138 Animal Names in English | Classification of Animal A-Z List

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Are you looking for animal names? Whatever the purpose, it might be to tell the kids who are just starting to go to school. May be you are preparing for your IELTS or PTE exams to get admission to an international university.

In any case, this list of 100+ animal names will be helpful for you. I have categorized this list for you to understand and learn these animal names in a better way.

I will also share a list of animals you can keep as a pet in this blog. Cool, Let’s have a list of animal names all over the world.

Animal Names List [A-Z]

Animal Names List
  1. Albatross
  2. Alligator
  3. Antelope
  4. Arctic fox
  5. Armadillo
  6. Baboon
  7. Badger
  8. Bat
  9. Beagle
  10. Bear
  11. Beaver
  12. Bison
  13. Blue whale
  14. Boar
  15. Buffalo
  16. Bull
  17. Butterfly
  18. Camel
  19. Capybara
  20. Cat
  21. Chameleon
  22. Cheetah
  23. Chihuahua
  24. Chimpanzee
  25. Chinchillas
  26. Cobra
  27. Cow
  28. Crocodile
  29. Crow
  30. Deer
  31. Dodo
  32. Dog
  33. Dolphin
  34. Donkey
  35. Duck
  36. Eagle
  37. Eel
  38. Elephant
  39. Elk
  40. Emu
  41. Ferret
  42. Fish
  43. Flamingo
  44. Flying squirrel
  45. Fox
  46. Frog
  47. Giant Panda
  48. Giraffe
  49. Goat
  50. Goose
  51. Gorilla
  52. Hammerhead shark
  53. Hamster
  54. Hare
  55. Hawk
  56. Hedgehog
  57. Hen
  58. Hermit Crab
  59. Hippo
  60. Hippopotamus
  61. Horse
  62. Hyena
  63. Ibex
  64. Iguana
  65. Jackal
  66. Jaguar
  67. Jellyfish
  68. Kangaroo
  69. King Cobra
  70. Koala
  71. Lemur
  72. Leopard
  73. Lion
  74. Lizard
  75. Llama
  76. Lynx
  77. Mammoth
  78. Meerkat
  79. Mink
  80. Mole
  81. Monitor lizard
  82. Monkey
  83. Moose
  84. Mouse
  85. Mule
  86. Nilgai
  87. Okapi
  88. Opossum
  89. Orangutan
  90. Oryx
  91. Ostrich
  92. Otter
  93. Owl
  94. Ox
  95. Panda
  96. Panther
  97. Peacock
  98. Penguin
  99. Pig
  100. Pigeon
  101. Polar bear
  102. Porcupine
  103. Possum
  104. Prairie dog
  105. Quokka
  106. Rabbit
  107. Raccoon
  108. Racoon
  109. Rat
  110. Reindeer
  111. Rhinoceros
  112. Saki
  113. Serval
  114. Shark
  115. Sheep
  116. Siamang
  117. Skunk
  118. Sloth
  119. Snake
  120. Spider
  121. Squirrel
  122. Swan
  123. Tamarin
  124. Tapir
  125. Tarsier
  126. Tiger
  127. Topi
  128. Tortoise
  129. Turtle
  130. Vicuna
  131. Vulture
  132. Walrus
  133. Weasel
  134. Whale
  135. Wolf
  136. Wombat
  137. Yak
  138. Zebra

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Classification of Animals

Classification of Animals

How Scientists Organize Animals into Classification? A Fun Guide for You

Are you curious about how scientists organize all the different animals in the world? Well, it’s a bit like making a big family tree. Let’s explore this exciting world of animal classification together.

1. The Animal Family

All animals belong to a big group called the “Animal Kingdom.” It’s like a club where every member is an animal. Some famous members of this club are lions, dogs, and frogs. They are all part of the Animal Kingdom.

2. Sorting Animals into Phyla

Within this club, animals are sorted into smaller groups called “Phyla.” Think of these as big categories that group animals based on what makes them special. One such group is the “Chordata” club.

Animals in this group have something called a “notochord,” which is like a tiny, flexible backbone. Humans, fish, and birds are in this club because they all have notochords.

3. Classes: Where Things Get More Specific

Now, let’s zoom in a bit. In the Chordata club, there’s a class called “Mammals.” It’s like a club within a club. Here you’ll find animals that have hair, and moms feed their babies with milk.

Can you think of some members of this club? That’s right, we have elephants, bats, and dolphins here.

4. Orders and Families: Closer to Home

Going even deeper, think of “Orders” and “Families” like getting closer to home. In the “Carnivora” order, animals are meat-eaters. Lions, tigers, and bears are in this club.

And in the “Felidae” family, you’ll find all the big cats like lions and tigers. They’re like cousins in the animal family tree.

