names as we have compiled the lovely ideal flower names for your little newborn.

These flower names for girls are simply captivating. From these unique girls’ names, you can pick an impressive one for your little one.

Girls Unique Flower Names

Girls Unique Flower Names
Unique Flower Names for Girls

Let’s start the list of lovely flower names, you can pick the best one for your baby girl;

  • Delphine

It’s a flower like a blue-bell derived from Delphinium. It is basically a french name and has some association with dolphins.

  • Laurel

This is known for a victory and it’s a Latin word.

  • Dahlia

It is a fresh-cut flower and represents fate.

  • Zahara

This symbolizes beauty and it’s now getting popular in the United States. Many celebrities have named their girl with this blossoming flower.

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Elegant Flower Names with Meanings

Elegant Flower Names
Elegant Flower Names

Here we have shared some girls unique flower names with meaning which will help you in picking the best one for your baby girl:

  • Rose 

This flower represents classiness, love, and politeness.

  • Senna 

 It symbolizes a name that boasts of intelligence and personality.

  • Violet 

This flower represents modesty and simplicity.

  • Lily 

This flower is known for purity and grace.

  • Jasmine 

 This Flower signifies modesty and dignity.

Above mentioned flower names for girls are so appealing. If you get confused between these options, you can simply go for your favorite flower.

Birth Month Flowers Names for Girls

Birth Month Flowers Names for Girls
Birth Month Flowers Names

Do you want to know the floral name of your birthday month? Flowers can tell a lot about our personality. Every flower has a meaning. They can change our moods and emotions. Here we have made a list of flower names according to the birth month:

January: carnation, snowdrop

February: primrose, Violet

March: jonquil, daffodil

April: daisy, sweet pea

May: Valley lily, hawthorn

June: honeysuckle, rose

July: larkspur, water lily

August: Gladiolus, poppy

September: aster, morning glory

October: marigold, cosmos

November: chrysanthemum

December: holly, narcissus 

Naming yourself according to your birth month flower is not a bad idea. Girls can use their birth month flower as their name. Let us know if you have named yourself according to your birth month. You can also tell us about whether your birth flower suits your personality or not!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What name for Girls means flower?

Flora! is one of the names which has the meaning Flower. It is derived from a Latin word.

What flower name means love?

Rose is a flower name for girls that represents love!

Which flower means hope?

Iris is a flower that represents hope!

How do flowers help humans?

Keeping flowers in our surroundings can extremely improve our mood swings and it also decreases the possibility of stress and depression.

What does the flower “Chrysanthemum” represent?

Chrysanthemum represents Good Bye. People used this flower to say Good Bye!

What is the best flower name for girls?

The tops flower names for girls are violet, rose, lily, and Daisy!

Do not forget to share the flower name you have picked for your girlfriend or baby girl in the comment section. The cool names are providing the trendy names for girls and boys.

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