Dota 2 Female Heroes Names | Hottest Girl Characters of Dota Game

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Dota is one of the rare games in which the characters are not mostly male. In Dota 2, various female characters occupy various positions. Thus it’s safe to conclude that there is plenty of representation. These powerful female heroes can compete with male heroes! 

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten Female Heroes based on the current meta. These heroes are not only fantastic, but they also play various roles ranging from hard push to hard backup.

My sister recently revealed that she will have a daughter next month. When we considered what to name her, I joked that she should be named after anything from Dota (she and her husband also play Dota), but they replied that if it sounded nice, why not?

I suggested a few names. They decided to give Akasha to their daughter. 

In this article, we will share girl heroes’ names and their special characteristics. Keep reading this article.

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Names of Dota 2 Female Heroes

#1: Medusa

  • This serpentine warrior is difficult to play against; her individuality and power solidify her as one of the game’s most dangerous characters. 
  • Medusa is a late-game hero; even if her early game is awful, she may recover and turn the game around with a single fight.
  • Medusa grows faster than the majority of the other heroes in the game. 

#2: Lina

  • You should never play with fire because you will lose! Lina’s incredible magical burst damage burns her foes; there is no way you can recover from this fire.
  • Lina is a beginner-friendly hero, but only the most experienced players can appreciate her complete power.
  • She can easily shred through enemies with her abilities and physical damage output. Her fast mobility allows her to circle swiftly among zones. 

#3: Drow Ranger

  •  Drow is a slow player, but her late-game potential is unparalleled.
  • She can cause significant damage with only a few things in her inventory! She can easily destroy foes as she accumulates equipment and levels.
  •  Her ultimate gives her a real threat to lane against! She can easily cause massive damage to her adversaries and their structures with just a few things! 

#4: Crystal Maiden

  • This ice queen has won many hearts in the game and is well known for being harsh to her competitors. 
  • Crystal Maiden is one of the game’s least complicated support heroes, which explains her high pick rate. She may use her Frostbite to farm the jungle or fend off attackers in the lane with her high DPS talents.
  • She is famed for her ability to lock down and cause massive magical damage with her magic, making her outstanding from the start.

#5: Phantom Assassin

  • All support heroes fear Phantom Assassin because she is known to demolish them with a few blows!
  • She moves quickly and quietly, just like an assassin should! Phantom Assassin is one of the game’s most popular characters.
  • She possesses excellent base mobility and attack speed, uncommon in other heroes. She can accomplish a lot with just one sharp Knife.

#6: Luna

  • She is the Moon Rider! Luna is mostly a beginner-friendly hero, yet she is regularly chosen in the pub and pro games.
  • Her rapid farming skills and tremendous AoE damage output are the reason for this. Luna has excellent wave clearing, which wins her a lot of gold.
  • Luna farms effectively in the early game and deals decent damage to her teammates. Luna may be chosen with big crowd-control heroes.

#7: Wingranger

  • Windranger is one of the rare heroes who may be chosen from any lane! She is renowned for delivering massive damage or helping her friends, regardless of position!
  • She is placed in the middle lane to use her fully, where she can flourish in most matchups due to the massive damage. 
  • She can dominate the middle and late game and win the lane if she gets the appropriate item timings!

#8: Naga Siren

  • A beautiful yet dangerous monster emerges from the deep oceans, its voice capable of curing the most deadly ailments.
  • Naga Siren does a lot of physical damage immediately; her appearance might fool you! In addition to her damage, she may immobilize rivals with her power. 
  • With the help of her mirror illusions, she can hold you down and rip you apart!

#9: Mirana

  • Mirana is a type of hero considered a versatile option, meaning she can fill almost any function. She is an excellent choice against characters with poor armor and magic resistance. 
  • Combining Mirana with additional heroes capable of shock can result in a massive lockdown potential.
  • In addition, she may utilize her ultimate offensively or defensively, providing a significant layer of protection to her teammates. 

#10: Marci

  • She is a quiet but lethal assassin who has shocked the globe. Marci is a new addition to the game; as seen in the anime, she is a deadly force.
  • Her spells provide massive physical damage, but she may also be deployed in various ways based on the matchup!
  • Because of strong powers like Dispose and Rebound, she is frequently chosen for the roaming position!

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Who Is the New Female Character in Dota 2?

Marci, who joined Dota 2, is a new female character: Dragon’s Blood, a very cute young girl. Though illiterate rivals might ignore her little stature, Marci possesses an inner strength that gives her punches with amazing force.

Why can Marci not Talk?

Marci was attacked and left dumb by other children after she observed them stealing food and condemned their acts. Mirana wanted to ensure Marci’s safety, so the ruler appointed her maid, but Mirana regarded her as a friend.

Are There Female Dota Players?

Huisman thinks that roughly 5% of all Dota 2 players are female, but even that modest fraction isn’t represented in the professional ranks.

Who Is the Fire Girl In Dota 2?

Lina is based on Hajime Kanzaka’s 1989 Japanese light novel series “Slayers,” which featured the character Lina Inverse. Lina from Kanazaka is a short-tempered sorcerer with matching red hair and eyes. Like DOTA’s Lina, Lina Inverse can fly and wield fire-based abilities.

Who is the  Goddess in Dota 2?

Selene is the current Moon Goddess of the Nightsilver Woods. She came to power after eliminating Mene, the former Goddess of the Moon, and now rules over the Dark Moon Order.

Final Words:

In this article, We have enlisted the top Dota 2 girl heroes’ names and characteristics. Every hero is unique in her characteristics. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends. Thank you for being with us!

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