5. The Genus and Species – Uniqueness

Now, let’s meet your pet cat. Its full name is “Felis catus.” This is where things get super specific. “Felis” is like the first name, and “catus” is the last name. It’s like your pet’s unique ID.

Other animals in the “Felis” club are close relatives of your pet cat.

So, animal classification helps scientists understand and group animals based on their features and family connections. It’s like solving a big puzzle of life on Earth.

And that’s how scientists keep everything organized in the animal world.

So, next time you see an animal, you’ll know where it fits in the big family tree of the Animal Kingdom. 🌳🦁🐢🐸

What are the Types of Animals in the World?

There are 7 animal types in which all animal in the world exist. I have listed the animal names in each type for you understand in a easy way. These seven animal types are:

  1. Wild Animals
  2. Insects
  3. Water Animals
  4. Domestic Animals
  5. Pet Animals
  6. Mammals
  7. Birds

Wild Animal Names

  • Deer
  • Gorilla
  • Tiger
  • Bear
  • Panda
  • Giraffe
  • Lion
  • Zebra
  • Wolf
  • Fox
  • Monkey

Insects Names

NameAbout the Insect
CockroachThe bug that hides in dark corners and makes some people jump.
Beetle (diverse)There are so many kinds, like the round ladybug, the shiny scarab, or the big stag beetle.
MosquitoThe tiny insect that loves to bite us during summer.
WaspStinging insects that can be striped like a bee.
TermiteSmall insects that chew on wood and can be a bit of trouble.
BeetleThese bugs come in many shapes and sizes, like ladybugs or big shiny beetles.
FleaTiny jumpers that can bother our pets and sometimes us.
LadybugCute little beetles with colorful spots that bring good luck.
SpiderEight-legged creatures that often spin webs to catch bugs.
DragonflyLong, skinny bugs with see-through wings that zip around near water.
FireflyBugs that light up at night like tiny lanterns.
ButterflyBeautiful insects with colorful wings that flutter around like flying flowers.
AntThe tiny worker insects that live in big groups and build ant hills.
HoneybeeThe little insect that collects nectar from flowers and makes delicious honey.
GrasshopperBugs with big legs that hop really high in the grass.
CentipedeMany-legged creatures that crawl around and hunt for food.
CricketThe bug that makes lovely chirping sounds at night.
MantisThe bug that looks like it’s always praying. It’s a clever hunter.

Water Animal Names

NameAbout the Water Animal
Blue WhaleThe enormous animal that’s the biggest on Earth, even bigger than dinosaurs! It lives in the ocean and sings songs underwater.
SealCute animals that live both in the water and on land. They have big, round eyes and swim gracefully in the sea.
FishWater animals with scales and fins that come in all kinds of colors and shapes. They can be small like goldfish or big like tuna.
DolphinSmart and playful creatures that love to jump and swim in groups. They’re known for their friendly smiles.
SharkThe kings of the ocean with sharp teeth and a great sense of smell. They’re big and powerful but are often misunderstood.
OctopusMysterious animals with eight arms and soft bodies. They can change colors and are excellent at hiding in the sea.
PenguinBirds that don’t fly but are amazing swimmers. They waddle on land but are super speedy in the water, like little tuxedo-wearing champs.
Sea LionWater animals that are a bit like seals, with flippers and a loud bark. They are excellent swimmers and love to sunbathe on rocks.
TurtleShelled animals that swim in the sea. Some live in water, and others can move between water and land.
JellyfishSoft and wobbly creatures with tentacles that float in the water. Some can give a little sting, so be careful!
ClownfishColorful fish with white stripes that live among sea anemones. They’re famous for their friendliness and appearing in a popular movie.

Domestic Animals Names

NameAbout the Domestic Animal
DogFriendly pets that love to play and be your buddy.
CatIndependent and playful animals that make cozy companions.
HorseStrong and big animals often used for riding and working on farms.
CowThese animals give us milk for making cheese and butter.
SheepFluffy creatures that provide soft wool for cozy clothes.
GoatLike sheep, goats give us milk and can be playful pets.
PigSmart and pink animals raised for tasty meat.
ChickenBirds that lay eggs for our breakfast and are fun to watch in the yard.
DuckWater-loving birds that quack and give us eggs to eat.
RabbitCute and furry pets that hop around and are soft to cuddle.
DonkeyStrong and steady animals that help carry heavy things in some places.
TurkeyLarge birds often enjoyed for special holiday dinners.
Guinea PigSmall, gentle pets perfect for kids.
PigeonBirds that can find their way home and are sometimes kept as pets.
CamelAnimals with humps that carry heavy things in sandy deserts.
LlamaTall animals like camels but with no humps. They’re friendly and carry loads in some places.

