Cool Wi-Fi Names to Make your Life Easy

Do you like unique and cool wifi names? Who doesn’t? You may feel liberated and worried at the same time. Because the moment you buy a new router and have to give a name. In such situations, you look up cool names for wifi that syncs with the personality of the house, the device, or the background.

You tend to find names that match your personality. According to research and study, it is proven that wifi names suggest a lot about you. That is what makes a wifi name cool, unique, artsy, modern, chic, and whatnot!

Likewise, we want names for passwords and routers. They also tell a lot about the personality, aura, and energies of the owner. Before putting or deciding your password for router or wifi, you can simply take care of few tips.

In this article, we have helped in finding names that really embody the desired type. We have categorized wifi and router names in different categories so that you can pick whatever you like. Some are naughty, and others are witty. And the range of names goes according to the type.

Do you know that? There are more than 22 billion Wi-Fi devices been used all around the world. Source.

So, without further ado, let’s start with possible wifi and router names.

What are Some Cool WIFI names?

Some Cool WIFI names

Other names that are really cool for WIFI may include the favorite celeb or an iconic figure. We have seen people using grandparents’ names as the WIFI name. How cool is that, right?

Cool WIFI Names

Most of us want to have names that are cool. But what do they really mean by the word “cool”? For many, it denotes a name that is happening, sounds fun, and makes others happy. Others think “cool” means user-friendly names. Some of the examples that make the wifi name sound cool include “Nachos Me,” “Nacho wifi,” and “Stop Being a Mooch.” Here, in this section, we have listed, after spending too much time on research, few names that are cool to sound and look at.

  • Wifi Connection Near Me
  • Don’t think of anything.
  • Don’t Funk With Buddies.
  • I can dig it, Do You?
  • Go home or Play Perfect.
  • We Bought Wifi Router, Go Away
  • Don’t sit. Start doing
  • Blink if u want to Get Password
  • Keep calm & say no to free wifi.
  • Stop! Don’t Go There.

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Cool wifi Network Names

Cool wifi Network Names
Cool wifi Network Names

We all are tired of naming our wifi network with weird and bogus names. Seeing the same old, not-so cool names in the neighborhood routers is too much to handle at times. This is why we have suggestions to make your life easy. Some so not boring names for your wifi network are mentioned below.

  • I love my Work
  • You are not allowed
  • Wifi Booster
  • Weight, I’m just going to lose you
  • This is how We Use the Internet
  • Study kills, Let’s Go for Play.
  • Just cheer. This time would pass.
  • Your Total Workout is just my Warm-Up.
  • Wifi Password, Just for Homies

Cool wifi Names and Passwords

Cool wifi Names and Passwords
Cool wifi Names and Passwords

You can opt for anything that is not provocative, dirty, or demeaning to any clan. In this regard, you can check our recommendations. Funny and cool names are always a must to go to! For example, using “No Mo No Mo No Mo No” sounds hilarious as it can be a tongue twister and not so easy to remember for others. Similar suggestions are listed below.

  • Life is short. Keep Smiling
  • Smart Thinker Can Do
  • I’m a Virgin, Are You?
  • Don’t Analyze Our Wifi.
  • Wifi Stands for Those Who Pay Bills
  • Life is designed to make you an expert.
  • Auto Wifi Connection
  • Life’s too short to use paid internet.
  • I walk after complete my Work.

Cool wifi Names for Homes

Cool wifi Names for Homes
Cool wifi Names for Homes

If you want to find a wifi name for your home, we bet you would wish something sober and not dirty. For that, you can use anything that works for all – those who live in the same house. If you are alone, it would be fair to find any name and keep it. However, with others in the house, you have to be a tad careful. Suggestions that we have for you are cool ones for sure. We prefer the last name of either parent. Other options we have to include the profession of one of the family members. The birth year of another family member can also add flavor to the name. For instance, “Doctor’s Den 98”.  

  • Our Wifi Speed is Just Amazing
  • Wifi Password, Not for You
  • Life is a bitch so learn who to Live.
  • Happiness is, FREE Wifi
  • I am the BIGOT prince.
  • Fat Folks, Hate This
  • Life is too short. Use Internet
  • Start Doing, Stop Thinking
  • I am in a VODKA Mood!!
  • Keep calm, THink Smart and Keep Smile.

Cool wifi Hotspot Names for Gamers

Cool wifi Hotspot Names for Gamers

Last but not least, we have mobile internet that works with hotspot. Obviously, not always, but at times. Especially when your network is dead, or something and you wish to connect mobile internet to the computer. Some are funny, and others are unique but sober. For instance, “2 boys and 1 router” could be a really funny name for the router.

  • Egotistic Ballistic
  • Captain Peroxide
  • Bitmap
  • WiFi For Gamers
  • Rimworld Hotspot
  • XCOMWiFi
  • Warcraft Zone
  • Headshot Heros
  • Crazy Zone
  • AHungryPolarBear
  • Doom 4
  • KungFuMonk
  • Gamers Zone
  • Flash of Zoom
  • Swift Raiders
  • Error404
  • System Shock 2
  • Games of Throne
  • Cosmic Boy
  • Grand Theft Auto is Hacked

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Conclusion – Last Verdict

I hope you will like the list of different Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi password, router, and hotspot names. Please, let us know which cool Wi-Fi name you have picked and why under the comment section below. That will help us to know what to add to the next list.

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