Pet Animals Names

NameAbout the Pet Animal
DogDogs are friendly and love to be with people. They come in many sizes and make great friends.
CatCats are soft and like to cuddle. They do their own thing but also love to be close to you.
FishFish live in water and have pretty colors. We keep them in tanks, and they’re calming to watch.
BirdBirds like parrots and canaries can talk and sing. They have bright colors and can be fun friends.
HamsterHamsters are small, fluffy, and easy to take care of. They are gentle and cute.
Guinea PigGuinea pigs are very gentle animals that love to be with kids and families.
RabbitRabbits are soft and friendly. They need some space to hop around and play.
TurtleTurtles are slow but interesting to watch in a water tank. They’re like tiny dinosaurs.
FerretFerrets are playful and curious animals. They like to explore and have fun.
GerbilGerbils are small and social pets. They are easy to look after and enjoy being with kids.
MouseMice are tiny and like to explore. They can be sweet pets for small animal lovers.
ChameleonChameleons can change colors and are fun to watch as they move around.

Mammals Names

NameAbout the Mammal
ElephantBig, friendly giants with long trunks.
LionMajestic cats known as “kings of the jungle.”
TigerStriped and strong cats, excellent hunters.
GiraffeTall animals with long necks and spotted coats.
KangarooHopping marsupials from Australia.
PandaCute bears with black and white fur from China.
WhaleEnormous sea animals that live in the ocean.
DolphinSmart sea creatures famous for their playful behavior.
BatsThe only flying mammals that come out at night.
SlothSlow-moving and gentle animals from South America.
GorillaLarge and powerful relatives of humans.
SquirrelSmall animals with bushy tails often seen in parks.
HedgehogCute, spiky animals with protective quills.
RaccoonClever creatures that live near people and love to explore.
KoalaFurry marsupials from Australia that eat eucalyptus leaves.
CheetahSpeedy cats and one of the fastest animals on land.

Birds Names

NameAbout the Bird
EagleBig, strong birds with sharp beaks and talons.
SparrowSmall and common birds you see in cities and towns.
PenguinFunny birds that can’t fly but waddle and swim like champs.
ParrotColorful birds that can talk and make cool sounds.
OwlNighttime birds with big eyes and wise reputations.
HummingbirdTiny birds that buzz around with super-fast wings.
FlamingoTall birds with long legs that like to stand in the water.
SwanGraceful birds that float on ponds and lakes.
PeacockBirds with fancy tail feathers that look like a fan.
PelicanBirds with big bills for catching fish.
CanaryLittle birds that sing sweet songs and can be kept as pets.
SeagullBirds that hang out at the beach and make loud sounds.
HawkBirds that fly high in the sky and have great eyesight.
WoodpeckerBirds that drum on trees to find bugs to eat.
DuckBirds with webbed feet that love swimming in ponds and lakes.
KiwiFunny, round birds from New Zealand that can’t fly and have long beaks.
RoosterMale chickens that crow in the morning.
SwallowBirds with long, pointy wings that swoop and dive in the sky.
ToucanBirds with big, colorful bills that look like a rainbow.
Do you know? Birds are amazing creatures with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors! πŸ¦…πŸ¦œπŸ¦’πŸ¦šπŸ¦πŸ€

Friendly Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the Animal names that start with “I”?

  1. Iguana
  2. Impala
  3. Insect (which includes many different types, like ants and bees)

What are the Animal names that start with “X”?

  1. X-ray Tetra (a small fish with translucent skin)

What are the Animal names that start with “T”?

  1. Tiger
  2. Turtle
  3. Toucan
  4. Tasmanian Devil
  5. Tarantula
  6. Tapir
  7. Tardigrade
  8. Tiger Shark
  9. Tarsier

What are the Animal names that start with “V”?

  1. Vulture
  2. Vervet Monkey

What are the Animal names that start with “M”?

  1. Monkey
  2. Mongoose
  3. Moth
  4. Meerkat
  5. Manatee
  6. Mule

What are the Animal names that start with “N”?

  1. Narwhal
  2. Newt
  3. Nightingale

What are the Animal names that start with “U”?

  1. Uakari
  2. Umbrellabird

What are the Animal names that start with “Q”?

  1. Quail

What are the Animal names that start with “S”?

  1. Squirrel
  2. Seahorse
  3. Skunk
  4. Sloth
  5. Stingray
  6. Snow Leopard
  7. Sparrow
  8. Sheep

Final words:

In our exploration of animal names, we’ve journeyed through a fascinating world of creatures. From the mighty Eagle to the tiny Sparrow, the charming Penguin to the chatty Parrot, each animal has its unique allure.

Whether it’s the mysterious Iguana or the translucent X-ray Tetra, our animal friends like the Tiger, Turtle, and Toucan never fail to capture our imaginations. So, whether you’re marveling at the incredible variety of life or simply enjoying the quirks of their names, the animal kingdom is a source of endless wonder! πŸΎπŸ¦…πŸ’πŸ¦œ

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